Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hey there, have you guessed my news yet? Well... the wait has ended... the super duper good news that I've waited an epic (maybe not epic but longer than expected) long time to share is that.... my fiance and I got a house! It all happened rather quickly and was a surprise even to me at first because my fiance had me look at the place and then when we were walking around the basement he shared the splendid news that we were there to sign the paperwork! It was love at first sight for me and from what I've gathered, my fiance felt the same way (...another woman? How dare him.). It has hardwood floors throughout (swoon), an all brick fireplace, large windows in the living room, a sunroom, and a huge basement! Not to mention that it is in a really cute neighborhood in a good location so basically I am one happy lady! It has been and definitely will continue to be a lot of work -- we're still moving, unpacking, arranging, organizing, cleaning, decorating (barely started this), and in the continuous process of buying furniture (thank the craigslist gods and my wonderful parents!). Thus far I've seen 5 spiders (one was attacked by the Halo beast), smacked myself in the face with a kitchen cabinet once, felt like I was being put into a guillotine by a dresser, mistook falling acorns for a burglar, have 3 mysterious bruises and cuts on both hands, and re-arranged our bedroom three times. It still doesn't feel quite real even with buying furniture and cleaning the place, I think I will forever feel like a kid playing with my barbie house but barbie doesn't have to pay rent or utilities (how often did your Barbie stress out about the gas bill at the kitchen table? My guess is zero...). I have to say my interest in buying clothes has become overpowered by my desire to have a cute couch, new big screen tv, decorative pillows, a ton of etsy prints, etc! I can't wait till the house comes together but I have to say, it is pretty fun doing all this stuff and it is all really time consuming - in a good way! I also can't wait to plan a housewarming party but it is going to have to wait until we at least get a little more settled. I will have more pictures, stories, and loot posts to share soooon but for now I've gotta start making dinner and we've got to tackle the 7 still unopened boxes of clothes that belong to my fiance -- whoever said that men don't like buying clothes is a flippin' liar. Come at me with cleaning, organization, recipes, and tips (and places) for shopping with a tight budget because I need them all. Speaking of clothes, keep a lookout for my shop because I will be listing lots of clothes and shoes here soon.

The closet picture is my closet mid-progress, it is pretty much done now with the exception of my shoes which I have no idea how to properly organize. The last picture is the progress we're making in our living room (note the Halo beast).

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