Friday, March 30, 2012
To conclude our amazeballs vacation we headed North and stopped in Orlando where we stopped by an incredible Record Store, a few vintage shops, and a cafe that sold coconut scented salts in the bathroom.

This place was called Rock and Roll Heaven and it was pretty well, to be trite, heavenly. Although all the stuff on the upper shelves was not for sale and I was mighty bummed because I wouldn't have minded leaving with a talking Beetlejuice doll. The layer of dust on the items really should have been a clear give away to us. We did not leave empty handed mind you, found an album or two (or four...)

I don't remember what this vintage shop was called (it was across the street from Rock and Roll Heaven if you're in the area and interested) but it was chocked full of cute, I would have snatched up this pink beaded dress in a minute if I thought I could fit into it (or afford it). I wish we had not been full before we got to The White Wolf Cafe because I tried the pineapple upside down cake and it was officially to die for. I have been craving pineapple upside down cake since and can't find it anywhere!

Charleston was the last stop before home - if you don't count a few gas stations and rest stops - on our lovely vacation. I had visited Charleston once when I was about 10 and thought it was such a gorgeous place and this visit did not disappoint. The entire city was like an J. Crew advertisement, I'm surprised I didn't see anyone with a sweater slung across their shoulders walking a white cheetah or something (Why would that happen? Who knows, this is where my brain goes, I just live with it)...

We had lunch at a placed Hominy Grill where I tried fried green tomatoes and buttermilk pie for the very first time and also had a big plate of Shrimp and Grits. Afterwards we did a little site seeing and then a little shopping at a comic store (got a few action figures and a few comic books) and a quick run through an awesome costume/Halloween store called Hokus Pokus Entertainment. I really wanted this sheep mask I saw, we got there within 15 minutes of closing so no sheep mask for me, baah :( I really wasn't feeling well while we were in Charleston, I had a cold and a kidney infection simultaneously so most of the site seeing was done in the car so I apologize for the bug stained window.

So there you have it, the conclusion of a fabulous vacation. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and since I eluded to it before, my next vacation is in July (I really hope it's not hotter than all balls while we are there); I am returning to to the big bad apple or more specific Brooklyn because my boyfriends band will be playing at a club there! I'm excited to spend time with the members of Todesbonden, they are a oodles of fun. The planning for outfits, shopping, and food have already been set in motion so it is onto the next...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Well, my post about the rest of our holiday spent in Florida has been hideously delayed, I'm just now getting over my post vacation blues. Funny enough I found about our next trip whilst we were in Florida so mental planning has begun for that. Florida was to be expected, sunny of course, a little kooky, and water/beaches everywhere. At one point we were in the car on a normal highway and my boyfriend saw an alligator (I didn't see it, the closest I got was a van selling "gator" by the road) in a little overgrown area off the road, "It's like Wild Kingdom over there" he said; I missed it dammit, this is why one needs a driver. We had a lot of good food, ran into a surprise (at least it was a surprise to us) parade, did some shopping, drank, danced, saw dolphins, visited friends, and I somehow left the sunny state with not even the faintest of tans - it is a talent. So no more talking, I'm just going to post pictures of the beach, I know that's what everyone wants to see so onto the pictures of 5 different sizes.

There was also some tasty food...

*drool* What? Oh, I got lost in food porn for a minute. There was also some pretty rad-tastic places.

As you might be able to tell from the pictures, we had a fabulous time in Florida. We got to visit with our friend Row and her kids and meet her new boyfriend and his lovely mom - not to mention their clan of animals. It was incredibly cute when I saw their cat PJ, who I always doted on when Row was here, and he perked up remembering my face/voice - it was so precious.

On our way home from Florida we stopped by Orlando and Charleston, South Carolina which was even prettier than I remember it being so that is coming up in my next vacation entry.

I miss you Ocean, why I didn't just run into your luscious waves is beyond me.

Thursday, March 22, 2012
Dammit. Yes, I'm starting this post off with a swear word. It is the word of the day, like they do on 'Sesame Street'. Wait, they do that on 'Sesame Street' right? I'm a bit rusty on my Sesame Street knowledge, haven't watched it in a looong time. Hell, I haven't been up at the time it comes on in like 15 years. I googled it, they do a spanish word of the day so um "el dammito?"

I'm judging myself for that last sentence - I took two years of Spanish in school, look how much that time paid off! Anyway, so the actual reason for the dammit is that it always seems like the Universe knows when money is particularly tight (I know we've sort of had this discussion before) so all the companies decide to have the most adorable stuff ever and I mean ever, ever! Throw a girl a dino bone! C'mon, throw it, gently... it is old. I'm very tempted, and this might actual occur, to tell my boyfriend "You are getting me one these whether you like it or not!" I think that approach might not go over well, I think pouting and primping might fair better. Oh come on, you know what I mean by "primping"... wow, this post is taking a drastic turn - although it did start off with dammit so I kinda prepared you. This is why I don't have very many followers isn't it? Because I'm a foul mouthed hussy.... *el sigho*

Would you like examples (it got changed to exhibit somehow) of things me wants, what about things I need? You do, you definitely do! Boyfriend if you are reading, read the following: "I'll be good for the rest of the week month if you buy me all one of these! That is probably a lie, but I will try.

Exhibit A: Jessica Louise

                                                                    Exhibit B: ASOS Curve
                                          Leggings, dress, dress. Totally gorgeous, totally needed!

                                                 Exhibit C: Stars ASOS, Other two River Island
   It is a dirty, nasty rumor that I have enough purses. I most certainly do not. I don't have a single star purse!

                                                                 Exhibit D: Plasticland

                                                           Exhibit E: Dorothy Perkins

In the interest of being good, I will leave it at that for now. Any of the above will do, just pick my your favorite.

I'm sorry for my absence from the blogosphere, I'm feeling better although it took me about a two weeks to feel back to normal and I'm still feeling a bit lethargic. I'm yawning all over town and I'm not sure why *shruggies*, despite the lethargy I've actually been quite busy as well. I will be sharing pictures and tales of adventures from our time spent in Florida soon, I pinky promises. I hope everyone is well and thanks for sticking it out with my blog despite the delays.

Oh yeah, this ModCloth dress will definitely work too.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
I'm sorry for the delay in posting about my wonderful vacation but I've been pretty ill, I mentioned how I caught a cold toward the end of my trip, well I also had an infection that spread to my kidneys so I've been really out of it. I had to go to the Emergency Room on Friday night, which I absolutely despise doing. I hate hospitals, I hate needles, and I hate having blood drawn but my sides were really killing me and left me no choice ("Left me defenseless!"). Luckily the Doctors and Nurses were all very nice and they were playing 'Mansquito' on the SyFy channel so that helped me have a better experience. The Doctor said I had a white blood cell count of 18,000 when it should be 11,000 so that was pretty eye opening. I've been on antibiotics, mucinex to combat the cold, drinking lots of water (think Hoover Dam, "Where can I get some Dam bait?"), and lots of sleep since then.

I'm currently experiencing the post vacation blues especially since I've been sick. I want to go back on vacation! I had such a lovely time. We did end up stopping in Charleston, South Carolina and briefly traveled through Orlando, Florida as well but we didn't end up stopping by Epcot. The majority of the vacation was spent in Dunedin, Tampa, and Spring Hill, Florida. The weather was so nice that I almost forgot that it was Winter, I really miss wearing my flip flops. I miss seeing the ocean, I miss how friendly everyone was (people waved at us! I was confused, I don't even make eye contact with my neighbors), and I really miss the sweet tea! Great googly moogly the sweet tea is good down there, even the Publix had delicious sweet tea, us Northerners really need to figure out this whole sweet tea thing - Get it together Yankees! 

 We spent two days including Valentines Day in Savannah which was a bit of a surprise arranged by my boyfriend. We stopped by Forysth Park, Bonaventure Cemetery, and The River Walk. I liked Savannah, the Spanish Moss was great but it seems like the economy has hit the area a little hard which made me a bit sad.

The second picture was taken at Bonaventure Cemetery and the rest are in and around Forsyth Park. I love Southern style architecture, the last picture is now an art college of some sort, I was squealing outside it trying to take pictures from every angle until my boyfriend told me I looked like a stalker and dragged me away, it was so beautiful - I almost cried from the abundance of architectural beauty. You can't get arrested for stalking pretty buildings, actually, you probably can...

I really liked the River Walk area in Savannah as well, although it wasn't very long. It was full of jewelry shops, candy stores, bars, tourist shops, restaurants, and things of the sort all situated in super old looking buildings with amazing character. As you can tell there was also a tram that ran through from time to time. I bought a colorful dress that I've caught Hero trying to nom on, this absolutely amazing praline something (I don't recall what it was called, it was kind of like brittle but softer? Gophers! That's what they were, my boyfriend kept giving me the stink eye when I said they were called gophers but they were!) that I should have bought more of, and spotted some cute jewelry that I didn't actually end up buying. Savannah was good ol' times and Paula Deen's face was slapped on a ton of stuff. I lost my shit though when some stranger knocked on our hotel door at 1am, I was ready to slam the door open and throw some hotel furniture at him. 

Look out for post number two including appearances by the Sunny State of Florida. I'm seriously shocked that I haven't dreamed about those praline gophers, if you pass through Savannah buy as many gophers as you can physically manage, you won't regret it.

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