Friday, April 19, 2013
Hey there, so has anyone else heard of these Me-Ality booths? Basically it is a booth that you step into and in 10 seconds it takes your measurements and gives you fit/size advice based on your predetermined measurements at different stores. I first heard about it on facebook and after finding out that they had one in my local mall I decided to head over there to try it out. It was a super easy process, you just register with your email and then step inside to get measured and afterwards it prints out a little receipt with a barcode that the attendant scans and then it gives you a list of suggestions of clothing from different brands within your mall. 

Well, it didn't really work for me (it literally did not have a single suggestion for me) because the stores they worked with at my mall, such as Banana Republic and Levi Jeans (which oddly enough is not at my mall) don't carry my size since I wear over a size 16. I wasn't really bothered by it at the time but as I've let it marinate it does sort of bug me because I mean more stores should cater to more clientele and also there was a part of me that missed my size 16 and smaller days. Even when I did wear a size 14/16 I had trouble with jeans/pants/button up tops because I am larger in my bust and hip/thigh area. I think it is a super cool idea, I just think we plus sized ladies could not only use more stores/brands to choose from but also are consistently faced with size differences from brand to brand, I literally have things in my wardrobe that are 5 different sizes which makes shopping more of a chore then it need be.

It took a good day (no clue why) for my email with a link to my profile (which you need to then set up your password) to come over for but from there it gave me some actual suggestions but again, because of my size, only linked me to a few suggestions from Torrid and Lane Bryant. I like shopping at Torrid and Lane Bryant, Torrid more so than Lane Bryant, however I wasn't really impressed by their sizing suggestions... I have been shopping at Torrid long enough to know my size by now and all of their suggestions were way bigger than I wear and when I have tried on the size they suggested to me it was not flattering and hung very loosely. Not only that but in terms of their suggestions, I had one jean suggestion from Torrid and no suggestions for pants or dresses (or intimates but I figured as much since I am currently a 40H) which are usually the things that are the toughest for me to find the ideal fit. 

It is endlessly frustrating feeling limited and left out and it is a bit annoying being told to wear a size in tops and skirts that I know is too big for me. I really wish sizing was more standardized so we didn't have to run into the massive size differences but I suppose with trial and error we find out what brands flatter our unique figure and which don't. So I say, try out the me-ality booth for yourself and report back, I hope you have a better experience than I did.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
I'm having trouble with my blog so bare with me :( Until then, I opened a shop on with more stuff and you can find it HERE. I am also working on perfecting my shop but all of the items are for sale and ready to be bought and sent to new homes - like pound puppies but not, since I don't have any pound puppies anymo'. I have entirely too many things that haven't been loved in awhile so go forth, shop and shop so more.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I am looking to wear this Spring

What I am looking to wear this Spring by honeysuckelle featuring adjustable rings

Spring has kind of sprung, or at least my Air Conditioning (note: it is capitalized for a reason and that reason is because it is fucking awesome) is on and my eyes constantly itch so that must signify that Winter is over? I put the question mark for a reason and that reason is the weather has been freakin' confusing lately and I don't want to jinx it. Changing temperatures are suppose to bring new wardrobe choices but I tend to throw caution, and sense, to the wind and wear the same things year around (flip flops a day before a snow storm? ...Never? Often... *nods with confidence*). This Spring I find my wishlists and eye drawn (dominated even, call in the troops) by the same few things over and over again so I thought I'd make a little collage! Yippie-yay-waikiki-COLLAGES! I'm sorta a fan of  collages. To be fair, I've always been into the stripes, skulls/skull jewelry, and jeweled (sparkly) things but not always at the same wondrous time. The destroyed denim I always liked too but didn't think I could pull off with my portly thighs and thick calves but alas I like the look on me in most lighting. I also appreciate the pre-destroyed denim options because my DIY attempts on clothing have never really gone so well, I've had a few hot glue incidents in my day. I must say too, if you have any reservations about your belly/love handle region, like I do, then a good over-sized slouchy top is not only stylish and flattering but ridiculously comfortable. Comfortable in the sense that I think I exposed the entire back of my bra in a Mexican restaurant but I barely noticed because I was so comfy (I had no tequila that day, I swear). So even though I own things that fit all of these above categories, I am still on the search to add more of these to my wardrobe. The turquoise jewelry has gotta happen, I know that much, because I don't own a single piece. Owning more pants is always good too because I have a tendency to wear those things out, oh, the joys of large drumsticks. I'm pretty sure we've discussed societies tendency to look down upon the bottomless as well - buncha' prudes.

Monday, April 8, 2013

My boyfriend and I went to a local park recently and despite the allergies (Mmm, Spring) it turned out to be quite a majestic day. Lately, I find that I just want to spend my time shopping or walking outside at the parks with not so much in between so I figured I'd share some Virginia wilderness with you. I've spent my morning thus far re-watching last nights 'Mad Men' and 'Game of Thrones' while Halo rubs against my hands and I'm thinking I might hit the shops later but it depends on my tummy issues, which are running amuk. I'm finding myself a bit disillusioned with blogging and all social networking as of late but I'm going to try and chug through. Before I go I'll share a picture of some of my recent shopping finds from TJ Maxx.

To say I was excited when I found this sugar skull throw is a bit of a understatement. What exciting things have you found lately? Welllll, that is all from me for now, take care and chat soon.

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