Monday, October 21, 2013
So, I want to talk fitness. That isn't exactly true, I want to talk about workout wear because I don't really care for the rest of the fitness/workout aspect but I do enjoy shopping for new clothes and accessories. As some of you may know I've incorporated working out into my weekly life, I almost typed "daily" but ha to the HAHA that isn't going to happen anytime soon/ever. The only way I'd gladly workout daily is if the world turned into the opposite of Footloose and you were required to dance everywhere you went - that would be one ridiculous world, lets make this happen!

You Better

Anywho, I've discovered a few things since working out/being alive. First, most sports bras are not made for the busty. I do it the hard way (I'm poor, dammit) and wear a regular bra and a sports bra for support but there still is some bouncing going on with this set up. I've read about some supportive bras for the busty amongst us but can't budget them in yet. Two, most workout wear is made small and very form fitting. They make workout tank tops with built in bras and I have no idea who these built in bras really support. Granted, I might be able to wear them but they wouldn't be comfortable or appropriate for a lady with all my business. Three, I never wear anything but black bottoms because yet again, too much business going on, I already feel a little exposed in my yoga pants. Four, comfort is key! Comfortable breathable materials that aren't too short or bothersome are perfect for working out. Five, the workout outfits for women never come with friggin pockets! I always end up carrying around my phone, headphones, water bottle, towel, and sometimes lip gloss (don't hate, I have easily chapped lips... probably because I apply lip gloss too often). Wearing a hoodie to workout in gets too hot sometimes but I'm thinking of getting one of these so I feel a little less like a pack mule. Six, everyone at the gym wears the same outfits. Okay, well, not EVERYONE... I mean I did see a guy working out in a over-sized cable sweater and jeans a few weeks ago but other than that it is mostly a sea of similarities. I usually end up at the gym for a good 2 and half hours and although I'm not trying to impress anyone I still feel more pumped fake jogging on an elliptical while staring at an episode of Storage Wars in a cute outfit. Seven, I seriously loathe ear buds, why do they cause so much agony? I'd like to meet the person that came up with this ear bud idea and throw them into a pit with old banana peels. So, yeah, headphones are a must because gym music suckkkkks. Oh, and eight... don't forget your water bottle! Fogging (fake jogging) makes you thirsty.

I put together a few looks I liked on polyvore, I love me some converse (that might be obvious...) although I doubt they're really suited for the hardcore runners but luckily I'm not one of those people - walking, cycling, fogging, and weight lifting is as far as I've go. I'd size up or buy the shirts over-sized for a comfortable fit but that's just me, I also like basics in bright colors and typically hate every inspirational shirt I see but that's only because I'm a cynical bastard and something about going to the gym makes me even more sardonic than I typically am. Even though, I admit I feel pretty dandy after a good fogging session. Well, go forth my grasshoppers, wear some retina stinging shades of pink and bounce your business to Ace of Base.

Work it 2

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