Sunday, March 15, 2015
Since my last post was a pretty dull day, I figured I should showcase another day that is slightly less boring. With such an amazing write up like that I don't know how you would not want to continue but again, onto the show.

I wake up at 5:30am which is highly unusual for me but decide to take a bath with some lush. The comforter bubble bar to be specific. Husband leaves for work around 6ish.

I get out and have a light breakfast of toast and applesauce, take my meds, and put on my makeup.

This galaxy palette by BHcosmetics is one of my favorites, it's so pretty I am almost scared to use it. I will have to buy another one just as a back up. I wore comet and mercury.

Get dressed as a picnic table, I ADORE this dress and am really into gingham and plaid prints lately. I'm also wearing green tights from We Love Colors and almost everything else is from zulily. The one thing that irritates me is the dress is so low cut and my boobs are so ample that I have to wear a top over it. I actually called this look 'Rancid Picnic Dreams' because of the green/plaid combination.

Take a few selfies, browse the internet, apply to some jobs, cuddle with cats, and wait for Goodwill to open. My plan is to find some baskets so I can organize my spice cabinet.

Attempt to curl my hair. Clearly I'm awesome at it....

Head out to Goodwill. It is raining and they are short on baskets, I do however find a few things. None of which I set out to buy but ya know how it is.

I found some cute stuff, I adore this blazer even if it does not fit around my bust. I also found a cute anchor print skort. Yes, skort, they still make them. An old friend calls me as I'm about to check out so I quickly checkout and head home to call him back.

I catch up with my friend on the phone, have a small lunch of cheese grits, and decide to take a nap. The nap isn't working out so well so I decide to take a silly picture. Browse the internet and then finally get around to taking that nap.

Nap longer than expected  (about three hours) and husband is home and lays with me for a bit. Then we decide to order dinner, watch tv for a few hours, talk more about Vegas vacation. Then back to bed it is for the night.

I kind of spaced on the pictures after my husband came home. That was my day. Slightly more exciting I suppose, I mean I went somewhere?

Friday, March 13, 2015
Did anyone else follow the community of the same name on livejournal? I know some people say livejournal is "dead" but nothing truly dies in my mind and livejournal will always have a special place in my heart. Except maybe myspace, myspace is pretty dead to me. Anyway, I decided when I woke up to do one of these sort of type posts and I warn you... my day was pretty boring. But onto the show.

9:30 Wake up. Check email/instagram/facebook. Husband leaves for work.

 Drag my butt out of bed to eat breakfast and take medicine.

 I love these apple strawberry pouches and this apple fritter bread from Target.

My baby Halo jumps on desk to say good morning. Then proceeds to try to climb on top of printer and gets a brief scolding.

Browse the internet webz. Apply to some jobs. Tidy up a bit - vacuum, laundry, wipe counters, etc.

Groom the Halo who is clearly hating every minute of it. See all that fur? That is what keeps me cleaning constantly, it's like he shed another cat.

Mail comes! I ordered some crinolines on ebay and they are perfect! Back in the day I use to go dancing wearing crinolines and I always wanted some brightly colored ones so now I need to arrange a night of dancing. Halo was very intrigued, I had to hang these bad boys up before it was covered in kitteh.

Lunch! Strawberries. Ham and Swiss grilled cheese on apple fritter bread. Pretty tasty. A small handful of pepper jack cheez it's and two chocolate truffles.

Do some more laundry. Watch 'Chef' on netflix with Halo.

Digestive issues runneth over and force me to my comfortable bed for a nap. Hero joins.

Wake up and make dinner. Pan fried steak and salad. Husband comes home and we discuss birthday travel plans. He quickly eats and then goes to bed since he has to be up early in the morning for work.

And here I am.... exciting eh? Probably going to get to bed soon.

I literally only went outside to bring the trash cans up. So yep, exciting day is exciting. What do you think of these posts? I'll have to do another some day when I actually do more than lounge around the house with my cats. Like maybe I'll go outside or something in the next post? Don't get too crazy there, Rachel.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Current outfit: Pajamas as usual but let's discuss last night's outfit.

I don't look very pleased in these photos but I most certainly am considering I just got home from Red Robin after devouring one of my favorite burgers and waaaaaay too many baskets of fries.

Forever 21 jeans, New Look floral top, Old Navy Cardigan, Zulily triangle earrings, Glowing flash for a head.

Current favorite food: Chocolate covered strawberries. How does anyone eat just one? Royal Red Robin Burger with no mayo. Ugh, so freakin' good.

Current frustration: Snow, if I have to shovel my driveway again this year (we have a really long driveway) I'm going to.... well, curse a lot and claim loudly to hate winter but that's what I've been doing the entire time so I guess not much new to report on that end.

Current triumph: Uh... uh... I'm going to attempt to make crepes today so that might be a triumph (or a complete disaster... I'm not the best at making thin food).

Current sadness: Two things, last week was pretty tough, Arctic died. I absolutely adored that snow leopard, I was making plans to visit C.A.R.E and everything. I really wanted to see him in person. I was really upset, cried for days.

The second sadness is my job didn't work out, it was a very physical job with very strict time limits and I just was not fast enough. I tried my butt off and that's all you can do but I can't wake up be someone who can walk 3.5-4mph hour carrying a heavy satchel and packages so *shrugs*.

Current cuddle partner: The Halo.

Current wishlist: New job. Red Plaid Picnic Dress / Coral and White Polka Dot Maxi Skirt / Black Quilted Jacket / Backpack Pet Carrier (I think my cats would HATE this but I'm curious about it) / Emerald Rectangle Earrings / Modcloth Pink Picnic Skirt / Black Tulle Skirt / Eshakti Alice Floral Dress / Lace Peplum Tank / Eshakti Alison Green Dress / The Lost City of Z  / Talking Pictures  / Lane Bryant Lace Bra / The Knick Season 1 / Mindless Faith CDs / City Chic Heart Dress

Current plans: Lunch. Trying to figure out what to do next. Also Jason and I had started to plan a trip for my Birthday, I had thought about canceling since I had to quit my job but we've decided to go along with the planning. You only live once right? So I'm thinking Vegas and San Diego Zoo! I'm excited for that.

Current favorite image: 

Thursday, February 12, 2015
Current outfit: In typical fashion, my current outfit is pajamas (why blog in anything else?) So let's discuss my last successful outfit:

Thrifted cardigan. Target sweater boots (so comfy). Black and White Striped Tank Forever 21. Eloquii skirt. 

Current bane of my existence: This friggin headache.

Current drink: Water.

Current TV show: The Autopsy Files. Shameless. Face Off. 

Current Food: I just realized the only things I've ate thus far today are almonds and chocolate truffles. I adult. I adult well.

Current new discovery: Science Friday on NPR. What a great radio show.

Current listening: New Florence and the Machine. I need NEED to see her live so she needs to come to the area! Oh yeah and Willow soundtrack.

Current Movie: Willow. I've loved this movie since I was a kid. Can we please talk about how amazingly fucking hot Val Kilmer is in this movie? Yes? Good. Oh, this isn't my first time confessing my love for Madmartigan? Well... *shrugs*

Current mood: Headache. Tired. Determined. Excited for payday.

Current wishlist: Red Burnout V Neck Top Zulily / Black Pullover / Mermaid Wind Chime Zulily / Makeout with that Moose Shirt and Hoodie / Willow Soundtrack / Eshakti Gingham Dress / Red Skull Cardigan / Antler Necklace

Friday, January 30, 2015
It's been awhile since I've posted pictures around my house. It's really coming together, I'm actually having a hard time restraining myself when I see something I like, I fear my place is beginning to become a bit cluttered. It's hard because I like so many different things. My most recent purchases for the house have been bedding and dining room chairs. I'm still on the search for two more dining room chairs, a bed frame, a new coffee table (my cats always fight over the one we have now and I'm sick of yelling "I'll turn this coffee table around!" because it never seems to get the desired effect), an end table for my Monkey that fits in our bedroom and fits his sleep pap (one of the best inventions known to man!), and some things for storage for our display room and around the house. 

Well, onto the tour:

As most of you probably know, we rent our house so we can't do a lot of things to it that I'd like to do if I owned the place (no paint, no replacing cabinets or flooring, changing out brass fixtures, etc) but we have a lot of little touches about that show our sense of style.These spider lights and curtains were not put up for Halloween, everyday is Halloween in this home. This curtain is one of my favorite things in the world by the way. I hate the flooring and the lack of storage in my kitchen but I do love the window behind the sink.

Next onto the dining room:

As you can tell, we like skull print in this house. I honestly feel like the dining room has become a bit heavy with stuff, I'm sure you'd agree. It's just hard, I find so many lovely things I don't intend on keeping, I plan on selling in my ebay store or giving to friends but then I become attached to them (the cat figurines for instance) and I don't want to part with them.

Two of my favorite things about this house are the hardwood floors throughout and the two story brick fireplace that goes into the basement as well.

This post is already getting very image heavy so I think I'll close with a picture of my new bedding that I just love to pieces. If anyone is interested I think I'll do a part two? Hell, if no one is interested I still will probably do a part two. 


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