Monday, October 20, 2014
It has been an epic amount of time since I've done a post like this but I felt it was time and I'm presenting one of my favorite movies of all time, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I actually went to the movie theater by myself and saw this movie when it came out, I knew nothing about it and I'm pretty sure I was nursing a broken heart at the time. This was one of the movies I skipped out of classes to see a matinee for (how can you beat those matinee prices and the lack of crowds?) I'm not much of a crier at the movies but if I was this one probably would have made me do it. Now I own the movie, the blu-ray, and the soundtrack. I also regularly search for anything related to the movie on etsy and ebay. For those of you who haven't seen it, SEE IT! But for those of you unlucky souls (just kidding but this movie is a serious masterpiece in my humble opinion) who haven't seen it, there is always time, want to come over and watch it? I have some kettle corn! Here is a brief synopsis (taken directly from imdb): A couple undergo a procedure to erase each other from their memories when their relationship turns sour, but it is only through the process of loss that they discover what they had to begin with.

I don't think I could have enough praise in the world for this movie, it is wonderfully acted, written, directed, styled... just everything about it I love. But in this post I will be focusing on the style of the main female character, Clementine Kruczynski (whose last name I always have to google) played by the amazing and beautiful Kate Winslet (have I mentioned I've wanted to be her since I was a little girl?). She plays a very free spirited character with a very bright and unique sense of style and personality. She is eclectic and complicated but very interesting.

Onto the outfits I conjured up. First with the inspiration outfit:

My take on it:

Clem Outfit 1

Inspiration outfit 2:

My take on it:

Clem Outfit 2

Last but not least, inspiration outfit 3:

My take on it (and a few other outfits sprinkled throughout the movie):

Clem Outfit 3

Clementine seems like the type of person who would heavily thrift shop, maybe perhaps even knit her own scarves and stuff, who would love vintage, etsy, small shops and boutiques. The type of person who would definitely have a flair for combining textures, patterns, and colors. How do you think I did? Have you seen the movie? Did you like the movie? What movie should I do next?

I know I've stressed this already but this is the type of movie that is best seen more than once, it is jam packed full of amazing details. Happy movie viewing!

Friday, October 17, 2014
I'm not 100% sure where my surge of self-confidence has come from but I like it, I like it a lot. So yes, another OOTD, still a mirror shot and still not full body (or in focus or of good quality... but yah, small steps). 

Jason and I went to the Alamo Drafthouse (thank goodness for groupons), shared a bacon (well I didn't share the bacon ^_^) cheeseburger, drank way too many sodas, and saw Gone Girl. I loved the movie, I have to read the book now! I'm a big fan of David Fincher's movies.

I was so exhausted when I took these two outfit pictures that I barely cared if they were in focus, I just wanted to throw off my bra and put on my pajamas. Anywho, onto the dets:

Berry colored tank top: Old Navy, size XL
Black shrug: Thrifted, size 3X
Tulle skirt: Eshakti, size 20 
(not pictured or lazy and took them off)
V necklace: Ebay
Turquoise earrings: Lucky Brand
Leopard ballet flats: American Eagle, sz 12 (they're too big but I was desperate for some leopard print flats)
Black studded crossbody purse: Kmart (I literally paid $4 for it)
Engagement ring: I shall never knowww :P

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Here it is, a Halloween post! Even if no one else gets excited about this post, I'm excited about it and that is good enough for meeee. Plus, it gives me an excuse to say "ween". Hehehehe, I said ween. Three times. Ween. Okay, four times.

My bank account which I must say isn't frequently used and doesn't often have very much in the form of money in it still alerts me almost the entire month of October with "warning, you tend to spend a lot in this time period". If my bank account could hear me I'd say "Duh, I need me all the Halloween shtuff". Well, enough about my consistent money troubles, look at my stufffffffffff:

The measuring spoons and wind chime are from World Market. I believe we bought the skull from World Market also but I can't quite recall probably because there was some sick woman in the store when we were buying these things whose germy-not-covered-coughs got me extremely sick for two weeks. I still have to take an antibotic that makes my tummy not happy, so I'm very thankful to that woman. She clearly had some very important and impertinent reasons to be in World Market in her condition. Sorry, that got ranty but I felt like poo for weeks. Oh, and Predator is Funko (obvi) and we bought it from a random comic book shop in our area.

Casta Fierce from Toys R' Us or otherwise known as my second home. Another appearance from the skull! Towels and tablecloth (I seriously couldn't remember what this table covering thing was called haha, I had to get up and look at the packaging) are from Target. Snowglobes (have I ever mentioned that I have a weakness for snowglobes?) are from Walgreens. Walgreens also has some really tasty Russell Stover "pumpkin" shaped filled chocolates. They are rarely actually pumpkin shaped but they are delicious, try the raspberry cream, orange cream, and red velvet.

I thought I had more things but these are the only things I took pictures of. I did also buy some syringe pens from Target but they are more cute than practical, one broke the minute I took it out of the packaging but it seemed to be easily fixable.

What have you bought this HalloWEEN (hehe, I just can't get enough ... depeche mode) season?

Monday, October 13, 2014
As most of you know, I have been blogging for awhile and have never posted an OOTD of the day picture. I've come close once but this time I'm going to take the leap and try it. It's still not a full body shot, baby steps!!, but it is a huge step for me. Despite following almost exclusively all fashion bloggers I felt too shy and scared to take the leap to sharing pictures of my body but I'm sick of being scared. My weight has always been a sore spot for me but honestly I'm not ashamed anymore.

I'm fat, not the fattest I've ever been (that was a bit ago, have lost 25.3lbs since then) and I've been smaller too (at my smallest I wore a size 10/12). I have cellulite, acne scars, very large boobs, a tummy, large arms, and very pale skin but I think I'm beautiful. I'm far from my ideal but if I stay this size for the rest of my life it won't be the worst thing in the world. Life is too short to hate yourself and to be harsh to other people. I joke a lot (defense mechanism on top of a genuine love of laughter and a want to make other people laugh) but I try not to be insulting to people. 

I have been all sizes of average, chubby, and fat and people will judge you no matter what size you are so fuck it, love yourself. Be around people who don't hurt you and who don't make you feel shitty about yourself. Never stop improving and don't be afraid to speak up when someone says something hurtful to you. I will never be a size 4 and I honestly don't want to be, I don't think there is a single thing in the world wrong with being a size 4 but I do think it is wrong to tell other people what their body should and should not look like! 

I have been counting my calories for a total of 532 days and I rarely overeat (do I sometimes? yes. We all do. Food is good). I feel pretty good when I exercise and want to do it more often but I don't feel like I deserve to not be treated fairly because I'm not thin, or don't always eat what people think I should, or active enough according to society. I'm human, I'm fat, and I'm fucking beautiful. If you don't agree, that is your opinion and I don't want it. I don't need it. I just had a full physical and I could use some improvements but overall I'm in good health so don't even start on that.

I was a size 14/16 all throughout high school and I was a mess, I had my insecure days and my days of confidence. People told me sometimes that I was fat/big/ugly and sometimes that I was attractive. I was desperate for validation, I wanted love so badly and I let people mistreat me over and over again because I thought I couldn't do any better. People also do and say things without thinking sometimes, people don't always intend to be hurtful but you shouldn't ever feel like you deserve it. Take no shit but be nice whenever possible. That is what I try to live by. Ideally I would like to be a size 14/16 again, a size 10/12 would be my dream size but I'm not certain I want to do all the work to get to that size (I'm just being honest).

Here is my OOTD (not the greatest photo but be patient with me) even though I was just playing dress up, I'm actually in my pajamas.

Faux leather skirt: Forever 21, size 20.
Brown booties: Target, size 11.
Green leopard print top: Torrid, size 2. 
Electric blue belt: Target, size 2X.
Fitted faux leather jacket: Thrifted. I think it's a Target Brand. Size... erm... I can't remember now. 1X I think.

Welcome folks to another round of current posts. Yay. I said I was going to make a Halloween appreciation post but I think I might just sprinkle some of my Halloween love into this cauldron of a post. Look at that witchy talk. Oh noez, burn her, except don't because very few suspected witches were actually burnt at the stake. ANYWAY.... 

Fuck lighting and it's fickleness.

Current mood: Energetic, bouncy, hyper, limited attention span, constantly rambling, scrambled, cursing often, and the teensiest bit frustrated (of which I'm sure I'll mention somewhere below... don't get too excited to read it).

Current food: Boiled red potatoes with marscapone cheese, swiss cheese, parmesan cheese, and ham. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds. Things with multiple amounts of cheese typically are, just saying. You know, I once read a rant someone made about saying that "just saying" always followed a insult and I don't get it, that's not how I use it. I try really hard not to use insults but I don't always succeed.

Current drink: Blackberry pomegranate tea. This stuff is the shit, like as in good shit, as in yum-yum shit. You didn't know yum-yum shit existed did you? WELL, I'm here to teach (< you're not). 

Current TV show: The Walking Dead, how fucking epic was last night's episode? Blasting fire zombie epic. No spoilers. Good Eats (ALTON BROWNNNNN). The Knick. The Knick is my jam (what... Rachel...). I literally put on a few of the episodes on repeat while I was simming the other day. 

Current outfit: Very stylish pink and black pajama bottoms with heart and lion motif, oversized white tee from Target (I live in these freakin' tees even though they hold in smells like no other... I hate when fabrics do that), and more stylish moments in the form of man slippers. Also my bra is pretty visible so Lane Bryant black lace and leopard print bra. I'm also sporting a "funky fresh" hairdo with two braids and one very large strand of hair sticking out because I rule at hair. I'm also cuddling with my kitty Hero so let's include his outfit... black cat... suit. 

Current frustration: All funky freshed hairdo'ed and nowhere to go. Literally can't go anywhere because my dude had to take my car to work because his truck is being a pain in the living ass. Also, two flies that made their way into the house and WILL NOT LEAVE. We did have three unwanted houseguests but I killed one by throwing an oversized cup at it, yep, I'm talented. I'm still talking flies, just to be clear I don't kill my house guests... at least not yet *sinister look*. I'm also really broke so that kinda sucks. 

Current bane of my existence: See above... I also keep chewing on my pinky finger and I have no idea why I do it. Why? Why you do it? (No idea *continues*). I also wish I was spending today with friends in a movie theater in between hyperness but alas it's Monday and I have no money.

Current crush: Audrey Horne aka Sherilynn Fenn, then and NOW. She is of the gorgeous variety.

Current need: Dance Night. I want to wear one of my pretty party dresses and dance until my knees hurt (which isn't long because mama is out of shape) and probably some adderall because man', hyperness is out of control today. I might need to pretend I'm a 3 year old and wear myself out by running around the house. 

Current link: Viking Treasure Hoard

My talking runneth over so I guess I will do a Halloween purchases post after all.

Current triumph: I created an email for you to keep in touch with me at, whether it is blog related or not, please email me and send me your phone numbers (I don't chat on the phone very often but I do like to text). Link is HERE. STILL HERE. Talk to me. Cheese.

Monday, September 22, 2014
It's not even light out (it's 6:30AM right now) and I already have marshmallow on my shirt. Welcome to another current post, I am, like always in fine form. Tasty fluffy form. What, what.

Current nails: Ah, fuck I just noticed another marshmallow spot on my shirt. As I've mentioned I'm in fine form and by that I mean my nails are messed up. I did a slight touch up on my feet yesterday before going shopping (swimming ruins my toenails) but it was more so out of necessity so they look... awesome.... *shifts eyes*

Current food: Pretzel thins, marshmallow fluff (obvi), coke, and fiber one bar (you can taste the fiber, I'm just saying, you can...).

Current drink: Um, it's Monday and it's still kinda dark out so clearly the answer is moonshine. Speaking of moonshine, I had some moonshine from an actual moonshiner in West Virginia and I'm pretty sure it could have also doubled as jet fuel so basically my esophagus is still recovering.

Current TV show: The Knick. Mad Men. Ray Donovan. Face/Off. Yes, still. You know what show I've been missing and need to watch again, Spongebob Squarepants. That is one funny show.


Current read: Death in the City of Light. This serial killer is not well known but man is the story crazy. I finished Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage about a week or so ago.

Current outfit: Marshmallow fluff covered Rob Zombie t-shirt. Is this the same shirt I accidentally cut a big hole in? *checks* Yep... and comfy as all "hale" purple and black polka dot pajama pants. Man, I am fashion forward.

Current triumphs: My triumph is still pending and in the interest of not wanting to jinx anything I'm just going to leave it at "wait and see".

Current needs: 8 hours of continuous sleep. For some reason I can't sleep for longer than 5 hours at a time.

Current bane of my existence: Waiting. Money. The fact that I won't stop chewing on my pinkie while I'm on the computer. The usual.

Current watching: Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I tried doing this pose at Jason in the car yesterday and what I've come to find out is you kinda need a wide area to do it. He didn't get it. Another joke wasted. GAWD.

Current playlist: Annette Hanshaw // Fictional - Blue Lights //  Once in a lifetime - Wolfsheim //

I feel the need to talk a little back story behind Once in a lifetime - Wolfsheim song, I listened to this song a lot in 2006/2007 and I was deeply heartbroken at the time and afraid I'd be heartbroken for the rest of my life, I couldn't know how much my life would change in the following years and now when I listen to it I feel such a sense of joy. I found love, I found more self-confidence, and acceptance of not only myself but the world around me. My problems are far from solved but I've definitely grown and am surrounded by better situations.

The Sparrows and the Nightingales - Wolfsheim // Dead Stars - Covenant //

I have spotify, come find me. Fuck, I need to go dancing soon. I miss it.

Current wishlist:  Fig Leaves Pour Moi Bra in Red // Glow in the Dark Stars // Ouija Cardigan // Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Marshmallow Lipgloss // Torrid Kiss Print Sweater // Boohoo Disco Pants in Black // Dorothy Perkins Red Rose Dress // Gypsy Warrior Sabrina Bell Dress (not like this would fit me but a girl can dream) //

Current mood: Not bad. Not bad at all.

What I've been up to currently: Shopping for my little sisters who had to be born within days of each other making birthday shopping a hassle. Swimming and squats at the pool. Video games: The Sims 3, huge shock. Lollipop Chainsaw. Dead Rising (the original and very brief, I am RUSTY). Maybe some other developments but like I said, NO jinx. Bike riding. If you follow me on instagram you'll know that I recently came into possession of a barrister bookcase and I about died of excitement, I stare at it lovingly constantly.

Most recent purchases: My monkey has bought me a few Halloween goodies I'll have to share in another post. Fark, I love this time of year!

Current happiness: The usual suspects (Jason, Hero, and Halo). My best friends wedding coming up sooon. The dress I'm wearing for my best friends wedding. Traveling to Florida. HALLOWEEN! Autumn! I've been in a pretty good mood too.

Current link: Please visit my ebay store, I have a lot for sale and I want to spoil my little sisters who I love dearly and keep my ebay business going. Not to mention I donate as often as I can to my favorite charity that takes care of tigers, lions, cougars, snow leopards, lemurs, a llama, and they have a dog named Poopy. Sorry to do this, I just like to keep the word out.

Monday, September 15, 2014
I recently was sent a “give me 10 facts about yourself” message. This never happens and so I listed some very basic facts about myself out of sheer panic (maybe not panic but close enough) but now I’ve decided to re-take the test. These are like the tales I share when I’ve been drinking but I haven’t been drinking so…. uh…

1. Once I drove to Taco Bell in a snowstorm, with 3 inches of snow on top of my car, because I really wanted chalupas. A police officer stopped me on the way back home and asked me what I was doing out in this weather and why I didn’t clear off my car, I lied and said I was sick and had to go to CVS but really I just needed a god damn chalupa. Sorry m’officer, it was an emergency…

2. Since I’m on the topic of how impulsive I am, I once ordered a huge box of custom lollipops from this ebay store. They were quite cheap because they were “defective” since some of them had melted a little bit. I hid the box under my bed and got sores in my mouth from eating so many lollipops. I still dream about the banana and sweet tea ones.

3. Once when I was about 7 years old I went into the kitchen where my dad and a few of his friends were playing cards and I walked up to who I thought was my dad sitting in a chair and hugged him from behind, turns out it was his friend and I was so embarrassed that I started bawling my eyes out.

4. Remember those round bath soap things people use to have in their bathrooms, well one time I ate one. I clearly remember walking in the bathroom and spotting the round balls and thinking “ooh, candy in the bathroom, great idea!” and then getting a mouth full of soap…. I'm still waiting for someone to get on top of that balls of bathroom candy idea. That sounds so gross... I mean actual candy, people!

5. Last night I had a dream that I won $300,000 so after jumping up and down in excitement and of course, crying, I started to plan a trip to Europe. I mean I literally dreamed about sitting at a desk, smiling like a fool, and planning a trip on Expedia (or whatever travel site). I woke up pretty sad when I didn’t see a check for $300,000 next to me.

6. I use to fall asleep in class because I was up all night in chat rooms and playing The Sims. When a guidance counselor tried to earnestly ask me what was going on in my life I just shrugged, it just seemed too lame to admit the truth.

7. I busted my lip open in elementary school after I slid on sand and slid face first into a pole. I was chasing after a boy, it was our recess activity that I pretty much continued into my early 20’s with very similar results.

8. I hate corn. Seriously, if you put that shit in my face I will bite you.

8.5 I’m a biter… I've calmed down with age but beware.

9. A teacher in high school use to constantly write on my papers “stop using the word well in your writings” and WELL, *dances* I CAN’T STOP *dance, dance, dance*

10. Once on a field trip to the Smithsonian I went up to the second floor overlooking a huge crowd of people and from above the fossils i yelled, “I love…<insert elementary school crush name here>” at the top of my lungs. My friends and I laughed about it for quite a bit.

I figured I should put at least one random picture of myself drinking a shirley temple because it kind of fits with the general randomness of this list. 


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