Saturday, July 19, 2014

Current guilty pleasure: BBQ. These are my plans for today: Bank, Thrifting, and BBQ. Not too bad if you ask me. The area I live in isn't exactly teeming with BBQ joints but luckily one opened up not too far from my house and although it isn't the best ever, it is still BBQ! I'm a sucker for pit beef/beef brisket.  Oh and probably hot pink lipstick, I'm wearing Pink Velvet by Limecrime in the above picture.

Current nail color: Remember how I said one of these days I'd come into one of these posts with my nails in check well... that day wasn't today. I did find a really beautiful blue nail polish at Target a bit ago. 

Current playlist: I came across this page recently and as everyone knows, I was/am totally obsessed with True Detective and the music, although not my usual, is really good! Some of my favorites include: Young Men Dead - The Black Angels // John Lee Hooker - Unfriendly Woman // Vashti Bunyan - Train Song // The Mevlins - A History of Bad Men // And Rammstein. Rammstein is quite good, I'm listening to Reise Reise in my car.

Current drink: Coke. I was trying to cut back but my craving for it has been full stop the last few days.

Current food: Beef Brisket. Blue Bunny Vanilla Ice Cream. Cheddar Chipotle Sausage. 

Current Favorite TV Show: Ray Donovan, Masters of Sex, Forensic Files (an old favorite), and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver! They're so many great TV shows on right now, it's almost hard to keep them all straight. I'm thinking of starting Parks and Rec and Breaking Bad on netflix but we'll see. I did watch a few episodes of Orange is the New Black and it's okay but I wasn't really hooked.

Current wish list: Black Cat It Again Dress //  Studio Lace Midi Skirt // Evans Black Swing Dress // Sourpuss Omni Muscle Tank // Domino Dollhouse Anatomy Dress // Asos Curve Midi Skirt in Scallop Hem Lace // New GPS // Plane Ticket so I can meet all the sweet kitties (and lemurs and llama) that live in C.A.R.E!

Current needs: My depression and anxiety have been really hard to cope with the past few months. I've been sleeping a lot and having panic attacks often and just having a hard time all around but now I'm on medication for it and things are slowly starting to get better so I'm hopeful things will turn around.

Current triumphs: I have health insurance! It is practically the first time I've had it my entire life and it feels a bit strange, lovely but strange. My Doctor is really kind and understanding and I'm really hoping that with her help I'll be on a better road. 

Current bane of my existence: My depression and anxiety. It has been really hard to find the motivation to do much of note, leaving the house has been tough. 

Current obsession: C.A.R.E/BigCatDerek on Vine/Big Cats/Arctic the Snow Leopard & Snow Leopards! It deeply pains me to know that so few snow leopards exist in the world, I mean look how gorgeous Arctic is! I'm so obsessed with him, he is practically a celebrity to me. He watches cartoons and snuffles constantly, ugh, what I wouldn't give to cuddle him (if he wasn't a "wild" animal that could bite my face off). I'm determined to visit the sanctuary sometime this year or next. Please visit their site, check out their vine/twitter/facebook and donate if you can! 

Current outfit: Green Calvin Klein cargo pants (so much comfort!), gray tank top from Forever 21 Plus. I'll put a cardigan on to leave the house but I'm waiting for my hair to dry a little more.

Current movies: Madagascar 3.  King Julien and Sonya forevers // Gremlins. How could anyone resist Gizmo // Kung Fu Panda // Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (saw it, liked it, Caesar is a badass!).

I've mostly been watching TV but my mood has been really fragile so I've been trying to stick to sweet/silly movies to keep my mood uplifted. 

Current link: Care Rescue Texas

Thursday, June 5, 2014

As some of you may know, I celebrated my birthday at the end of April, my 29th to be exact. I have to admit I was and still am a bit freaked out about turning 29. I know this is a pretty common theme amongst people but especially women, aging can be scary, especially in a society that is extremely youth based and acts as if the minute you turn 30+ your life should be about babies, kids, mini-vans with the stick family on the back, mom jeans, short mom hair-cuts, and all that other cliche stuff. I disagree with any age limits put on doing things you enjoy whatsoever and I've never had any desire to wear mom jeans while sporting a mom hairdo with a baby on each hip. Not that I judge those who do, I do judge people making decisions for their life based on what they feel they are SUPPOSE to do. It's your life and you should live it the way you want to, anyone who opposes can suck it. They can literally put it in their mouth and suck. That was graphic... I make a lot of those graphic type jokes in this place, I guess it's because I feel comfortable with you *makes creepy smirk while scooting closer to you* 

Dis be the STFU Carousel.

I'm already to the age where conversations about having children are commonly discussed and no matter how clear I make it that I don't want children that I think having children should be reserved for the best people in the best situations who are best suited for it, I end up having to jump on the carousel and repeat myself. I don't want children, ever, neither does my significant other and no, I won't reconsider it. I'm already to the age when people tell me "aren't you too old" for that and I say, fuck all that noise. You are never too old for anything although I wouldn't suggest trying to squeeze your adult sized bum on a tricycle made for a kid sized bum because kids don't take you breaking their stuff that lightly and if you get stuck all the people in the emergency room are going to laugh at you. But hey, it'd be an amusing story. 

don't try this with an adult sized bum, you will get stuck&have to call the number on the side.

I just want you to know and maybe even to remind myself that:

*You are never too old to wear what you love.
*You are never too old to enjoy bright colors.
*You are never too old for toys and bike rides, roller skating, trampolines, fake sword fights, dress up, playing in sprinklers, etc.
*You are never too old to enjoy dancing or goofing off with your friends.
*You are never too old to seek new adventures or meet new people.
*YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT TO. PERIOD. THE END. Anyone who tells you differently is an ass-clown.

However with my 29th birthday I have been putting more thought into doing more of the things I've always wanted to do and less of the things that I don't need to do. My biggest regrets involve spending money too frivolously. I also regret spending my time worrying about how I looked, how many dates I was getting or not getting (as I've mentioned, I was insanely boy crazy), and of receiving approval from other people. I wish I had saved more money, focused more on myself and my personal goals, and traveled everywhere I possibly could! I think the travel part is my main focus currently but we all know traveling costs money and having the money to travel means saving and being responsible and sticking to a plan - all things I'm not really good at. There are so many places I want to see, even in my own country, let alone in the rest of the world. The furthest West I've been is Texas, I need to change that! I've only had to use my passport twice (technically, once), I still don't have a single stamp in there (why you no give stamp!).

I want to see the world. I want to dance. I want to get to a place where I'm truly comfortable with myself. I want to let go of regrets, I want to let go of the past, I want to let go of the mistakes I've made, I want to move forward into 30 without feeling as if now there are a set of rules I have to follow. I've never been one to follow the rules so with my fake sword held high I WILL DO IT, I will do them all. 

That's what she said. Good night *drops mic*. 

*Picks up mic and apologizes profusely, accidentally drops mic again, random person comes over to fix the mic while shaking head*.

Did anyone else get that the title is a play on "Big Tuna" from 'The Office', no? Okay...

Saturday, May 3, 2014
Hello, hello, it has been too long (again...). Has the fire gone out in the blogging world? It seems like a lot of people are blogging less and less as of late. Is it just a phase? I certainly hope so. Anyway, onto the only posts I seem to make....

Current guilty pleasure: This is a toss up between Wegman's Cheddar Jalapeno Bread and Russell Stovers Wedding Cake/Red Velvet Eggs (that I pretty much spent my entire April consuming). Now that Easter is over my love affair with the Russell Stover Eggs is probably over but I mean can you blame me, look at that white chocolatey goodness. Seductive little strumpets those eggs are...

Current nail color: Yep, you guessed it... chipped and a mess. One of these sweet ass days I'm going to have my nail shit figured out in time for a current post but please, for the love of white chocolate eggs, do not hold your breath. I don't know what it is, I like having cute nails I just can't find the patience to maintain and paint them on a regular basis. Right now I have this clear coat that is chipped to hell and kind of resembles melted cheese, it is not exactly pretty. I'd prefer actual melted cheese on my hands, I mean at least real cheese is delicious, especially all melty.

Current playlist:  Trust. Trust. Still Trust. I'm so obsessed. Since my last entry I got to see them again in Philadelphia and they did not disappoint, I even got to sit on my fat little butt with a good view of the stage. Also a little L7, The Cramps, KMFDM, and probably others that my mind is blanking on. 

Capitol - Trust / Icabod - TrustGeryon - Trust / Four Gut - Trust / Lost Souls/ Eelings - Trust

Current drink: My usuals, Thunderbird Wine and Cheap Scotch. Actually, in shocking news, I tried Angry Orchard's Hard Cider in Crisp Apple and find it pretty tasty. I typically hate every beer/hard cider I ever try but this was pretty tasty.

Current food: Talenti Gelato Chocolate Chip with Dark Chocolate Morsels and heart sprinkles. Heart sprinkles make everything better. Okay, maybe not Sars, I doubt heart sprinkles cure Sars. Just putting that out there, I'm not a Doctor but I'm quite certain on this one. 

Current Favorite TV Show: Dark Minds. Game of Thrones. Mad Men. The Fall.

Current wish list: New Bedding // A relaxing Vacation // Sheer Dotty Tights // Eshakti's Entire Site // GPS - Mine has had it's day

Current needs: Sleep. Especially if I want to hit up the Flea Markets and Yard Sales tomorrow.

Current triumphs: Um, I've kinda learned how to use a curling iron. This might not seem like a big deal but I majorly sucked at trying to curl my hair and I can now at least do a semi-decent job. It's a semi-curled kind of life.... I also started my own ebay store and it is going pretty well, feel free to check it out >>>>>> Honeysuck_elle on Ebay <<<<<<

Current bane of my existence: See video.

Current celebrity crush: Again, see video. I <3 Peanut.

Current indulgence: I might have already mentioned that.

Current blessing: Paypal. Self-Serve kiosk at the Post Office. Hero. Halo. Monkey. 

The fact that the fox that was stalking our front yard finally decided to go yap somewhere else, they make some horrific sounding noises. Apparently it was a mating call but it sounded like something out of 'The Wire' was going on outside.

Current Tomorrows outfit: Lucky Brand Bootcut Jeans, Torrid Daisy Print Top, Black and White Striped Cardigan, Black converse, Small hoop Earrings, Black necklace.

Current excitement: Flea Market/Yard Sales. Upcoming social events.

Current mood: Swell.

Current link: 73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker - I thought this was really cute and how could you seriously not like SJP after an interview like this and look at her houseeee.

Friday, February 21, 2014
When was the last time I did a current post? Seems like forever.

Current guilty pleasure: Melting snow. I honestly hate snow, I don't even find it pretty at this point, just annoying. Luckily and well, unluckily, I was sick when it snowed last week so I couldn't really go anywhere anyway but I hate being stuck in the house and not able to play outside because massive heaps of white water ice fall from the clouds. I can't wait to get out and ride my bike.

Current nail color: Hot mess by Rachel Designs and of course I mean my nails are a hot mess because I'm lazy and I also don't really care about doing my nails. I did have this purple sparkly combination going on my fingers that I had some "unicorn" name for but it has chipped off.

Current playlist:  (" Heather Mooney! Oh my god, you're exactly the same!") The Smithereens - Blood and Roses // Sisters of Mercy - Dominion/Mother Russia // Sisters of Mercy - Flood I // Richard Hawley - Baby You're my Light // Band of Horses - Our Swords // Devandra Banhart - Lover // The Breeders - Cannonball // The Handsome Family - Far from Any Road

Current drink: Crystal Light Strawberry Orange Banana. I was really sick of lemon water. My asthma has been bad so I've been avoiding alcohol but an orange muscat mouth meeting is in order because It's Friday, bitches! :Throws confetti: Gets irritated by Mess: Vacuums it up immediately!

Current food: Trader Joe's crumpets with a little butter and honey. Marry me, crumpet goddesses.

Current Favorite TV Show: True Detective! I'm obsessed, totally and utterly obsessed. Even Halo watches it, seriously, he was sitting on the couch watching the entire episode. Apparently Halo is a crime drama fan, he likes to watch the ID network as well. My kitty and I have so much in common. Besides my cats TV viewing choices, can we talk about how awesome Matthew McConaughey is on True Detective? He is honestly blowing me away every single week.

Current wish list: Bike Rides! Ashley Stewart High Waist Pencil Skirt in Pink / Fashion to Figure Elena Rose Top / Crosley Turnable in Red / Royal Velvet Damask Duvet in Red / Miz Mooz Heloise Shoes / Porcelain Cat Lamp / Doc Marten Spike Boots / Ashley Stewart Faux Leather Wool Trench / Ashley Stewart Green Pencil Skirt / Coffee Table with Storage / OPI - Red Hot Rio / Cadbury Buttons / Casual Plus Eyelash Top / We Love Colors Tights in Red & Black / Torrid Cat Ragalan Tee / Torrid One Piece Red

Current needs: Bike rides. Yes, I'm 10 years old, I desperately need my bike riding time.

Current triumphs: Uh...... can I get back to you on that?

Current bane of my existence: You said it Orange Kitty.

Current indulgence: Crumpets. Lemon Oreos!

Current excitement: True Detective on Sunday. As I've said, melting snow, if it snows again so help me. Beetlejuice 2 although I am a bit hesitant. The Sims 3, I'm back in obsession mode.

Current mood: Crumpety.

Current link:

Friday, January 31, 2014

I've been back from my trip to Manhattan (and Brooklyn) for a few days and I don't want to lie... it wasn't a resounding success. I hesitated on whether to admit my trip didn't go perfectly but I think most of us have had trips that didn't go quite as planned. Traveling can be stressful and it can be hard to not bring your stresses from home with you on a trip, especially when they are fresh in your memory. I had a setback the day I was scheduled to leave and I went back and forth that night on whether I should go or not but ultimately I decided to go. In the end I'm glad I went but I've learned a few valuable lessons for any future trips, like perhaps traveling to only warmer climates in the dead of Winter lol. It felt like it was -5degrees the first day I was there, my legs took hours to warm up. I also realized that I don't like sharing rooms with friends or family (Jason is different but he had to work and couldn't go). I'm the type of person who needs my alone time and that was almost impossible to manage on a tight budget and in a small hotel room. I also realized that I'm not the easiest person to travel with and I really would have been happiest if I had taken the trip alone. I've always been scared at the idea of taking a trip by myself but I know now that I would be more than fine on my own but anyway, I wanted to share some of the details and pictures from my trip.

The first day was spent briefly in Times Square and then over to see this gorgeous library (and to thaw my frozen appendages) at Jefferson Market. Followed by shopping on Bleecker Street where I bought candy, cupcakes, cds, toys, and lunch. Everyone was really friendly and accommodating at the various shops. 

It is weird to spend so much time wishing it was even closer to 30 degrees because the cold made it so I pretty much buried my head in my coat and rushed from place to place.

The second day was almost completely devoted to traveling to Brooklyn to see one of my favorite bands, Trust, perform. Seeing Trust was actually the reason I went to New York, I found out about the show only a month prior and was scrambling to get money together for it. Trust was awesome and did not disappoint at all, I only wish my pictures had turned out better, this was the best one. The funny thing too is that now that I've been home for a few days, they've announced more dates for their upcoming tour and will be in my area in April. Yes, I am going to that too.

I decided to take an earlier bus home on Saturday but had enough time to stop at a few places, including The Strand bookstore and Forbidden Planet! I highly recommend a visit if you find yourself in the area. Another few places I recommend are Books of Wonder, Amy's Bread, Generation Records, Rebel Rebel Records, and probably others I am forgetting.

I didn't take as many pictures as I had hoped I would and I didn't get to see all the places I wanted to see... can you believe I've still never set foot inside a New York museum or Central Park?! I might potentially go back for FFFWeek in June but time shall tell.

Monday, January 6, 2014
How did you make out this Christmas season?

I did good this season, Jason bought us the Xbox One and Dead Rising 3 (rooock, I love that series) and the new Assassins Creed. I also received a pretty pink bicycle, some various Nightmare Before Christmas things, and I won $53 from a scratch off ticket, so I made out quite well (that's what she said). I am a lucky girl. 

I also am returning to the big bad ass apple that is New York City in a few weeks! I'm going to see one of my favorite bands in Brooklyn and spend the rest of the days exploring. Speaking of exploring can anyone confirm that two of the H&M's in the city carry the plus size line? I am desperate for some H&M apparel. Oh, I also meant to mention that Lane Bryant is having a great sale on bras. Why am I mentioning this, well, my good bra broke a little bit ago and I was in desperate need for a new one and I found that not only was there a buy two bras get two bras free sale but also that Cacique now goes up to H cup! I was way excited, I even got to try on a bra in a store for the first time in years. So don't miss out, the sale ends on the 20th of this month.

Hey, look, a selfie! My weight loss journey is improving too, it has been rather stagnant for awhile but I'm now down officially 35lbs so that ain't bad. The only bad thing is a lot of my beloved clothes are becoming too big, I'm going to have to start ebaying my old clothes or something.

Considering how often I post these days I should come armed in my next post with NYC photos so stay tuned! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Oh no, it's that season again. Now, if you're as wishlist crazy as I am than you probably have 144,000 things at any one time that you wouldn't mind having or are absolutely dying to have. It's too bad Victorian homes and vintage cars are too expensive to put on a wishlist, although I kind of have a home wishlist going and if I could ever remember the name of the cars I like (besides vintage hearses!) I'd have a list for that too.

Christmas List 2013

Christmas List 2013 - 2

1.) Green sparkly nail polish. I can't seem to find a shade I like in the stores so this is at the top of my list.

2.) Stack able rings.

3.) Cutlery. I desperately need new cutlery, our cutlery keeps disappearing and these are super cute and go with my aesthetic.

4.) Red bra. Why is it so hard freakin' hard to find a supportive yet cute bra in colors other than nude, white, or black for those of us with bewbies over a DD cup?! Stop it, give us colors!

5.) Xbox One and Dead Rising 3. I'm obsessed with the Dead Rising series, some of you may already know that but I basically spent the year 2010 playing Dead Rising.

6.) Heart rate monitor. Sometimes I dance around my kitchen or do silly dance moves while on my walks and I want to see if they make any difference in my activity (I'm certain they do but I want verification).

7.) Lips skirt. Enough said. Give me!

8.) Cadbury Roses Tin. I haven't had these since I was a little girl and I desperately want to have them again. Please, fill my mouth with cadbury chocolate this year!

9.)  Doc Marten Mary Janes. I've ALWAYS wanted a pair of these. I wear a size 11, make it happen.

10.) Mindless Faith. A band I have newly discovered and am totally obsessed with.

I didn't put numbers on the second list so I'll just visually go down the list.

11.) Green zipper cargo pants. I've been coveting these for about two years, I'll take them in black, green, and red please.

12.) Moon t-shirt. I am obsessed with anything moon, crescent moon, the night sky, or stars.

13.) Lips scarf. Everything I seem to want is either moon oriented or has lips all over it.

14.) Leopard Scarf. I think this color pattern would look lovely paired with my red hair.

15.) Cherry Bomb Cardigan. Cardigans, cherries, and sassiness. How could you beat that?

16.) Lucky Brand Jeans. I got my first pair of Lucky Brand Jeans a bit ago and I'm totally in love, most flattering jeans I've ever worn and super comfy too.

17.) Long pencil skirt. 

18.) Glittery boots. No explanation needed.

19.) T-strap heels. I've been on an endless search for a pair of T-strap heels that look somewhat comfortable for my heel intolerant feet.

20.) Brown boots.

21.) ASICS running shoes. I need some good quality comfortable workout shoes.

I made my lists in polyvore so anything can be found by clicking on the image. I'd like to say this is half of what I want but it's not, for further proof of that, go to my Amazon Wishlist.

Merry Holidays everyone.


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