Friday, January 23, 2015
When I was younger and first starting to grow into my lady business (boobs, hips, butt, all those sort of thangs) I was really uncomfortable with it. I honestly felt like a freak for having such large boobs and hips, I'm not actually sure what bra size I wore back then because I without a doubt wore the wrong sizes. I forced myself into sizes that were too small because I didn't want to accept how large my boobs were. Not only did I feel like a freak for being "shapely" I felt masculine for being tall and large. I wore all baggy clothing for years, I was so uncomfortable showing off my freakish curves. Most of the popular girls in school or the images of women in the media that were seen as "beautiful" were tiny/small/petite/athletic/tan. I was none of those things. The popular girls were between a size 0-4. I was already a size 10. I hated my body, I hated when people commented on my boobs or my "hourglass shape" because in my mind they were just nicely saying I was fat. I would get remarks from adults like "you should embrace your hourglass shape, men love it and most people would kill for that shape" but it didn't seem that way to me! It didn't seem that way in the real world and I was still really young and not comfortable with the attention my curves would get me. As I got a little older I started to embrace it, I wore tight clothing and got looks and remarks and I dug it. I didn't dig people in school telling me "you think you look good, but you are ugly" or "why are you so big?" or "no one wants to see you wearing that" when I was wearing a mini skirt and tight sweater. I wore a size 10/12/14 through all of high school and was called fat and unattractive more times than I can recall by the school bullies. Any self confidence I had in my shape seemed to piss some people off. On the opposite end of the spectrum I was flirted with often by my guy friends or older men but in general I just seemed to scare boys. I really let it get to me but I kept dressing the way I liked, I became a bit obsessed with dressing nicely to be honest. I would spend so much time and money wanting new outfits and wanting to look lovely every day, even if I was cold or uncomfortable. I rarely if ever wore pants, I don't even think I owned a pair of pants for yearrrss. It was all skirts and dresses. I started slowly opening up to wearing pants, buying pants that fit regardless of what the size on the label read, and be comfortable enough to wear comfortable clothing in public without feeling ashamed or gross or what have you. 

Now I think I've found a good balance. I don't always love my body, we all have our good days and bad days. I dress up when I feel like it and dress more casually when I feel like it. I find comfort important and don't think that being comfortable means having to sacrifice "style". I try not to wear revealing clothing in inappropriate places like work but it is a bit hard to hide my curves and cleavage, they kind of show in everything. I'm even comfortable enough to show up to work and go out in public with *gasp* NO MAKEUP.

I still spend a lot of money on clothes, I still really love shopping, I still struggle with loving my body but I think that is a struggle (that last part anyway) that we all have during our lives. I'm more interested in being kind to myself and others, trying to embrace the body I was born with, and always trying to improve.

Saturday, January 10, 2015
And how were the holidays for you my cupcakes? Mine were a bit trying this year I must admit, I had a really bad case of bronchitis and I still have a lingering cough. My husband has been sick for a solid two weeks and work has been absolutely insane for the last few weeks due to the holidays and the weather. Snow, ice, and arctic temperatures do not make for a happy postal worker. I've also had to help out at another station here and there and they have really outdated vehicles and aren't very friendly or understanding so that hasn't been the most fun. How do you deal with co-workers who aren't easy to handle?

My blog has kinda become a ghost town but I'm still here and I actually have money to buy stuff now! So yay. I've been buying stuff mostly for work and also just stuff I've been lusting after. I got a really gorgeous red lace dress from Eshakti recently, some insanely well priced things from Old Navy and Torrid, a white leopard print jacket for ASOS for less than $30!, and some other things that haven't arrived yet. I ordered some new bedding that I'm excited about, I've been wanting to change out my bedding for years. 

Well, my husband and I are going to the Alamo Drafthouse tonight to see The Hobbit and hopefully I'll be able to talk him into letting me order cookies. The good thing about this job is I'm so active all day long that cookies aren't really something I have to "fit in". I gained a bit of weight last year (only about 10lbs) but I've lost it again so I'm back to 35lbs lost so that's good news too. 

I wanted to share a picture of one of my current favorite outfits that I wore to a house party of a friend a few weeks ago, this white lace dress is from Alloy and one of my favorites.

What did you get from Christmas, either for yourself or from others?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Wishlist by honeysuckelle on

I'm super mature so of course I had to replace bells with balls. If you knew me (or if you do) in real life you would know I enjoy the word "balls", I say it a lot. Anywho this is my Christmas list. I also want many gift cards to Old Navy and comfy sparkly boots. With working it has been really difficult for me to get into the holiday spirit but some of these things would certainly help, all of them would definitely help so in the spirit of Christmas, give me presents :P

What do you want for Christmas? Do you feel the holiday spirit inside you? (*snicker* heehhe... I'll never grow up).

Saturday, November 29, 2014
My life has been pretty eventful these past few months and not my usual, "I saw a dog today and danced to bad 80's music" sort of way although I mean I have done a little of both of those things in that time as well. 

Yep, in that picture above I apparently don't get the concept of mustaches, I blame the viking helmet. When all else fails, blame the viking helmet.

My best friend got married at the end of October and I traveled to Florida to be her brides minion. I've been in the process of getting a job for a few months and I passed a very critical evaluation a few days ago! It's a tough job though so I'll be under a microscope for the next few months (as most people are in a new position) but I'm excited for the challenge! I'm trying to adjust to a regular schedule and getting up super early (4-4:30AM wake up times are killer). 

Speaking of marriages, I also got married! Jason and I aren't the most traditional of people and we got married at the courthouse with plans for a ceremony down the line when finances are better. So yeah, like I said, things have been rather eventful! I'm trying to relax today right now with a cup of tea, cuddles with my kitties, and a long forgotten bad 90's television show on youtube. Later on I'm going to a friends birthday party, I'm excited to have an opportunity to wear some cute clothes (I bought a new tartan print skirt from F21, faux leather leggings, and a white lace dress recently)! I still can't decide what to wear yet....

I figured I should include some pictures of the bride and I at her wedding and me behaving in my usual type of way, not to mention that these are some of the first pictures of myself that someone else has taken that I've been comfortable enough to share! Our (uh, who is this "our" you're referring to you basket case) little girl *tear* is growing up (sorta, I mean I still make a lot of poop and penis jokes...). I mean I did text my little sister earlier asking her what she thought alien poop looked like, I included emojis.... I still blame the viking helmet. 

You don't own that or any viking helmet?


What to blame now?....


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