Sunday, May 15, 2016
My blog has become a ghost town. Is anyone still out there?

I'm doing well actually just busy with work, life, and eating cookies? When I try to think about what takes up so much of my time I have a hard time remembering but I'm sure most of you can relate with work, commuting, house stuff, husband stuff, friend stuff, etc.

I hope everyone is well. I bought my first black phoenix alchemy lab imps which I'm super excited to try, review maybe?

Sunday, March 13, 2016
As I had mentioned in my last post, I had worn my first bikini in forever recently. Now, granted I did not wear it much out in public but baby steps, I wouldn't have even thought of buying one or taking a picture of myself in it in past times.

I took a few more pictures and sent them to my husband but I wasn't comfortable sharing them with anyone else.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Just look up a cat named Joe. I don't know about you but I always seek out cats, whether they're named Joe or not. Anyway, yes, I ventured to Mexico recently. I have yet to get a stamp in my passport though, sons of bitches. I did take a cruise so ya know, no stamps for the cruisers I suppose. I love cruises - I ate a ton of desserts, relaxed on a floating city that lulls you to sleep, watched a ton of movies, made friends with the a sweet old couple, spent time with my family, and ventured to port to buy silly things, put my feetsies in the ocean, and SEE DOLPHINS (highlight of my life). I miss it greatly and can't wait to go on another one. OOOH and I had room service every morning and mostly wore a robe... ah, as vacation should be. 

I also spent an arm and a leg on internet service because I'm an addict but that's neither here nor there... my dears. I also lost one of my credit cards before I even made it on the ship so those two things kind of sucked but meh. 

Being back at work has been hard, I miss my naps, room service, and movies! Guess who also wore her first bikini in forever? Yep, your mom. I'm kidding, me obviously. Maybe I'll devote a post to it.

Well, I hope everyone is well and I have an upcoming blog post in mind all about a movie obsession. 

Friday, February 5, 2016
Hello... was... it me you were looking for? Kinda? No... Okay...

Work and sickness has seeped the life out of me. May I please vent for a good paragraph or two about how fucking annoying the side effects of birth control are? I know not everyone experiences the shit storm that I do but I ALWAYS do. I went on one of the pills that would give me few periods a year and I've had my period for almost a month straight. Not just bleeding but cramping, pms, fatigue, migraines, and clearly some moodiness. It has slowed down in the last few days but I will cry with joy when it's over with. Seriously, ENOUGH.

 This was my Christmas outfit and I don't think I've taken an OOTD outfit since.

I've been trying to decorate my house too. Right now I'm looking for rugs, end tables, and some outdoor furniture. Wee. How is everyone else?

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