Wednesday, February 13, 2013
What I had hoped to see

I need a little rant time, so please bare (BEARS?! I love adding bear jokes to everything, its a habit) with me. Okay, so my local Forever 21 carries the Forever 21 + line in the store which when I first discovered made me squee with delight but since then I've grown a bit frustrated with it. First off the selection sucks, I don't expect to see everything they offer online for instance but I'd like to see more of it or more variety! While shopping in the store yesterday I did not see a single one of these things above available in any size or at all. I did however come across some things that have been stocked or were extremely similar since my last visit which was months prior. I really wish we were offered more cute dresses, skirts, belts, cute prints, better shapes, etc. Call me crazy but I like to have the option of trying on clothes before I buy them too and it's hard to do that when most of the stores that carry plus sized clothing don't offer them in their physical stores. I know this might not be the case but why do I feel like we are the hidden sister? Are we shameful or just not profitable enough? Why is the plus sized section always hidden in a corner and filled with a lot of redundant clothing or we are stuck with the tiniest selection ever? I've heard part of the reason this happens is because the store doesn't make enough profit off the plus sized clothing and I don't know if that is true or not but it is so frustrating. One thing I have noticed is that certain sizes are almost never available so either people are buying them or they aren't stocking enough of them. Now I don't necessarily mind being set off in a corner because then I have more time to shop without being bothered and try on blazers and stuff without having to stand under the harsh dressing room lights but it still bugs me. A lot of stores showed so much promise when their plus size lines first started coming out and then as time has gone on our pickings have become slimmer and slimmer and more basic. I'm tired of feeling left out, I want to wear cute clothes and spend money I don't have just as much as someone who wears a size 6. I still have a body that needs to be clothed. I'm not just talking about Forever 21+, I'm also looking at you Old Navy, Target, etc. I know there are a ton of fabulous online options but I want to feel the fabrics in person, see how it lays on my body, gauge the quality, get out of the house and away from the computer screen, etc. For instance, if you go to Forever 21+ online right now you'll see a pretty decent amount of stuff but in the store I saw maybe 3 to 4 of the items offered online and of that it was mostly pants, basic tops, and blazers. Now don't get me wrong the Forever 21 + section in my local Forever 21 is decent enough but I'm not satisfied with the offerings. I'm sick of feeling left out because of my size, include me, I want to look cute too! I know some of you must feel the same way. Isn't my money as good as the next persons? I'm sick of feeling like "be happy you are finally offered anything and shut up" but no, it's not enough and I'm not satisfied. *sigh* We have a long way to go until we are treated even half as equal as our average size/smaller counterparts my fellow plus sized stylish ladies.

Monday, February 11, 2013
Why are blog titles so incredibly hard to come up with? I should just skip trying to be clever, which rarely if ever works anyway, and just use the names of my nail polishes or something. I am eating Sugar Smack cereal so basically I just looked around and went for something I saw and made that the title, it's a good thing I don't have magical powers to change myself into something I see because then someone would gobble up my cereal goodness. On the subject of Sugar Smacks, why does the box try to convince you they are high in vitamin d, they are high in delicious and that is good enough for me. Now I have the "C is for Cookie" song stuck in my head...

Anyway, I don't have much to report because I've been playing The Sims practically non-stop. A few weeks ago my fiance bought me Monte Vista so I've been playing the shit out of the game. I've built a good 3-4 lounges/dance clubs/bars/what have you and about 5 different families, it's insane, if only I was paid to play the Sims. Perhaps I should stop sharing pictures of my screenshots because I don't know if anyone is interested in seeing them but I can't help myself and look at these crazy kids, getting engaged in France and what not. I love the purple and aqua dream home I built her too.

Yesterday my fiance and I went for Mexican food, did a little shopping (my fiance bought a leather jacket and I got some nail polishes and more MH dolls... naturally), saw 'Skyfall', and went grocery shopping. Then we came home and I caught up on 'Girls', 'Californication', and then 'The Walking Dead'. I also wore my favorite cherry print top I got a bit ago from Forever 21 and I cycled between thinking I looked hot and like a blob. My attempt to take pictures using my phone turned out like this:

So ya know, I tried. As you can tell, I love these jeans. My fiance said this is an odd photo but I was trying to pull down my tank top to cover my thighs, so sorry for the odd photo but you're probably use to that from me by now.

I've never had an Essie polish before but I absolutely love wearing black nail polish topped with sparkles. I, of course, had to find two Monster High dolls I wanted - this was after I spotted some unopened boxes of Monster High and had a Walmart employee help me open the boxes - I was looking for a Catrine DeMew but I was really pleasantly surprised to see that each box contained a Skelita and Jinafire (even though I own them already) but it was fun opening the boxes to see what dolls were hiding inside.

Well I've got plans to get to (*cough* Simming *cough*) so we'll talk soon.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hey everyone. This was my fiance's last Sunday through Tuesday weekend, he switches to Thursday through Saturday (unless his schedule changes ...again) and we spent it pretty much how we usually spend our weekends - which usually includes me convincing him to give into my food cravings (stir fry at Genghis Grill, hamburgers, cookies, and too many hot dogs - "Many hot dogs are within you") and dragging him from store to store to look at Monster High sections and to hold my purse while I try on clothes and shoes. We also looked at comic books and role playing games so he had some fun too. I had a really limited shopping budget and I'm a super indecisive shopper already and ya know how it usually goes, you have a limited budget so you see 1342930482039 things you want and can only get one or can't afford 1342930482037 of the things you see. Why do they insist on making and stocking sparkly things when I don't have the budget to make them mine? I saw some sparkly bow flip flops, sparkly bow ballet flats, and a sparkly embellished cardigan all during my shopping adventure and I must say. how. dare. thee! That is three of my favorite things sparklified! Everyone knows I can't control myself around sparkly stuff. Everyone! Even the dead (...idk). The ballet flats didn't come in my size but I tried to squeeze my foot into a sz 9 anyway, even though I'm somewhere between a sz 10-11. I'm still thinking about the things I put back: which also include a hot pink cross body purse, a plaid fitted skirt originally from Talbots, a leather jacket on clearance, and a blue and purple sheer top. I ultimately ended up with a Monster High doll I've been coveting. I saw this really gorgeous white silk button up top with floral details at Burlington Coat Factory that I keep seeing twirl about on a hanger inside my head. Help me, I am addicted to wanting everything. I really try not to go overboard with my "wants" when it comes to shoes/clothes/purses/toys but I almost always do but hey if they'd stop making so much cute stuff then I wouldn't have to want it all. I know I've mentioned this problem of mine before but it doesn't seem to ever calm down. Does anyone else have this problem? 

Speaking of clothes I have to share pictures of my two new favorite things in my wardrobe including these destroyed denim jeans I picked up from Target for less than $10 and this lace skirt from Deb that I think is absolutely stunning and was on sale for like $15. Have I mentioned how much I adore my black We Love Colors tights, they are the most comfy tights I have ever worn in my life! Gimme lifetime supply! I like how I couldn't be bothered to stand up and take pictures of my clothes, that is very typical of my slacker behavior.

Anyway, besides all my EXCESSIVE shopping lust, my Fiance and I watched 'Looper' and saw a trailer for 'Dark Skies'. I really enjoyed 'Looper', I thought it was a really original concept and I love anything that deals with "time travel." 'Dark Skies' looks creepy and full of aliens so I'm excited to catch that one, I love a good scary Alien movie.

I was really bummed to discover that I lost two followers but I haven't been keeping up with my blogging so I suppose I understand :( I do have to respond with "STELLLLLLLLLLLLLA" because I enjoy pretending to shout that in the streets and, and... you followers should come back... 

I'm creeping up on my 100th post and I'm thinking of doing something special to celebrate but I'm not quite sure what yet. I've also slashed the prices in my shop, if anyone is interested most of the things are still up for sale. I haven't had much luck with my shop but would anyone be interested in shoes? They would be mostly in sizes 10 and 11. Lets me know. 

Well, I've been superfluous enough for one day (superfluous, what a great effin' word ) so I better go. Talk soon loves and I haven't forgotten about my loot post I just keep getting distracted, but those of you who play The Sims 3 (cue the screenshots) know what I mean by distraction - aka 8 hours of playing that feels like 2 hours.

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