Hey there, my name is Rachel and I'm from the DC/Baltimore Metro area. I currently live in Northern Virginia with two of the most adorable kitties in the entire world and my husband, Jason. This is my personal blog where I talk a lot about shopping, food in circular form, movie watching, music, and other general stuff. 

I'm the type of person that can usually be found wondering about toy aisles in various children sized hats talking to myself and wondering how much convincing it is going to take to get one of the latest lego sets. I love mob movies - especially ones that have Joe Pesci in it, horror movies, stand up comedy, reading about true crime, gelato, anything from the feline community, Halloween, Autumn, history, sarcasm, sweet tea, Monster High dolls, thrift shopping, music, dancing, bad jokes, The Sims 3, and anything slathered in glitter. I hate that I can't roll my R's and I kinda started collecting DVDS (I have over 500) a few years ago. 

I started blogging after coming across a handful of amazing blogs and I felt compelled to participate and since then have come across more and more fabulous blogs (and people) almost daily. I truly appreciate anyone who decides to take the time to read my lil' blog, I always read and respond to every comment left for me and couldn't be more tickled by the comments people have left me. Thanks again and hopefully I'll see you in my latest post.

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