Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hey everyone, things have been insanely busy for me these last few weeks so I apologize for the delay in my promised loot post but for now... the loot post is still going to have to wait but I promise it and so much more to come! I have so much exciting news to update you with and life has been quite a roller coaster with trips to hospitals (boo), doctors (more boos), colds (...just pretend I mean Boo from 'Monsters Inc'), my little sister Becky's 16th birthday, time spent with Jason's Dad who is recovering extremely well, and more that I am so excited to share with you in the upcoming weeks. Not to mention that Autumn and it's lovely weather is finally upon us! I can't wait to share my news with all of you and before any of you get any wild ideas, I'm not pregnant. I hope everyone is well and enjoying the weather and I will talk to you soon!

Saturday, September 15, 2012
Hey there, as most of you know, actually I think at this point Aliens from another Universe would have caught on to the fact that I am obsessed with 'Mad Men'. So it should not be much of a surprise to you that this inspiration post is about some of the ladies of 'Mad Men'. I'm going a little bit out of order of appearance in the series with the characters but I think you'll forgive me. I just bought 'Mad Men: Season 4' and listened to the commentary for the entire season so these three characters are the fore front of my mind.

Mad Men Inspiration - Joan Holloway/Harris

Joan Holloway/Harris is known for her curves, her strut, and she knows how to dress in the best way to show off all her assets. In the 4th and 5th seasons she does start to wear more 1960's patterns and colors but she does tend to stick to solid colors and fitted dresses. I'd kill for her figure and her closet.

Mad Men Inspiration - Joan Holloway/Harris

Next is the career driven, creative, and adorable Peggy Olson who has been growing into her style as the seasons have gone on. She dresses professional but of the time.

Mad Men Inspiration - Peggy Olson

Mad Men Inspiration - Peggy Olson 2

Lastly, for this post anyway, is Megan Calvet/Draper. Megan is the epitome of a gorgeous french actress from the time period and her outfits are vibrant and young. Megan has a killer sense of style and another wardrobe I would not mind having. I think all of the pictures below are from Megan in season 5 but you catch her style drift.

Mad Men Inspiration - Megan Calvet/Draper

Mad Men Inspiration - Megan Calvet/Draper 2

So how did I do? I plan on doing another 'Mad Men' inspiration post with the ladies from the series that I left off so I'll see you in that post.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hey everyone, these last few weeks have been really jam packed full of activity for my boyfriend and I. I'm happy to report that my boyfriends Dad is doing quite well since his surgery, he will be in recovery for quite some time but he seems in good spirits! Our calendar has been full of social time with friends which has helped us stay sane through the stress of planning a move and health problems within our families. A few weeks ago I got to hang out in D.C with my friend, Bill, whom I had not seen in over 3 years. I wish I had taken more pictures that day since I very rarely venture to D.C and because Bill is moving quite far away and we probably won't see one another for another few years, however it was so nice seeing him and catching up. This seems to be a popular time of year to be born as well so we've celebrated the birthdays of a few friends at two separate house parties where I've eaten way too many cookies, it seems like every party has a friggin delicious tray of cookies at it. There have been some get togethers with Laurie, Jason, Jamie, and Christina over board games (anyone else played Imaginiff?), movies, and drinks. A short trip to the "country" to pick up fresh fruit and see new places. Also, my boyfriend and I went to Wolf Trap to see one of our favorite bands, Dead Can Dance. So jam packed indeed, ironically enough we picked up some fresh jam from the produce stand in the country so literally jar packed full of fruit and sugar goodness. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to dinner with his Dad and Aunt at Tysons Corner and then afterwards we went to Target where I picked up a few things I probably didn't really need... 

I'm anxious for Autumn and Halloween merchandise to get here and the moving stress is definitely going to continue so sanity is not guaranteed. This time of year always seems stressful for my boyfriend and I though so at least it is consistent.

I will probably have a loot post here soon since I've gotten quite a few things over the last few weeks including adding quite extensively to my Monster High collection - there is no end in sight for my MH obsession. I hope everyone is well and since I've mentioned jam about 45 times in this post, I can't not post this:

G'day loves, talk soon!

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