Friday, February 25, 2011
Old Navy Heaven - 2/25
Old Navy Heaven - 2/25 by honeysuck_elle featuring an old navy cardigan

So yes, I quite enjoyed myself at Old Navy today. They had a lot of really cute Spring colors and patterns. One of my favorite and unexpected choices was the hot pink dress, I typically don't like the frayed look but I just love the pattern and it is quite flattering on. I'm debating whether to go back for the gray cardigan, it was super comfy and hung well on my body. They had it in black as well - decisions. I don't think you can ever have enough cardigans. I had been searching for the perfect blue and white striped shirt, I didn't actually choose the one I put in the collage but I couldn't find the one I bought. The one I bought is 3/4 length and I love the way it hangs. The white eyelet is gorgeous, I've had a white eyelet skirt before that I loved (received many compliments over) but it doesn't fit quite as well as it use to. I really liked this one but it was a bit snug around my hips. The floral print shirt, which they also have in polka dot prints, was pretty cute but my boobs were not having it. It didn't look too bad on but it was a little long and kept trying to bunch around the bewbies. I was reluctant to try on the black eyelet dress but it was quite adorable on, a little revealing though. I had a hard time choosing between the dresses but I figured I should go with the more unique one. Lastly but not least, the coral rose colored tank top, these are some of my favorite tank tops at Old Navy and the color is so lovely. This is such a long explanation, just head your butt over to Old Navy, they have some awesome deals and things right now.

Besides that, the dvds I found were: Anger Management, E.T, Failure to Launch, and The Ring. I was a bit embarrassed to buy The Ring but I really enjoyed the movie when it first came out and it was only $1.95. The cds I bought were Empire Records Soundtrack, Gladiator Soundtrack, and one more that I'm too embarrassed to mention so it shall remain forever a secret. Oh and I found a Laurie Notaro book, I just love her, she is so relate-able and absolutely hysterical. 

New! The Alice in Wonderland snow globe is an early Birthday present from my friend Summer.

I feel like a kid who had too much sugar and ran around the room and then passed out with a crayon dangling vicariously from nostril. Or for a more visual demonstration, I provide you with Gir from Invader Zim.

I'm beat after very little sleep, elevated blood pressure from pure frustration and anger over the last few days, and a lot of cardio from today(uhm, shopping). It was also windy as all hell today, very Auntie Em-esque wind, it almost knocked my hefty ass down a few times so nature gave her own workout. I'm so glad I decided to wear pants or someone woulda seen my draws'.

Anywho, I had been struggling in agony to receive payment for the personal assistant fiasco, after text messages and emails were leaving me with empty promises or nothing (I really hate talking on the phone, it is especially hard for me to do) I decided it had been long enough (two weeks of bs) so I called her up and she said to come over. I get there and pick up payment without even looking at the check, which I opened as I zoomed away, and noticed it was $95.00 short *takes a big gulp of wine* Yes, a full $95.00 I worked for, gone for no apparent or given reason. So now what do I do? Bother her for another two weeks for the money she swindled me out of? I'd like to say yes but I'm just so sick of it all I just want to give up and take another big ol' gulp of my wine. $95.00 is a decent chunk of money. But anywho (yes, again, I like that word...) that is why I was so angry all week. I was quite a gem for a few special moments, mainly it was to myself and a little to my poor boyfriend. I got really snarky about Taco Bell at one point, I was just mad at the world including thy self.

The weekend wasn't too bad, I find it funny that it took me until this weekend to comment on the last weekend. I went out to a club (an old haunt) with my friend Summer. We goofed off, almost got knocked down from this epic wind, drank a little, danced a little, and got hit on a little (of course I forgot my fake me out engagement ring, I went to point at it and realized I was pulling a blank, pale finger). The hit on crew ogled my ass almost the entire night and it was really annoying, I'll be honest, my ass is not my best attribute so I am always shocked when it gets ogled.

My little sister was sick when I visited my mom briefly, she rarely gets sick and she was violently ill - I felt really bad for her. Luckily she is feeling completely better now. I felt sick the rest of the night after seeing her violent display of illness. I also got to meet the new kitties, the kitten is so tiny, and the white cat has the loveliest blue eyes. They both have some vet appointments for the ol' goodbye ball, and other alignments they picked up from living on (basically) a cat farm. I hope they get better.

Besides that the boyfriend and I had a lazy weekend, we played a lot of scrabble! I seriously love scrabble, it is one of the only things in my entire life I get competitive about - and I'm generally pretty good at it. Not to suggest I'm the Bobby Fisher of scrabble but I can hold my own. I beat the boyfriend 3 out of 4 times. We also watched some 'Spartacus: Gods of the Arena', 'Invader Zim', and some really awesome shows about artifacts and mummy identification in Egypt. I really want some canopic jars, sans organs of course. My boyfriend kept making fun of me because I kept calling them "canopie" jars.
Rice bowls.

Grilled chicken sesame roll.
The boyfriend and I had Pho last weekend, my boyfriend did not enjoy it but he is a very picky eater - my only real complaint was that my stomach felt at unrest for days afterward. I can be sensitivo to some cooking oils or too much oil. I don't know, that is my theory.

Last weekend the boyfriend and I also did a little shopping! I got a red exercise ball that I love bouncing on, it is a shame our carpets in the basement we rent are so ick nasty because I won't lay on it to do some of the exercises they suggest. I use my shake weight and bounce on the ball at the same time and it is a lot of fun. I also got a black cardigan, black and white polka dot pajama shorts, and 'Heathers' the 20th High School Reunion edition - which come to find out is exactly like the other copy I own. Oh well, anyone want a copy of 'Heathers'? Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling!

The week has been rather uneventful, more stressful than anything else. I've been getting by though.

Today I did a little shopping, my original plan was to just go to AC Moore to find these really amazing little fragrance pouch things because our basement has had the faint smell of old lady lately. My roommate had bought one and had it in the kitchen and every time I walked by I said "god that smells good, I really need some of those." They were a bargain too, only $.99 each! I got four but I wish I had just taken their entire visible inventory, they smell like a hybrid of a strawberry smoothie, a fruit flavored lollipop, and sweet candy at the same time without being overpowering or dying down too fast. That may not be the best description but the scent is labeled pomegranate and doesn't smell too artificial. They come highly suggested and for $.99 who can beat that. Smells better than a lot of the air fresheners I come across, personally.

Well after A.C Moore, I decided to go to this used bookstore that also sells dvds, cds, records, and tapes. I was in there for awhile. I love buying dvds, it is a dirty little habit of mine. I think I have upwards of 400 now. I love looking at books too but the store is set up in such a confusing manner I usually give up after one or two authors. I ended up with three cds, 4 dvds, and one book. Not bad for under $25.00!

Then, at the suggestion of other blogs I've read, I went into a thrift store to see what they had to offer. I have to say I was completely disappointed, very little selection and very ugly stuff at that - I know it's about searching for the diamond in the rough but it didn't seem to yield any diamond. I did see a creepy puppet and 80's wedding dress though.

Then I decided to go to Old Navy. Damn you Old Navy, damn you. I use to be so loyal to Old Navy, they rarely let me down and I always seemed to leave with something but for awhile there I had no interest in anything they were selling, but they seem to have come around this Spring season. I found a ton of things I liked and actually tried on many a item (I hate trying on clothes). I generally have the fit issue of my boobs and hips.

I ended up with a pink dress, coral rose colored tank top, and a white and blue striped shirt. Love my finds. I'll post pictures later, I'm really exhausted. I'm sorry I can never shut my big mouth! Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Let her Loose
Let her Loose by honeysuck_elle featuring mesh skirts

So I'm considering what to wear for this weekend (that is if I can even go out this weekend, money is the issue). I have some old dresses and stuff but I'm so sick of it all. I want a new cute going out outfit but I don't really want to spend too much money. I love lace, sparkles, tulle skirts, obviously lots of black, cute vibrant colored bras to be peeking out a bit, and fishnet tights. 

I will probably end up wearing one of my old things but I can't figure out what to wear. Grr. I don't want to look cute and be too uncomfortable either. Cute, comfy, and able to move around freely is the plan. Decisions, decisions.

So this reality stick I mention, It would basically be like a magic wand (yes, I said it, MAGIC WAND) that once a person is smacked with it they magically come down to earth and quit whatever unrealistic thing they were partaking in before that and then would utter the phrase "oh, that was silly, thank beejeebles for that reality stick inventor." We're all naive, unrealistic, or dreamy at times and I mean this is coming from someone who forgets what day of the week it is almost daily - I'm not kidding, about 10 minutes ago I seriously had to check whether it was Wednesday or Thursday. I'm still suspicious of this implication that it is Wednesday, hmmm.

Mustacho dude from 'Real Estate Intervention'
What sparked this conversation is my excessive stalking of Redfin on the search for houses and in the search to be a bit of a peeper into other peoples decor. Often, I myself need to be smacked with the reality stick, for example I have an entire folder labeled "Houses to keep eye on price" (look at that word usage, mmm) and most of the houses within that folder are a good $30,000 plus out of our price range. BUT I wouldn't seriously try and go bid on those houses, I just like to fantasize that they will significantly lower their price and in this market it does happen from time to time but rarely does it happen with my favorite houses and it happens even less with homes with dream kitchens - boo. I watch too many of those HGTV real estate shows and there is one with a mustacho clad dude who always has to politely tell people "you're being unrealistic" which he never really says. He just has reality smack them in the face by having them view homes that have sold and homes that do get positive feedback. I personally would have a hard time not going "Um clean and de-clutter your house and lower your damn price, it is not that complicated."

I mean I really want to shout at the listings, if you want your house to sell and want people to look at your house, include pictures in the listing, I never understand the lack of pictures. During my house search I have even looked at homes that had limited or confusing pictures in the listing that were much nicer in person and I never understand it. The lack of pictures makes it seem like it is going to be a lot worse (like in the movie 'Jumanji' when the house became the amazon jungle inside with crocodiles and a water way)  than it probably is. Granted some houses definitely used pictures to their advantage because than you get there and realize there is a softball sized hole in the bathroom floor. Or another pet peeve of mine is when people include the oddest assortment of pictures, why would a close up picture of someones banister reel me in? Why is leaving your kids toys everywhere the best impression to leave? I mean shove that shit in a closet, it's not that hard, not the banister - that would be hard to do.

Now I must say, I'm a sucker for two things that absolutely do not matter at all in home pictures and those things are: pumpkins! I seriously love pumpkins, they remind me of fall and if the are placed lovingly on the front porch/stoop/what have you of a house I instantly like the house more. If I could, I would seriously do my own version of 'Groundhog Day' where I just live out the month of October over and over again. I LOVE Fall, the love I have for Autumn cannot be described in words. It is silly though when I think about it because I mean the pumpkin doesn't come with the house and I could purchase a pumpkin to place in front of any house I end up choosing. So yes, it is silly.

The second thing is when home listings include pictures of someones pet, I can't help it, I see a cute picture of a dog or cat and I'm like "aww" and consider the house that much more. But see yet again, it is silly because it is not as if the pet comes with the house. My boyfriend and I have looked at homes and I have actually felt guilty for not choosing a house because there was a really cute and friendly cat that greeted me (and in one instance a neighborhood cat actually tried to jump in my lap as I was getting in my car). Another for instance, there was this house (cute house that has now sold) that had a picture of the homes dining room and in the corner a cat sleeping in a basket, every single time I looked at the listing I pointed out the cat in the basket to my boyfriend who shook his head and went "Uh huh, cat not included."

I really had a point here, I think my main point is house searches are filled with questions. I cannot wait to start looking at houses again, this time our looking will be more serious but I have to wait until the family drama smooths over before I can even plan on looking again. I'm just hoping by the time we get around to being able to look at homes again, that all the house we are interested in haven't sold. Is anyone out there looking for their first home? Or just recently bought a home/condo/townhouse? Or want to share real estate gripes and stories of real estate adventures?

Oh and of course, the reality stick would work for situations outside of home stuff.

Halo watching 'Ninja Assassin'
Yesterday evening the boyfriend, cats, and I all watched 'Ninja Assassin' which we all enjoyed (Hero ignored).

Today I went through the fridge and cabinets, I go into the kitchen here (of which I share with my two other roommates excluding my boyfriend) probably less than everyone else but decided to finally throw stuff out (I even came prepared with latex gloves) and I almost barfed. I swear we're not dirty ragamuffins (no one in the house is really THAT dirty), I just personally forget what we buy! I think I have decided once and for all, I am no longer buying perishable items while I live here. I don't expect other people to throw out anyone elses stuff but if it is clearly no longer edible, throw it out, it just making it gross for everyone else. Same should go for everyone. I know I'm part of that problem but why can't it just be a house rule to keep the kitchen tidy for the better good of everyone, ya know like one person cleans one week and another person cleans the next. When I first moved here, I use to clean my ass off (mopped floors, vacuumed entire house, cleaned kitchen, organized, etc) but after awhile it just seemed unfair because no one else did so I stopped and it still bugs me because now no one ever really cleans. Ah roommate crap. I just cannot wait for Jason and I to be in our own place so at least then the only people I can get annoyed with over the mess is the cats, him, and myself. I mean I already do that but ya know.

I really want to look at houses again. For awhile there we were going every (or every other) weekend. I miss it.
Tuesday, February 15, 2011
I apologize for the delay from blog land. I feel like I've been up to so much and yet I'm having a hard time recalling what I have been up to.

The weekend before last, my boyfriend and I visited our friend Rowan and her lovely family, I absolutely adore them (love, love, love). We sat around and talked, goofed off, and discussed Lush products in great detail. Rowan and her son Cody were nice enough to give me some of the stuff they ordered even though I kept politely declining the offer. I am dying to use the bath bomb but we don't have an accessible bath. I cannot wait for an accessible bath. The one Cody gave me is called Fizzy-O-Therapy and the scent is to die for.

I finally finished the 'Deadwood' series, I think I kept putting it off because I didn't really want it to end. Why do they always cut the best ones short? Why don't more people discover these great shows and quit wasting their time on shitty ones. Anyway I was really hoping that Bullock and Alma would get back together, yes I know he was married and that would be wrong but his marriage was more of an obligation than a real love. His wife seemed like a nice lady but... oh I'm sick of trying to justify my reasons haha I'm just a dirty perv who wanted to see more of their sex scenes, I seriously made the creepiest face while watching their sex scene. It looked a little like Ray staring at the portrait of Vigo in 'Ghostbusters 2'.

Look I'm not proud of my creep o'sex scene look but at least I acknowledge my creepy look and that is the first step to... um not doing it next time?

I love the drive to Row's, we take this scenic route past little towns with antique shops and little stands that sell peanut brittle and fruit in the Spring and Summer. I keep meaning to take pictures but by the time I remembered to take a picture, we were already half way there and on the bridge and I couldn't get a clear shot. I really wish my boyfriend and I could afford to live around that area, it is just beautiful.

Over the last week and half, I've had some job drama and been dragged into some family drama, none of which were all that fun so I'll leave most details out. Basically, I was a personal assistant for a few days but she turned out to be a little too much to handle and I decided it wasn't in either of our best interest to continue the working relationship. She was a tad mean, confusing, and disrespectful to me and my gentle, anxiety prone soul could not take it. I just hope she sends my check soon.

Back to more good things, I have been dying to find some more nail polish colors. I tend to stick to reds and dark colors and I usually never paint my fingernails because I'm rough on my hands but I do love the way it looks. After reading another blog, I got inspired to try a grayish color so I dragged my boyfriend to the store. I bought a white, a gray, a red, a spunky purplish, and a clear top coat. I quite like the way it turned out. I can't stop staring at my nails and going "oh so pretty". Instead of my usual routine I did two coats and one coat of clear. That is pretty much the norm but not for me, I usually do one coat and then get distracted by something else.

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry. I really like the color and yes I realize how pale I am. Granted this is with the flash so I look a lot whiter than I actually am. I just love those heart print pajama bottoms too, they were something like $5.00 from Kohl's, although I bought them awhile ago. I'm really into hearts. I have my eye on this pink and black heart print scarf but I keep putting off buying it. I like the way scarves look but I don't tend to keep them on for very long.

Over the weekend I convinced my boyfriend to let me eat ice cream, drink some wine that is basically kool aid with a little booze in it, and watch 'Sex and the City 2' with me. Yes, that was one obnoxiously girl-tastic evening I had planned and he was a good sport (especially since I don't subject him to many of those). I thought the series was much better than the movies but I still watch and own both movies and have seen them numerous times. I had already seen 'Sex and the City 2' when it came out, I actually won tickets to a screening, but I had to watch it again.

We tried a new pizza at one of our favorite pizza places and we were both a little disappointed, it was a little too soggy and messy although the ingredients tasted super fresh.

Tony's fries, they do have some really tasty fries. Nothing beats a good fry.
Messy pizza with arugula, Parmesan cheese, and prosciutto.

The weather has been nice the last few days, especially compared to the below freezing temperatures it had been, the last few days it has hovered around 45 to 50 degrees. So of course I could not wait to wear some of my cute dresses although I kept seeming to get a lot of dirty looks in the process. I wasn't sure if it was because they thought I was crazy for wearing a skirt in February, because I have really pale legs, or because yes I admit it - I have some cellulite? I kind of wanted to attack them like a raging puma because I was already upset over the family drama but I controlled thy self.

For Valentine's Day my boyfriend and I went to 'The Cheesecake Factory'. I ordered a shirley temple (because I love them) and commented "yes I know most people that order those are 7 years old", put a bib on (didn't want to ruin my pretty purple dress), and was overly excited and prepared for my dessert. I have been eating the most unhealthy food as of lately, I need to uh take a breather from the fattening food for a bit but first I shall share pictures of delicious, fatty food.

I couldn't wait to eat one of my cherries.
Boyfriends white chicken chili.
Crusted chicken romano *shakes head* Fatty.
Andd my favorite, I love their strawberry shortcake. The shortcake is so good, nomnomnom.

After way too much food we walked around the mall a bit and I bought a really cute blue and white tank top from Old Navy. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted, I want too much! Our cashier was awesome, I wanted to be his b.f.f - he was just so cheerful and funny. I think the tank is actually a little too big, even though I tried it on and it fit fine, I wore it today and it felt a little too big.

My boyfriend said it looks like a china pattern.

I sold a few things on ebay, two of the things sold for a good price and I shipped it all out today. I am proud of my productivity today: I vacuumed the entire basement, some of the stairs, folded laundry, did laundry, and cleaned a bunch of other stuff including all the door handles - I like a clean door handle.

I'm really hoping the family drama will blow over soon, I plan on going up to visit my mom later this week. I want to go out dancing this weekend, I have not been dancing in a long time and I LOVE to dance. I really hope my check comes soon from the personal assistant fiasco. I hope everyone else had a good Valentine's Day. I keep meaning to post pictures of my outfits but I continuously forget to or by the time I remember it is dark out, my hair is all messed up, and I've spilled something on myself. I have been braiding my hair when it is wet everyday and then taking it out the following day, I love the way it looks and think I'm going to keep that look up.

I'm so excited for Spring! I keep searching for looks I want to prance about in. I leave you with, again, a picture of one of my cats.

Picture of my cuddle bug from this morning.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
It is me, Luigi.

Ello' everyone. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, mine was spent being very lazy with my boyfriend. I have been feeling super lethargic this entire week, my cats couldn't be happier, the lazier you are the happier they are. I'd rather be up and about sparring with the day but it is nice to wake up to two adorable kitties cuddling with you.

Saturday was spent doing a whole lot of nothing and eventually eating taco bell which is one of my boyfriends favorite food groups. I wish I was kidding but he loves that place, he pays no attention to lawsuits, he very rarely orders beef or beef filling or whatever it could potentially be. I love what Colbert, or was it Jon Stewart said about the lawsuit "you're only eating the food when you're drunk anyway" or something to that effect, don't quote me because I know that quote isn't correct.

Sunday, my boyfriend and I slept entirely too much and then decided to get up to try this Italian restaurant one of his co-workers had mentioned. It is called Maggiano's, apparently it is a chain that is all over the states, but up until my boyfriend mentioned it I had never heard of it. Which was quite a shame because the food was fabulous, even down to the aged parmesan on the table which was drool inducing.

View outside Tyson's 2 where Maggiano's lives. Quite pretty little shopping destination.

You can't spot the little dish with the epic cheese but that was set table. Ha, that sounds like a really bizarre come on, " You're one set table."
The Margherita Flatbread with sausage and see, EPIC CHEESE. Nomnom. It was so delicious and a mighty big appetizer I might add.
Chicken saltimbocca, my delicious high calorie intake. Note massive amounts of cheese on my pasta. (Sorry the pictures are so dark, they had dark lighting in there and I didn't want to put on the flash and have everyone look at me weird)

The lovah ordered the spaghetti and meatballs, he said it was amazing which he never says, his standard review is *shrug* "it's okay."

I honestly wasn't sure if I could handle a dessert but I'm a SUCKER for creme burlee and the food was so good, I just had to get it. Thank the Maggiano's  Gods because holy f was it good. I love me some burnt sugar.
My lovah ordered the lemon cookies which were soft and a bit tart with a light frosting. Mmmhmm.
When we got there it was packed by the time they rolled us out of there it was pretty late. Our lazy asses slept through most of the daylight *shakes head in disgust*. It is a pretty restaurant though as made apparent in the two above pictures, it was on two floors and had nice wood details.
We walked around the closed and ritzy Tysons 2 a little bit. Clearly it was a ghost town seeing that it was around 9-10pm on a Sunday.
Another haughty view, said best if you pretend to be an English butler or Tim Curry as a butler in 'Clue' (one of the best movies ever).
Walked past the Chanel...

looked at purses that cost as much as a down payment on a house...

realized I could never wear a Betsy Johnson dress because of said love of Italian food.

The food was just so fresh and of such high quality, which you don't normally find at chain restaurants. So yes, visit a Maggiano's, I guarantee you won't regret it. My monkey (my affectionate term for my boyfriend) and I finally went home and goofed off around a little bit and went to sleep very late.

Monday, we picked up Z, went to sketch comedy meeting where everyone acted out our next sketch which is going to be great. It has a very Charlie Chaplin/Buster Keaton vibe to it (not to put our group up on the same pedestal as Chaplin or Keaton). Afterward we all went back to the Chicken & Beer place to chat and get some grub. Stood in the parking lot and chatted with Z, D, and Nando for a brief period of time over our fender bender then headed home to again, stay up too late.

Tuesday, rinse and repeat of excessive sleep, Monkey decided not to go into work (he has the option of going in on Tuesdays for extra hours) so we could instead run a few errands. Now we went shopping for cat food, trash bags, and snacks. Of course we left the store with much more. I got a lace detail belt with grommets, purple sweater, red and black jacket I found for $22.50 (love the deal on jackets this time of year), and a night shirt I found for a $1 and even held up the line for (no price tag). I love this night shirt, the people behind me can suck it, it was worth it. It was a fun shopping adventure as it usually is, my Monkey found another pair of Iron Man pajama bottoms so he was happy.

Nightmare on your street, see my $1 nightshirt. I love it.

Oh I found these little bundt cakes, they have Paula Deen's face on them, and the one I got was cranberry orange or something. Ugh, why does there have to be so much fattening and tasty food around? If you find this brand I speak of, get one! So delish.

My Halo just jumped on my lap so I leave you with pictures of the real Nightmare on your streets, my kitties :)



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