Monday, October 26, 2015
Current outfit: It's cold as hell so a striped sweater, dark denim jeans, and a black t-shirt. I also have some nifty cat slippers on.

Current food: Ghetto Chicken Parmesan. Try not to be too envious.

Current music: Healthy mix of the usual and an audiobook or two and Kaleida! 

I'm so addicted to this band. I think my husband is about one or two listens away from throwing me out a window. He can do it, I'll hum the song on my way out.

Current frustration: This weather changes constantly, make some freakin' sense. 

Current indulgence: My phone, I'm addicted to it. I got the Samsung Galaxy 5. It's mah baby. I keep going over my data...

Current want: A sugar daddy (not really but I just counted out change to buy dinner and my kitties need cat food. Adulting sucksss.)

Current crush: It changes every few days it seems.

Last favorite purchase: My halloween pillow from Kohls! Isn't it adorable?

Current excitement: Lots of new things still. New home is coming together. New lifestyle changes which I'm thinking I won't talk about here but *shrugs* but it is exciting. My job is going pretty well too. Sorry to be so short, just have a lot a goin' on.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hello, Hello. It is October! I love this month even though I always seem to have crazy shit going on this time of year including a new job, a move, and a lifestyle change I might or might not end up discussing here. Things are good but muckin' nuts! Right now they are at their craziest because my husband and I have just moved into our new house. We moved about 35 miles away from my job which isn't too bad but it happens to be along the route with the worst traffic but luckily my job hours aren't during rush hour. All I can say is I'm insanely happy yet very stressed out. I feel on top of the world some days and I rarely feel that way. I feel comfortable with myself and just happy. Halloween is upon us, fall is coming, and so much new and exciting things.

Did I fail to mention that I now have a walk in closet? *falls into a pit of happy tears* Wee.

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