Saturday, July 19, 2014

Current guilty pleasure: BBQ. These are my plans for today: Bank, Thrifting, and BBQ. Not too bad if you ask me. The area I live in isn't exactly teeming with BBQ joints but luckily one opened up not too far from my house and although it isn't the best ever, it is still BBQ! I'm a sucker for pit beef/beef brisket.  Oh and probably hot pink lipstick, I'm wearing Pink Velvet by Limecrime in the above picture.

Current nail color: Remember how I said one of these days I'd come into one of these posts with my nails in check well... that day wasn't today. I did find a really beautiful blue nail polish at Target a bit ago. 

Current playlist: I came across this page recently and as everyone knows, I was/am totally obsessed with True Detective and the music, although not my usual, is really good! Some of my favorites include: Young Men Dead - The Black Angels // John Lee Hooker - Unfriendly Woman // Vashti Bunyan - Train Song // The Mevlins - A History of Bad Men // And Rammstein. Rammstein is quite good, I'm listening to Reise Reise in my car.

Current drink: Coke. I was trying to cut back but my craving for it has been full stop the last few days.

Current food: Beef Brisket. Blue Bunny Vanilla Ice Cream. Cheddar Chipotle Sausage. 

Current Favorite TV Show: Ray Donovan, Masters of Sex, Forensic Files (an old favorite), and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver! They're so many great TV shows on right now, it's almost hard to keep them all straight. I'm thinking of starting Parks and Rec and Breaking Bad on netflix but we'll see. I did watch a few episodes of Orange is the New Black and it's okay but I wasn't really hooked.

Current wish list: Black Cat It Again Dress //  Studio Lace Midi Skirt // Evans Black Swing Dress // Sourpuss Omni Muscle Tank // Domino Dollhouse Anatomy Dress // Asos Curve Midi Skirt in Scallop Hem Lace // New GPS // Plane Ticket so I can meet all the sweet kitties (and lemurs and llama) that live in C.A.R.E!

Current needs: My depression and anxiety have been really hard to cope with the past few months. I've been sleeping a lot and having panic attacks often and just having a hard time all around but now I'm on medication for it and things are slowly starting to get better so I'm hopeful things will turn around.

Current triumphs: I have health insurance! It is practically the first time I've had it my entire life and it feels a bit strange, lovely but strange. My Doctor is really kind and understanding and I'm really hoping that with her help I'll be on a better road. 

Current bane of my existence: My depression and anxiety. It has been really hard to find the motivation to do much of note, leaving the house has been tough. 

Current obsession: C.A.R.E/BigCatDerek on Vine/Big Cats/Arctic the Snow Leopard & Snow Leopards! It deeply pains me to know that so few snow leopards exist in the world, I mean look how gorgeous Arctic is! I'm so obsessed with him, he is practically a celebrity to me. He watches cartoons and snuffles constantly, ugh, what I wouldn't give to cuddle him (if he wasn't a "wild" animal that could bite my face off). I'm determined to visit the sanctuary sometime this year or next. Please visit their site, check out their vine/twitter/facebook and donate if you can! 

Current outfit: Green Calvin Klein cargo pants (so much comfort!), gray tank top from Forever 21 Plus. I'll put a cardigan on to leave the house but I'm waiting for my hair to dry a little more.

Current movies: Madagascar 3.  King Julien and Sonya forevers // Gremlins. How could anyone resist Gizmo // Kung Fu Panda // Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (saw it, liked it, Caesar is a badass!).

I've mostly been watching TV but my mood has been really fragile so I've been trying to stick to sweet/silly movies to keep my mood uplifted. 

Current link: Care Rescue Texas

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