Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello there, my trip went by so incredibly fast but that is what three day trips tend to do. Surprisingly enough (from my last post) I didn't over pack and I didn't put a Monster High doll in my carry on. I was however detained for special screening in my flight out of DC, I had to stand in the special box and go to the other side to be patted down. Admittedly I was a bit nervous but I was also a little confused, I mean c'mon, I couldn't possibly be the first person to pass through security with an underwire bra on! But we ladies know that the underwire is worth the stranger danger weapons check. It didn't take too long and before I knew it I was on the flight and reading my book about mafia man, Henry Hill, whilst listening to my ipod. Tampa was what it should be, sunny and ...full of lizards. My first half day there was quite productive; I had lots of giggles and chat time with the family, saw the house which was bigger and bluer (blue carpet, blue blinds, blue bathroom) in person, ate some spaghetti, and went to the Batman Marathon. Of course though I started to nod off during 'The Dark Knight Rises' (the only movie I hadn't already seen, effin' figures) because I was so exhausted, I felt like a toddler after a long day at Chuck E' Cheese. It was quite a long day, I didn't even get to my hotel to check in till 4AM and I couldn't help but giggle when the guy at the front desk mentioned that breakfast started in 2 and 1/2 hours.

Isn't the house cute? I love the trees. It has been sitting vacant for a bit so it needs a little TLC and I also doubt that anyone will catch me in the sunroom when the temperature is over 75 degrees because it was mighty toast in there but other than that I was really quite pleased with the house.

On the second day, Row and I went to Bayport (pictured above), did a little window shopping, and picked up Thai food. Before I knew it was time to leave and despite the heat I just felt very at ease in Florida, everything is very laid back - sometimes amusingly so, like the maid in the hotel lobby talking about walking in on a couple during a "special" moment and seeing a woman without a helmet on the back of a motorcycle smoking a cigarette.

I felt like we had arrived into the land of Gloom with the grey clouds and drizzle in DC and then the bumper to bumper traffic on the way home. 

Let's play spot the national monument.

I'm still on the fence whether to move or not, my boyfriend is leaning towards going and I'm still not quite sure.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Things I'm doing besides packing, despite the fact that my flight takes off in 14 hours. 

1.) Playing with a doll.
2.) Wishing I had two toned blue hair like aforementioned doll.
3.) Adding the name "Halo" (one of my kitties) to every song, "Halo's in partttieesss. He's in the cannnn"
4.) Pretending to introduce every song with the dedication "to my number one man, Halo."
5.) This genius blog post.
6.) Organizing 'Apples to Apples' cards.
7.) Staring at disregarded watermelon bits.
8.) Googling "what to pack for three day trip" in thinking that it may motivate me.
9.) Judging the person who wrote the tips on packing for a three day trip, five bottoms they say? Absurd.
10.) ...I will most likely pack five bottoms.
11.) Cuddling with Halo.
12.) Getting the brand new pants I bought from Target and want to bring with me onto my trip covered in cat fur.
13.) Contemplating putting pants in laundry but then I'll be without pants...
14.) Remove pants. Watch as they don't walk themselves into the laundry room and take a bath.
15.) Brr, it's cold in this air conditioned land.
16.) Mentally daydreaming about the where, what, how for shopping adventures while on trip.
17.) Watching Halo rub against plate with disregarded watermelon bits.
18.) Wishing I had ended this list at 13, because everyone knows the number 13 is spoooOooky.
19.) Recalling that two days ago I told my boyfriend that I hated waiting to the last minute to pack...
20.) You know what sounds good right now? A rockin' nap!

Wish me safe travels and eventual efficient packing! Efficient packing? Ha ha ha, I laugh at my naivety to suggest I will ever pack efficiently.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Hey everyone, I have exciting news to share with you, later this month - can't believe it is July already - I am flying to Florida to look at a house and if I like it, there is a pretty big possibility we might move there! I'm excited but also a little scared at the idea of moving almost 900 miles away. I've always lived in the Washington D.C/Baltimore area but I've always been the type of person that wanted to live many places so although I'm a bit nervous about it I'm really excited at the prospect as well, the cost of living is much less in Florida and it seems like a less stressful place to be.  Plus I mean beach, sunny skies, and year around flip flop weather is nothing to throw a beach ball at. If it works out that I get there and decide I don't like the house we have decided to move out of the place we live now either way, which is such a huge relief to me because as some of you may know I really don't care for my current living situation. My only issue now is I'm really impatient so I'm going to be counting down the days till I get to fly to Florida and then after that till we finally get to move. It makes things a bit odd though because I'm not quite sure what will be happening, just that things will be changing. My boyfriends band had previously been booked to perform at a show in Brooklyn, NY later this month but they had to cancel, I'm bummed it got cancelled because I love visiting New York but the timing was a bit tricky for everyone so it really is for the best. Besides all of that I've done a little shopping here and there, I got some new Monster High dolls, a tribal print dress, some dvds and books, and a purse I have since broke... 

Last weekend I hung out with my friend Summer and we had wildly inappropriate conversations while getting pedicures, I watched the entire season of 'Girls', and I got to indulge in one of my favorite Summertime treats - snowballs with marshmallow on top (my hand looks really weird in that picture). In other news, I'm thinking of changing my hair here soon but I'm not quite sure, I've been really stressed out and feel like my hair is falling out left and right because of it.

There was a pretty big storm that occurred here a few days ago and knocked down a ton of trees and left a bunch of people without power but luckily all is well here. Yesterday I picked up some more library books so between those, my new dvds, The Sims 3, planning a trip, and planning a move, I've felt remarkably busy.

I feel like such a crappy blogger, I've been super distracted... just now I decided it was a good idea to paint the nails on only my left hand so distracted indeed.

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