Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hey everyone, I'm having a pretty dandy week. Today is my birthday and although I see age as nothing but a number, I admit that I am a bit fragile about getting another year older. Hopefully the curse of the 27 is reserved for people with musical talent so through the process of elimination I will be okay. I've already had a few Birthday surprises, including seeing the 'Rammstein' show in Baltimore! It was a fabulous time, they put on one amazing show with lots of pyro and props! I re-dyed my hair and it is quite a vibrant red (pictures coming once I can take a decent one), needless to say, I got lots of looks at the Rammstein show. I always wonder when people are staring is it good or bad what they are thinking/saying? I guess it's better to be acknowledged than ignored? I don't know... Anywho, Jason also surprised me with a get together at our friend Laurie and Jason's, there were several bottles of my favorite wine, and our friends, Troy and Lisa joined as well. Together we watched some hysterical bad lip reading videos ("tuna face"), played apples to apples (I won the round with the word "mischievous", shocking :), and I somehow managed to leave the party standing. I've already received some gifts too, including my beloved Monster High dolls, and a fabulous print I had been staring at for months. I know, I'm 27 and receiving dolls for my birthday, but they are such cute dolls and I've been wanting one for awhile - I've also been wanting the child sized tutus but I'm quite certain they won't fit over my hind quarters.

I forgot to mention this in my previous entry but I saw Cabin in the Woods a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it, if you haven't seen it, I definitely suggest it. I'm hoping to see it again in the theater. Apparently I have more birthday surprises to come and I also received part of my tax refund yesterday so I'm feeling a wee bit excited (jumping up and down, twirling, and yelling "yays" sort of excited). I hope everyone is well and having a great weekend. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Current guilty pleasure: Ritter Sport Marizpan bar but I'm trying to abstain for now. Also Shirley Temple soft drink, forget the brand.

Current nail color: OPI "It's my Year" hands (barely, it has almost all chipped off), OPI "Black Cherry Chutney", Sinful Colors "What's your name?" feet, Nicole "Wear Something Spark-Kylie"

Current playlist: The Dead Weather - I can't hear you / Peggy Lee- Fallin' / Wanda Jackson - Fujiyama Mama / Mary Prankster - Mercyfuck

Current drink: Cherry coke.

Current food: Cheese grits!

Current favorite show: Mad Men.

Current wish list: Silk Shawl, Red Polka Dot Pinup Dress, Mesh panel top, Autumn Riders Print, sugar skull jewelry, Nike Air Pegasus Shoes, chainsaw necklace, spiked ballet flats, lace skirt, Schwinn Pink Bike

Current needs: Allergy relief, motivation

Current triumphs: Getting my hair done? I delayed it entirely too long.

Current bane of my existence: Waiting to get our own place and that fiji mermaid that got stuck in the air conditioning vent...

Current celebrity crush: Jon Hamm!

Current indulgence: I have to list one? I lead a pretty indulgent life. Ritter Sport chocolate, perhaps.

Current blessing: Sweet kitties, both in human and feline form.

Current outfit: Black Cardigan and blue maxi dress.

Current excitement: Refund check, dinner, wishlists, future road trips, surprises, possible concerts

Current mood: Unfocused.

 Current link: Etsy Shop - Ancient Shades, lookie here for some awesome vintage maps.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
It took the lovely Laura of The Blog of Worldly Delights in a recent comment to remind me that I still haven't gotten around to posting pictures of the lovely things I got on vacation (and since then considering I went on vacation in February). I personally love coming across haul posts so I'm quite disappointed in my slack in this arena, you disgust me "Slack". I do have to warn you before hand that this is long overdue and I'm a bit spoiled so there are a few things to be shown and trust me I'm leaving out a thing or two (you mean to tell me that you're not interested in what toothpaste I use? Rudeness).

Sunglasses - Hot Topic / Bracelet - Michaels / Plates and Bowl - Target
I absolutely adore these plates and bowls from Target, they are plastic and extremely sturdy, not to mention cheap! I think the plates were $2.99 each, the only drawback is you're not suppose to use these plates in the microwave but um, I have anyway... I'm a child of the 80's, I detect plastic as "yum". I'm kidding, don't be like me, I give my little sisters that advice all the time - usually after I start telling stories about when I was in high school.
Bowl - Target / Sunglasses - Hot Topic / Cocktail Shaker - Homegoods / Bracelet - Michaels

Green and blue striped t-shirt - Target / Blue cheetah print top - Torrid
My "Circus Dress".
Red and Black clutch - Vintage / Belt - Forever 21 Plus

I find clothes hard to take proper pictures of, especially when you live in a basement with hardly any light and you buy a lot of black clothing but I will link you to a few of the things I was able to find online.

1 // Black Crossback Dress from Torrid, I'm still shocked I bought this dress since it is so body hugging but I really wanted something sexy while I was in Florida.

2 // Old Navy Lounge Cardigan this isn't the epic cardigan I found recently that had a hoodie on the back so I'm linking you to a similar one. I recommend getting your tookus to the store though because it is the worlds most perfect cardigan, I'm bummed that I can't seem to find it online. Why hasn't anyone ever thought to put a hoodie on a cardigan before? Genius.

3 // Cross-Yoke Dress from Old Navy, yet another Old Navy mystery. The dress I bought was this style but in a pink and white zig-zag pattern (to the left), just yesterday I had pulled up the links and now I can't find the dress on Old Navy's website. 

4 // OP Striped Cover-Up Dress from Walmart, someone once told me to never admit to buying clothes from Walmart but I really don't care where things are from, I only care that they are cute and I get my moneys worth. I adore this cover-up, which I've been wearing as a super long tank top, it has a really flattering shape and length.

5 // Mossimo Cropped Cardigan from Target, yet again this is a substitute cardigan, the one I found it is a bit different so I recommend another incident of rushing to store with credit card in tow. The one I got is a royal blue color.

I'm starting to feel a little trippy (*shudder* reminds me of some bad Carnival experiences I've had) seeing this pattern out of the corner of my eye. There will definitely be more loot/haul posts to come considering my birthday is two weeks away and tax refund checks are quite splendid! Until then, happy shopping!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hey everyone, I hope you had a dandy Zombie Jesus day! I joked with my boyfriend that it was more accurately described as excuse to eat homemade macaroni and cheese day, not that mac n' cheese needs an excuse... On Friday, I went to the Baltimore Aquarium with my family, I had not been in a super long time so I was very excited. I'm from Baltimore and although I'm not the biggest fan of Baltimore, Baltimore pretty much feels like my "home city". We started off the day having breakfast at Starbucks and the rest of the day dodging children at shark tanks and being stalked by jelly fish. On Saturday I hung out with my friend, Summer, and we did a lot of shopping, catching up, and giggling. It had been a long time since I stepped inside an Old Navy and I found the most perfect cardigan ever, it has a muffin humping' (I'm trying to come up with alternative curse words) hood! I also got a pink and white dress, I'm really exploring my love of pink lately, just in time for Spring! Florals... for spring, groundbreaking (yes, this is a movie quote). Sunday was a low key day of watching chick flicks and eating Easter dinner. To round out an excellent weekend, my boyfriend took me to Maggianos for lasagna and an apple crostada on Monday. How was your easter? What do you consider your "home city"?

Since this post has been full of scary creatures (hey, I didn't post any pictures of myself this week... jokesy), I figured I'd round up the entry with some cute and a picture of my baby, Halo. Any excuse to post pictures of cats/my cat is good for me.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
I had a pretty bitchin' weekend, I might have mentioned this before but my weekend runs Sunday through Tuesday (the days my boyfriend has off work) so Wednesday is sort of my Monday. That was a bit of a brain teaser, if Rachel's Monday is your Sunday, what is her Tuesday? I will give partial credit for witty retorts. We spent our weekend sight seeing at Skyline Drive, shopping, eating at new restaurants, and making sex jokes with friends (balls, holes, humps - c'mon) whilst mini golfing. So bitchin', indeed.

We spent time at Target and a used bookstore over the weekend so I'm feeling mighty spoiled and happy. I haven't even shared pictures of my loot from my vacation so I'm in major slack mode in loot regard but I will get to it.

Another (I swear this is my last time I'll say the "b" word) bitchin' development is the fact that instagram has finally come to the android so add me, my name is honeysuckelle.

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