Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hey there, Happy Holidays and junk! I've been having these weird headaches, I think they have something to do with my sinuses but I'm not really sure... so been a bit tired and out of it but here I ammmm. Last weekend my fiance and I threw a housewarming party, I of course, drank too much wine in anticipation and felt a little fuzzy throughout it but I sobered up enough for us to play Apples to Apples and overall it was a good time. I've been dying to get my hands on Cards Against Humanity btw, it sounds right up my foul mouthed/dirty minded alley. It was nice seeing everyone and everyone gave the place high praises. I've never planned a party like that before, my previous experience was just having people over for drinks and pizza, this was somewhat the same but felt more "formal" I guess. My nerves were on high alert the day of the party, I always have this fear that no one will show up or that everyone will have a super shitty time. So in anticipation I cleaned the house and organized over the course of 2 days, I wanted the place to look as perfect as I could make it look and it might have been a bit of overkill. I get why so many people turn to entertaining magazines, party planning is freakin' tricky business, I felt so much pressure to make everything perfect and make sure everyone was having a good time. All that aside, I have to say how amazing it feels to be in a place that feels like home though; a place I'm comfortable in, a place I'm not ashamed of, a place I want people to see, and a place where I'm with people who don't make me feel bad about myself. I can't wait till every room is in order but 5 out of 9 rooms ain't bad progress. Only one room has been completely taken over by boxes but we need money and furniture to complete it, all in due time my starfishes, all in due time (this is what I say to myself when I feel stressed out thinking about it). I am especially excited for the future of the patio room in the warmer weather, I have sparklified wine guzzling plans for it, basically meaning I plan on throwing up a ton of Christmas lights and drinking copious amounts of wine within its walls. I might have mentioned these plans before, maybe, probably... most likely. Well, I wanted to share a few pictures of the current progress of the house, the living room/dining room area is the most put together at the moment so onward to the show...

I'm at my Moms celebrating Christmas with my family at the moment, I got a lot of cute stuff for the house that I will share pictures of soon. I hope everyone has a blissful day.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Current guilty pleasure:  As the norm with me, it is hard to choose just one, but I'd have to go for either chocolate chip cookie dough dip or cinnamon swirl bread with duncan hines vanilla glaze. 

Current nail color:
Well my hands are currently naked, I know... what scandal. My feet are in a state of despair, more normal behavior on my part, but my feet are still OPI Ruby Pumps - it is one of my favorite colors. I'm searching for a green sparkly I like, I'm liking green lately.

Current playlist: 
The Sisters of Mercy - "Lucretia, My Reflection" / Project Pitchfork - "Steelrose" / The Frantics - "Werewolf" / Steve King - "Satan is Her Name" / The Neanderthals - "Ghoul-A-Go-Go" / Jill Tracy  - ALL / Adam Hurst - "Ritual" / The Girly Birds - Trespassers William

Current drink:
Lots of water, coke, and iced tea but I've been daydreaming of making rum and coke popsicles. 

Current food:
Does habitually chewing on my finger count as food? The last thing I ate was the cinnamon swirl toast with vanilla glaze, how can you beat cinnamon rolls in under 2 minutes? I'm also eying up the pomegranate I have in the fridge, I wonder if it knows that it is next...

Current Favorite TV Show:
The Walking Dead, Blackout, Killer Karaoke, and Mad Men of course. How awesome has this half of 'The Walking Dead' been?

Current wish list: Round Pintuck Pillow in Purple/Red/Black/All!, Destroyed Denim Jeans, Polka Dot Tulle Dress, Monster High Scaris Skelita Calaveras, Krylon Spray Paint / Many Colors, China Glaze Cast a Spell, Mad Men: Season 5 Blu-Ray, Jill Tracy Audio CDs, Large Iron Skillet - One in the house is not enough,  Entry way table, ornaments, new couch, queen size bed, end table for Jason, enough Christmas lights to stop the heart of an elf!, etc...

Current needs:
A shower? A proper income? Dental care?

Current triumphs:
Moving into and organizing, furnishing, and cleaning our new place. I really love this house even if it needs to be constantly cleaned!

Current bane of my existence:
The swelling I keep getting in my feet, ankles, and legs. It is super annoying and worrisome. 

Current celebrity crush:
Christina Hendericks, which is not a different crush but still a crush, look at her - what a babe.

Current indulgence:
I have been indulging mostly in food that have already been mentioned but in my imagination I have been shopping non-stop, does that count?

Current blessing:
Jason. Hero. Halo. Family. Our place!

Current outfit:
(I'm going to just list the last few things I bought at a thrift store since my outfit is shit) Maroon velvet button up shirt, Black velvet knee length skirt, white and blue plaid button up shirt, pink converse shoes

Current excitement: Maybe thrifting and antiquing later, Jamie and Christina's party tonight, putting up my Christmas tree with my mom and little sisters next weekend, and our housewarming party the weekend after that. December is a busy month.

Current mood:
I'm feeling pretty good, if only my body would cooperate a little more.

Current link: Bearded man serenades Bill Murray with heavy metal.
This is really cute, you should watch it. I hate to do this but my shop is still open and it needs some biters, I mean love, it needs love. >>>>> My Shop.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hi there! So after much procrastination - it is my way - I have finally listed some clothing items from my personal closet in my shop linked below. Please check it out and get to shopping! I have tops, skirts, dresses, and more! I need to move some of this stuff out so I can move more stuff in... that and there is some broke ass-ness going on over here - it's serious (not really serious but I kicked my cat off the table for this, that in itself is serious).


Saturday, November 3, 2012

All thrift finds.

Do you ever have those moments when it occurs to you, based solely on your weekend plans, that you're getting older? Some of you might have not experienced this moment yet but it will happen one day, my precious fawns (Is fawn an odd pet name?) My plans this weekend are to go dancing, so this weekend doesn't technically count although I am firm believer that one is never too old to dance - but it does get difficult when you have sheer curtains in your living room. No Ace of Base dance parties in the living room for me until we get some coverage on the windows, I plan on looking ridiculous in private, thank you very scrunchie much. Anyway, the reason I've come to this realization is because I can't stop thinking about getting up early and hitting up yard/garage sales, especially since the season for yard sales is pretty much over, then afterwards driving to the countryside to go Antiquing/Thrifting. A day of such plans sounds like absolute heaven, the only real problem is I don't have many friends that I think would want to come with, I don't mind going alone but it is more fun with a friend to goof off with. I went yard sale hopping and antiquing a few weeks ago and had the best time and felt very exhilarated when I was complimented on my hair and had a few passing gents cheekily tip their hats at me (well, they said hello but same difference).

Wreath, skull, lamp, circular chalkboard - Target / Placemats - Kohls / Cupcake ornament - Walmart

So besides shopping for sparkly housewares, I've gone to Valley View Farms to pick up pumpkins and look at Christmas decorations with my mom and little sisters. Afterwards we had pit beef sandwiches and admired rocking chairs from the Amish market. That same weekend Jason and I did a lot of people watching at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

My little sister, Becky, gracefully and delicately eating her pit beef sandwich. Note her candy corn nail polish (and one yucky nail where she hurt herself).

In other news, my fiance and I celebrated our 4 year Anniversary on Halloween day, we celebrated over lasagna and crab cakes. I'm starting a new job next week and things are generally pretty good, I've just been fighting an occasional lull in my mood.  And the house is coming together more and more by the day. Well, I hope everyone had a great Halloween, I hope next year to actually dress in costume, I make a plan every year and rarely does it happen. Greasy Saxophone man from 'The Lost Boys' will have to wait yet another year... don't cry little sisters, it probably happened somewhere.

 My Fiance, myself, and my double chin.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hey there, have you guessed my news yet? Well... the wait has ended... the super duper good news that I've waited an epic (maybe not epic but longer than expected) long time to share is that.... my fiance and I got a house! It all happened rather quickly and was a surprise even to me at first because my fiance had me look at the place and then when we were walking around the basement he shared the splendid news that we were there to sign the paperwork! It was love at first sight for me and from what I've gathered, my fiance felt the same way (...another woman? How dare him.). It has hardwood floors throughout (swoon), an all brick fireplace, large windows in the living room, a sunroom, and a huge basement! Not to mention that it is in a really cute neighborhood in a good location so basically I am one happy lady! It has been and definitely will continue to be a lot of work -- we're still moving, unpacking, arranging, organizing, cleaning, decorating (barely started this), and in the continuous process of buying furniture (thank the craigslist gods and my wonderful parents!). Thus far I've seen 5 spiders (one was attacked by the Halo beast), smacked myself in the face with a kitchen cabinet once, felt like I was being put into a guillotine by a dresser, mistook falling acorns for a burglar, have 3 mysterious bruises and cuts on both hands, and re-arranged our bedroom three times. It still doesn't feel quite real even with buying furniture and cleaning the place, I think I will forever feel like a kid playing with my barbie house but barbie doesn't have to pay rent or utilities (how often did your Barbie stress out about the gas bill at the kitchen table? My guess is zero...). I have to say my interest in buying clothes has become overpowered by my desire to have a cute couch, new big screen tv, decorative pillows, a ton of etsy prints, etc! I can't wait till the house comes together but I have to say, it is pretty fun doing all this stuff and it is all really time consuming - in a good way! I also can't wait to plan a housewarming party but it is going to have to wait until we at least get a little more settled. I will have more pictures, stories, and loot posts to share soooon but for now I've gotta start making dinner and we've got to tackle the 7 still unopened boxes of clothes that belong to my fiance -- whoever said that men don't like buying clothes is a flippin' liar. Come at me with cleaning, organization, recipes, and tips (and places) for shopping with a tight budget because I need them all. Speaking of clothes, keep a lookout for my shop because I will be listing lots of clothes and shoes here soon.

The closet picture is my closet mid-progress, it is pretty much done now with the exception of my shoes which I have no idea how to properly organize. The last picture is the progress we're making in our living room (note the Halo beast).

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hey everyone, things have been insanely busy for me these last few weeks so I apologize for the delay in my promised loot post but for now... the loot post is still going to have to wait but I promise it and so much more to come! I have so much exciting news to update you with and life has been quite a roller coaster with trips to hospitals (boo), doctors (more boos), colds (...just pretend I mean Boo from 'Monsters Inc'), my little sister Becky's 16th birthday, time spent with Jason's Dad who is recovering extremely well, and more that I am so excited to share with you in the upcoming weeks. Not to mention that Autumn and it's lovely weather is finally upon us! I can't wait to share my news with all of you and before any of you get any wild ideas, I'm not pregnant. I hope everyone is well and enjoying the weather and I will talk to you soon!

Saturday, September 15, 2012
Hey there, as most of you know, actually I think at this point Aliens from another Universe would have caught on to the fact that I am obsessed with 'Mad Men'. So it should not be much of a surprise to you that this inspiration post is about some of the ladies of 'Mad Men'. I'm going a little bit out of order of appearance in the series with the characters but I think you'll forgive me. I just bought 'Mad Men: Season 4' and listened to the commentary for the entire season so these three characters are the fore front of my mind.

Mad Men Inspiration - Joan Holloway/Harris

Joan Holloway/Harris is known for her curves, her strut, and she knows how to dress in the best way to show off all her assets. In the 4th and 5th seasons she does start to wear more 1960's patterns and colors but she does tend to stick to solid colors and fitted dresses. I'd kill for her figure and her closet.

Mad Men Inspiration - Joan Holloway/Harris

Next is the career driven, creative, and adorable Peggy Olson who has been growing into her style as the seasons have gone on. She dresses professional but of the time.

Mad Men Inspiration - Peggy Olson

Mad Men Inspiration - Peggy Olson 2

Lastly, for this post anyway, is Megan Calvet/Draper. Megan is the epitome of a gorgeous french actress from the time period and her outfits are vibrant and young. Megan has a killer sense of style and another wardrobe I would not mind having. I think all of the pictures below are from Megan in season 5 but you catch her style drift.

Mad Men Inspiration - Megan Calvet/Draper

Mad Men Inspiration - Megan Calvet/Draper 2

So how did I do? I plan on doing another 'Mad Men' inspiration post with the ladies from the series that I left off so I'll see you in that post.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hey everyone, these last few weeks have been really jam packed full of activity for my boyfriend and I. I'm happy to report that my boyfriends Dad is doing quite well since his surgery, he will be in recovery for quite some time but he seems in good spirits! Our calendar has been full of social time with friends which has helped us stay sane through the stress of planning a move and health problems within our families. A few weeks ago I got to hang out in D.C with my friend, Bill, whom I had not seen in over 3 years. I wish I had taken more pictures that day since I very rarely venture to D.C and because Bill is moving quite far away and we probably won't see one another for another few years, however it was so nice seeing him and catching up. This seems to be a popular time of year to be born as well so we've celebrated the birthdays of a few friends at two separate house parties where I've eaten way too many cookies, it seems like every party has a friggin delicious tray of cookies at it. There have been some get togethers with Laurie, Jason, Jamie, and Christina over board games (anyone else played Imaginiff?), movies, and drinks. A short trip to the "country" to pick up fresh fruit and see new places. Also, my boyfriend and I went to Wolf Trap to see one of our favorite bands, Dead Can Dance. So jam packed indeed, ironically enough we picked up some fresh jam from the produce stand in the country so literally jar packed full of fruit and sugar goodness. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to dinner with his Dad and Aunt at Tysons Corner and then afterwards we went to Target where I picked up a few things I probably didn't really need... 

I'm anxious for Autumn and Halloween merchandise to get here and the moving stress is definitely going to continue so sanity is not guaranteed. This time of year always seems stressful for my boyfriend and I though so at least it is consistent.

I will probably have a loot post here soon since I've gotten quite a few things over the last few weeks including adding quite extensively to my Monster High collection - there is no end in sight for my MH obsession. I hope everyone is well and since I've mentioned jam about 45 times in this post, I can't not post this:

G'day loves, talk soon!

Thursday, August 16, 2012
Hey everyone, I'm bringing you another inspiration post and for this post my inspiration is Summer Finn played the adorable, bambi-eyed, and always fabulously dressed Zooey Deschanel in the movie (500) Days of Summer. I know I say this every single inspiration post but this is one of my veryberry favorite movies, I put off seeing it until it was on DVD because I'm not typically a huge fan of the romantic comedy genre but this movie really struck a chord in me and I've now seen it over dozen times.

(500) Days of Summer is a story of boy meets girl. The boy, Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), believes in true love and the girl, Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel), does not. They meet working at a greeting card company and soon start seeing one another. It's a movie about love but it's not a love story. I took almost all of that verbatim from the trailer because as you are all painfully aware I kind of suck with movie synopsis. The movie is from Tom's point of view and it shows his struggle to understand and cope with the complexity of his relationship with someone who sees love/relationships/the relationship he is in a completely different light than he does. When I was younger I found myself in a very similar situation to the characters in this movie so I found the characters easy to relate to and it almost goes without saying that being in a one sided or complicated relationship is hard on the heart. If you haven't seen the movie I definitely suggest it, not only is it a great movie with wonderful cinematography, cute costumes/ characters, funny lines, and moments that push you over the tears-for-years cliff but it also has one of the best soundtracks!

I'm carrying on like I usually do so to summarize Summer Finn's wardrobe it would be lots of blue, the director did this intentionally because he was inspired by Zooey Deschanel's eyes. She wears lots of cute dresses, cardigans, and has a somewhat vintage vibe to her outfit choices (which yes, I would say probably describes Zooey's wardrobe but I personally love her sense of style).

Summer Finn Set 1

Summer Finn Set 2

Summer Finn Set Fin

I hope you like the outfits, I found so many things I thought would work perfectly that I had a hard time narrowing it down but I think I did well, the only things I would add are probably a pair of dark black tights and a basic dark cardigan because they go with everything and Summer's character wears them several times in the movie. I hope if you haven't seen the movie that you'll rush your butt out to rent it/buy it. As always I created these sets using Polyvore, feel free to follow my finds and sets HERE. I'm sitting here listening to a few songs from the movie and I'm feeling myself getting sucked into the movie again, I might just have to root through my boxes and put it on.

Have a great day, I'll see you in the next inspiration post.

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