Thursday, May 21, 2015

It is incredible how we have all been taught to see someone's physical appearance as a direct indication of their worth, value, and representation of their character. How attractive you are or aren't according to society can totally change the behavior of the people around you. What does it really matter? What does it truly indicate about who someone really is. Yes, I experience physical attraction like everyone else. Everybody does. Humans of course have their natural instincts. Being born appearing one way versus the other should not directly influence your path in life or acceptability in society. 

I know I'm lucky to have been born with certain physical attributes, some of which I can help and others I cannot. Of course there is plastic surgery and cosmetics and all sorts of things that can be used to enhance or alter your appearance but if society did not put such a vast importance on these things to the extent that they do imagine how different things would be? 
I'm sick of spending so much time and energy focused and worried on what I look like. I'm bored out of my mind of living within a society obsessed with the surface of things. Beauty has many forms but so does so many other things in the world. 

I'm fed up with feeling uncomfortable with my body because I've been taught, as we all generally have, to see our physical "flaws" (who really made these rules about what is or isn't a "flaw"??) as something that should constantly be stewed over, attempted to change, etc, whatever. 
I'm sick of hiding my cellulite on my body even when I'm sweating buckets or plain don't want to. I'm sick of society telling women they should or shouldn't wear makeup. Who should not wear that or who should wear this. I'm sick of society telling men they should be or should not be tall. I'm sick of society force feeding us that hair belongs only in certain places. I'm sick of accepting a society that tells people they are only one thing. No one is only one thing. Dig deeper!

Get to know people for who they are and not just what they are. Accept and love yourself. Treat others with kindness. Work together as much as you can, stop squabbling over petty things.
Let's get shit done and stop thinking only with our eyes and nether regions. There is so much more out there! 

Take my double chin and large arms or not, in this moment I don't care. I know I have and others have said this all before but the conversation is going to continue when the issues are so prevalent and consistent.

Saturday, May 9, 2015
It has only taken... 5 years but I'm at 50,000 views! I'm sure at least 25-45% of that is me but we'll pretend it's from my gaggle of admirers. Yay. Woo. Party on. I'm honestly not very concerned with having a blog viewed by millions, a select few is good for me. I'm happy to get to 50,000 views!

I'm in a good mood today because I started off my (late but I was up till 5:00AM) day with a dark chocolate bar. If only every single day started off with chocolate. Also someone vacuumed my patio room (by someone I mean my father in law but ya know, "someone" sounds more mysterious) so that made me happy. I have an odd dinner slow cooking in the crock pot, I just tend to throw stuff together and see how it turns out (usually pretty good).

To celebrate, C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E good times and 50,000 views here are a few of my favorite images found on tumblr. Thank you for the support, kindness, and comments. Now people find me some dark mustardy colored clothing to pair with my red hair <3 NO I don't mean cover my clothes in mustard, I don't like mustard, I'll gag.

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