Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I meant to make this post two days ago but in the rush to get packed and run errands before my day trip I didn't have the time to do so. I spent my entire Monday (yesterday) in New York City with my roommate Dawn and her absolutely adorable step-sister Amanda. It was a super long day and I'm really beat.

Full post and pictures coming soon. I'm still trying to spend today resting, relaxing, and doing laundry so I'll be back soon with more tales of the NYC.

I wanted to share these vintage pictures/drawings/postcards of New York I found from Christian Montone's Flickr. They are too amazing not to share.

Friday, October 21, 2011
Today is Mary Blair day on Google (I'm sure a lot of you have noticed since google is kind of ya know... well known) to celebrate her birthday and artistic talent. You might not know her name but you know her art in such films as 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Cinderella', and 'Peter Pan'.

I really love her use of color, it has a very dreamy like quality to it. Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Cinderella were all some of my favorites as a kid. That reminds me, I need to buy Peter Pan on dvd. I'm no expert on art but I figured I had to share this. Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady with such a talent to make children daydream everywhere. I think Disney movies have shaped so many of our childhoods and continue to make us feel like the wide-eyed children we once were no matter what age we are now.

I love this description "It’s as delicious as feasting on rainbows" of her art.

I just had to share.

R.I.P Mary Blair.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Finds 10/11/2011

I mean to be perfectly honest there are more things I would wish for beyond cute clothes, shoes, and accessories but ya know, this stuff I wouldn't mind either.

I had a really difficult time trying to book my bus ticket earlier today and it still isn't booked. I have to say I'm not very impressed with Greyhounds customer service, I had to talk to 4 different people to get any help whatsoever. It was so frustrating.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey Hey, Hey! I've got cookies in the oven (yep, it's cookies again) so I'm going to attempt to make this quick, especially since I already messed up my cookie eating plans once today by not turning on the oven... funny how that works, it only bakes the cookies when it is on - see I thought it would just realize I wanted cookies and bake itself. Oh crap, I forgot the timer now....

Baking with crazy. Baking with flighty. Baking with the non-planner. All ideas for the title of my tragic cooking show.

So, I accidentally walked into the wall going up the stairs to rescue the cookies from the oven villain and got insta-bruise on my knee. Yay.... clumsy is the way for me today apparently.

Anywho onto the pictures above, I stopped by Old Navy recently, they were having (not sure if it still going on) a really good sale something like up to 75% on some clearance items. Well I got a dress (below) and two tanks for $15.00, so good sale indeed! I really wanted this leopard coat, isn't it amazing? But it was out of my price range at I believe $99.00 with 20% off. I tried it on over my hoodie and it fit but it was a bit tight around my chest area, as per usual. Someone go buy it so I can live vicariously through you and your fabulous coat! Yes, I'm even providing a link to it on oldnavy.com. A woman at the store even remarked that she liked the coat and my hair. I loved this black handbag too but I know I couldn't talk my boyfriend into another purse considering he thinks I have too many already. You never have enough, am I right?

The lightbulb in the room, which is relatively new, just burnt out. Perhaps there is a ghost messing with me today, OooOoooO. If I disappear (possibly into the television), you know the details =P

On the day I went to Old Navy we started off the day having lunch at California Tortilla. It was free pop-tart day so we had to take advantage of that. Apparently they are primarily located on the mid east coast area, I figured they were an all over chain but I guess they haven't expanded yet. Anyway they have walls of hot sauce you can choose from, this is the one my fiance picked out. I joked that he would since it has a hot redhead in leather on it. Apparently this one is his back up since the one he really likes, with a creature lady on it, they didn't have. Note to self: 1. Get leather outfit 2. Watch out for that creature lady 3. Destroy creature lady.

I got the turkey chili nachos and a chicken quesadilla and my fiance got a chicken burrito smothered in queso. Yum yum, I was mighty full when we left, I will tell you that much.

Pop tarts generally aren't all that exciting to me but free pop tarts? Hot damn! Well they weren't really free - you got the free toaster treat for buying food at California Tortilla but still, free pop tarts with your lunch.

Since then I finished reading 'The Help' and I saw the movie in the theater. I really liked both the book and the movie, the movie was very true to the book. I loved the characters of Skeeter, Aibileen, Minny, Missus Walters, and Celia. I'd definitely be a mix of a Minny (with that sass mouth) and Skeeter (with the courage to be different and stand up for what she believes in) so of course, I was all for those characters. I love Aibileen's relationship with Mae Mobley, the ending was really sad, I wanted to cry but held it back as best as I could. I know what it feels like to be a Mae Mobley, it is hard to feel unwanted and unaccepted. Bryce Dallas Howard did a great job with Hilly, Hilly was such a wench and I've never seen her play a character like that but she really did a great job with such an unsympathetic character. I couldn't help but wonder why Hilly was crying in the end scene with Aibileen, any thoughts? I think somewhere inside she knew she was wrong. Celia was played perfectly too, she was so naive and sweet, I just wanted to hug her.

 I love Bryce Dallas Howard, she has such gorgeous hair (love her in this pale yellow), and I also adore Emma Stone. Gosh I just realized how many gorgeous redheads were in this movie! Bryce Dallas Howard, Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, and Sissy Spacek. Did I miss any? Redheads (even us fake ones) for the win! It was a really great movie and book, I recommend you read and see it. I think most of us tend to forget what the 1950's and 1960's were really like for so many, there were so many injustices against race and gender. It really was not that long ago and sadly there are still so many injustices.

To hop on another swing, my fiance and I also saw 'The Thing' prequel. I still prefer the original but the special effects in this one were pretty cool. Oh the wonder of Technology. It was really cool seeing the half morphed 'Thing' crawling around with various heads.

 In other shopping news there has been this top I've had my eye on for awhile at Target and in my last visit it went down to $5.98 so now it is mine, all mine! I paired it with some skinny jeans and a cropped red cardigan and it looked super cute. Now if only I could find a cropped cardigan in various colors that doesn't lose all shape during the day.

I love the print and I like the shape it has when paired with skinny jeans. It is a great top for those days when you feel bloated but still want to be pretty.

 My cuddle bug, other wise known as The (yes he gets a "the" :) Halo, has been desperate for my attention all day. He even has gone as far to put his paw on top of my hand while I was typing. When I came back downstairs from getting the cookies he was acting like I left for years. He is so sweet, I love him. Look at him hiding under the covers, I found him like this last week cuddled under the comforter.

I don't want to jinx anything so I won't delve too into detail for the moment, but it looks like I'm going to be taking another trip here soon! I haven't bought the bus ticket yet so I don't want to get too excited just yet but I will keep you posted.

Monday, October 10, 2011

 'Ello cupcakes. I had a short weekend, which is never snappy news, but luckily it was a decent one anyway. Last weekend I had convinced my fiance to take me back to Edibles Incredible because I was still pouting over the fact that I had not been able to bring back any cupcakes from New York. I got a variety of flavors including chocolate truffle, cookies and cream, chocolate wow, vanilla with sprinkles, and lastly almond which is pictured above. I'm not sure if I've ever shared this little fun fact about myself but I'm an almond fanatic, I love me some almonds. I had to take this picture quick because my mouth was all ready to go in for the cupcake kill. All the cupcakes were delish but almond was definitely my favorite.

In my last post I had mentioned the sparkly eyeshadow I had picked up and I wanted to share with you a photo of it. I've worn it once thus far and it goes on a little uneven which is annoying but the sparkle is priceless. My fiance said it looked adequately full of sparkles(being uneven and all) as long as my eyes were open, I told him "well let's just hope I don't go into a narcoleptic fit and look like a rusty garden gnome". I didn't say all that but I did say I didn't plan on taking a nap during our dinner so I figured I was in the clear. Till I took that nap... kidding. Gnomes. Just had to say it again, it is a great word.

Gnomes. Yay for my random odd mention of garden gnomes. It is like someone is paying me to add random words that make no sense lol.

I'm continuing the sweets talk, not to confused with sweet talking because unfortunately Alcide (Joe Manganiello) is not here.

Over the last month or two, I've come to terms with just how huge my Alcide crush actually is (it was a bit of a surprise to me, I mean yeah he is hot but I didn't realize I had such a celeb crush) because of the fact that he has popped up randomly in two of my dreams and the whole time I'm just like "oh, hi, heehee *blush*." Look at him, stealing the conversation again. If you stare at this picture long enough it looks like his grin gets bigger and he sneaks in a wink...

Anywho, I tried a new frozen yogurt placed that I was going to go into a little rant about but I figure, maybe another time. It was a self serve place and quite cheap, I got cake batter topped with strawberries, chocolate chips, and kit kats but the store itself had religious signs and t-shirts everywhere so I felt a little uncomfortable and my fiance refused to go in. I really don't see why religion/other peoples beliefs need to be interjected into my frozen treat and that probably sufficiently covers my thoughts on the whole thing.

Old picture no.1 from 2008, I figured I'd share it anyway since Faire hasn't changed much if at all in years.
2008 picture no.2

Anywho, yes again with the anywho, my fiance and I made our first visit to Maryland Renaissance Festival this season. I have been going to Maryland Renaissance Festival (or Faire as I call it) since I was at least 5 years old, my Dad always took us and we'd get our faces painted, wear little crowns, and sword fight with wooden swords. I loved it then and love it even more now since I get to have meade.

I'm sorry glass eye ball bag, I had to drink two at once!

We met up with our friend Lisa (you can spot her in the first picture in the white shirt) and her friend Rebecca and the four of us hit the shops and looked at unique jewelry, costumes, and bags. I drank two things of meade at once (hey, those lines are long) and I'm pretty sure some plain clothed cops spotted me and remembered me from previous years (^  ^ those are suppose to be my devilish horns). These glass eyeball bags are expensive, I looked at the price tag on one of them, he was $220.00. Goosh. They had eye patches, vials, and even a tissue box holder with eyes and sometimes including the perplexed expressions. They kind of reminded me of BBBOOOOKKK from 'Hocus Pocus' but without the eye movement of course. I really wanted a pair of ear cuffs made to look like a bat at a different shop but I decided to get a black sparkly skirt instead.

Every year I mean to take a picture of myself in costume (although I wasn't fully dressed up this visit) and every year I forget, I especially forget after the meade kicks in. Hopefully I will get to go next weekend and it will be cool enough for me to wear my costume and hopefully I'll remember to take a picture and share it with you.

After Faire we made a beeline for the giant FYE at Arundel Mills that we are so loyal to where I got thee pictured CD and a DVD (my new black sparkly skirt is also in the background). I couldn't find Johnny Hollow so I suppose I will have to buy their cd online.

I'm really hoping to see 'The Help' before it leaves the theaters, I borrowed the book from my friend Megan and have started reading slowly but surely ("Don't call me Shirley"). I'm also looking forward to seeing 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' when it comes out in a few weekends.

Halloween will be upon us before we know it, I have no idea what my fiance has up his sleeves but hopefully we will do something romantical (The Little Rascals, I need to buy that movie, I keep thinking of it and it has been awhile since I watched it) for our anniversary.

I'm off to cuddle with my kitties (who I bought sparkly red and skull collars for, I couldn't help myself), heat up some chinese takeout, and watch 'Hocus Pocus'. Toodles.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I wanted to start off this entry with my NYC loot since it has been almost a full week since I last posted and I have yet to do so, as you may be able to tell, we spent many a New York moment in Forever 21. They had a pretty epic sized one in Times Square (4 levels) and I was mighty fond of their extensive plus size section - especially since we (by we, I mean the plus sized ladies) usually only get a tiny isolated corner, if any. I heard some girl walk by and exclaim "Oh, this is the heavy women's section." We went into two Forever 21's and total visits to Forever 21: 3.  Yep, it just kept popping up where we happened to be and also my little sisters/mother aren't really ones to shop at unknown places. I was all for hitting up the vintage shops in the East Village but what can you do.

This loot includes 2 short sleeve shirts (one white and sparkly peach, one aquamarine), two tank tops (one leopard print - one of my first leopard print pieces in a long time, and a fabulous black/white/purple/orange tunic that I looove), one long sleeve lace black top, and one grey striped cardigan. Two pair of earrings modeled against my Halo's fur, he missed me (he isn't on the desk honey... *eye shift*), and one black layered necklace. A pair of black rain boots with ribbon laced in the back (not pictured), and some purple eyeliner complete the loot. I'm happy to report I have worn everything with exception of the leopard tank which I'm saving for a sexy day, I haven't really had any sexy days in awhile (by sexy days I just mean days where I feel fabulous, I haven't been feeling too fabulous )= 

Also, the black lace top has a rip in it already, *pout*

As I said in my previous entry, my trip to New York was good and bad, the first day was spent in Times Square and it was raining goats and monkeys most of the day. My extremely large umbrella was making me super nervous so I kept either crouching under it or putting it way above me to ensure I wouldn't poke any eyes out. My outfit really did not work with my adidas shoes and I looked dumpy although to be honest I wasn't trying to be appealing just comfortable. We spent a lot of time getting lost on the second day and I spent a lot of it in agony because my feet, legs, and back were really achy. Traveling can be hard, trying to navigate an unfamiliar place can be hard and my Mom and I had a few arguments along the way. My mom and I have had a rocky relationship the past year or so and that reared it's ugly head this trip. Overall it was a good time and I feel bad for mentioned arguments but she was driving me a little crazy.

On the good side we had a lot of good food including some yummy Macaroni and Cheese from S'Mac, some absolutely incredible fudge from Dylans Candy Bar, some milkshakes and lunch from Serendipity 3, and some delicious french food from Le Parisien. My ideal vacation is full of shopping, going out to eat, people watching, and exploring so we did do a lot of that.

Posted this in previous post but it is new and improved this time, with back story!
We came across two protests, one in Union Square and one near us on the way to S'Mac, I really wanted to join in but my family kept pulling me away. I'm a bit passionate and love to see other people going to the streets to stand up for what they believe in, especially in the U.S where it does not happen very often (even when it should). I saw lots of cops and a little too much unwarranted aggression but I wasn't really sure what was going on since I only witnessed it for about 10 minutes.

Pretty doll in FAO Schwartz, has no relevancy to what I'm saying lol just wanted to share.
I had several really kind people talk to me on the streets, in stores, and at restaurants. There were a couple of really cute girls in S'Mac who struck up a conversation with me about the macaroni I chose and we talked about earrings briefly. A really nice (and kind of hunky, although I wasn't looking at him like that, just stating an observation hehe) walk up to us and give us directions for the subway, and a dude strike up conversation with me while I was standing watching the protest and chaos in the streets. That is part of what I love about big cities, striking up conversations with strangers and having a little tête-à-tête (I'm misusing that word a little bit but I love that word). 

On another note it took us only 3 hours to get from my mom's home in Eastern Maryland to New Jersey (only 5 miles or so outside Manhattan). I found that nutso, that was one quick drive! 

There was so much I didn't get to see but understandably so, it is a big city with tons to see. I didn't get any macaroons or cupcakes which was a bit of a bummer, I didn't get to stop by Re/Dress in Brooklyn (I am very saddened to hear it will be closing in November), and I didn't find me some vintage pieces. I'm really hoping I'll be able to talk my boyfriend into driving up for a day trip one of these days. I have yet to party/see a show/dance in the Big Apple and I mean, that is just a must!

Since then I have visited with my friend Row where we made many inappropriate jokes, I got some ridiculously sparkly eyeshadow, and we got stared at by young and old alike. Visited our friends D & Z where we played Assassins Creed Revelations (I think it was Revelations? Our dude was assassinating his way around Tuscany and Venice and having some "private time" on his gondola) and the four of us had some root beer floats with whipped vodka (you must try this combination, it is really delicious), and Jason and I went to a local restaurant for the first time where we ate excessive amounts of cheese. Oh and I got some local cupcakes!

Lastly, I'm going to share with you my new favorite band called Johnny Hollow! I love, love, love this band and have decided to go full groupie for them, I'm kidding, don't run away or anything. Give them a listen. I'll return in a jiffy, till then stay safe and uh, wear your goggles. I just felt like saying something silly like "wear your goggles."

P.S - How awesome is Autumn! Eeeek, me loves me some Autumn!

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