Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Things I'm doing besides packing, despite the fact that my flight takes off in 14 hours. 

1.) Playing with a doll.
2.) Wishing I had two toned blue hair like aforementioned doll.
3.) Adding the name "Halo" (one of my kitties) to every song, "Halo's in partttieesss. He's in the cannnn"
4.) Pretending to introduce every song with the dedication "to my number one man, Halo."
5.) This genius blog post.
6.) Organizing 'Apples to Apples' cards.
7.) Staring at disregarded watermelon bits.
8.) Googling "what to pack for three day trip" in thinking that it may motivate me.
9.) Judging the person who wrote the tips on packing for a three day trip, five bottoms they say? Absurd.
10.) ...I will most likely pack five bottoms.
11.) Cuddling with Halo.
12.) Getting the brand new pants I bought from Target and want to bring with me onto my trip covered in cat fur.
13.) Contemplating putting pants in laundry but then I'll be without pants...
14.) Remove pants. Watch as they don't walk themselves into the laundry room and take a bath.
15.) Brr, it's cold in this air conditioned land.
16.) Mentally daydreaming about the where, what, how for shopping adventures while on trip.
17.) Watching Halo rub against plate with disregarded watermelon bits.
18.) Wishing I had ended this list at 13, because everyone knows the number 13 is spoooOooky.
19.) Recalling that two days ago I told my boyfriend that I hated waiting to the last minute to pack...
20.) You know what sounds good right now? A rockin' nap!

Wish me safe travels and eventual efficient packing! Efficient packing? Ha ha ha, I laugh at my naivety to suggest I will ever pack efficiently.


wait until the sunset said...

lol lol lol lol *pause for breath* lol lol lol
you crack me up woman!!!!

Did you get away on time????

Laura Go said...

I detest packing. I will do anything to just not have to pack. Cat cuddling is the best distraction ;)

♥ laura
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Adrienne said...

Ahhhh, don't you just love packing? Hope you are having a great trip :)

What Lola Wants

Honeysuckelle said...

@wait until the sunset

Hehe, thanks. Yes, I did end up catching my flight on time and I also didn't forget to pack anything so although I procrastinated it all turned out okay.


@Laura- Me too, packing is the pits. Cat cuddling is definitely the cutest distraction and cats always want to cuddle at the most inopportune times.


@Adrienne- Imagine if there was a company that specialized in just hiring people to pack for you, well not like movers? Granted I think personal assistants and stuff do that. I had a good trip, it went by in a flash but it was good.


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