Saturday, November 3, 2012

All thrift finds.

Do you ever have those moments when it occurs to you, based solely on your weekend plans, that you're getting older? Some of you might have not experienced this moment yet but it will happen one day, my precious fawns (Is fawn an odd pet name?) My plans this weekend are to go dancing, so this weekend doesn't technically count although I am firm believer that one is never too old to dance - but it does get difficult when you have sheer curtains in your living room. No Ace of Base dance parties in the living room for me until we get some coverage on the windows, I plan on looking ridiculous in private, thank you very scrunchie much. Anyway, the reason I've come to this realization is because I can't stop thinking about getting up early and hitting up yard/garage sales, especially since the season for yard sales is pretty much over, then afterwards driving to the countryside to go Antiquing/Thrifting. A day of such plans sounds like absolute heaven, the only real problem is I don't have many friends that I think would want to come with, I don't mind going alone but it is more fun with a friend to goof off with. I went yard sale hopping and antiquing a few weeks ago and had the best time and felt very exhilarated when I was complimented on my hair and had a few passing gents cheekily tip their hats at me (well, they said hello but same difference).

Wreath, skull, lamp, circular chalkboard - Target / Placemats - Kohls / Cupcake ornament - Walmart

So besides shopping for sparkly housewares, I've gone to Valley View Farms to pick up pumpkins and look at Christmas decorations with my mom and little sisters. Afterwards we had pit beef sandwiches and admired rocking chairs from the Amish market. That same weekend Jason and I did a lot of people watching at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

My little sister, Becky, gracefully and delicately eating her pit beef sandwich. Note her candy corn nail polish (and one yucky nail where she hurt herself).

In other news, my fiance and I celebrated our 4 year Anniversary on Halloween day, we celebrated over lasagna and crab cakes. I'm starting a new job next week and things are generally pretty good, I've just been fighting an occasional lull in my mood.  And the house is coming together more and more by the day. Well, I hope everyone had a great Halloween, I hope next year to actually dress in costume, I make a plan every year and rarely does it happen. Greasy Saxophone man from 'The Lost Boys' will have to wait yet another year... don't cry little sisters, it probably happened somewhere.

 My Fiance, myself, and my double chin.


Laura Go said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you! And here's to many more years! :)

I swear, I totes feel so much older now and it's al l because this week, I 1. balanced my checkbook; 2. used coupons 3. voted. WHOA.
♥ laura
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Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

I think it's impossible to not have a double chin lol. You look pretty in that picture though(so stop hating)! Happy Anniversary to you guys.
I love Renaissance festivals but I've only been once. I really want to go again soon. I LOVE garage sailing. I actually asked my job to make me close on Saturdays just so I could go garage sailing. I hate going alone though just because I like someone to talk to. I haven't been in the last few months and I need to start back. It takes a lot of gas though since you stop and turn your car on/off so much.

Adrienne said...

Happy Anniversary! I dreamed of pumpkin patches and garage sales for several weeks, but it hasn't happened for me (yet). Great pics :)

What Lola Wants

Thick Threads said...

happy anniversary to you guys! Thats a great picture of you guys. How cool that you guys started dating on halloween, that is one awesome anniversary date. your halloween sounds fun, although i was hoping to see the saxophone guy, seriously, can't you just bust him out for easter or something? that would be amazing. :D my halloween was costumeless aswell, we just played boardgames with some friends and had a few drinks. xx

Honeysuckelle said...

@Laura Go

Thank you! I hope for many more moons with him as well.

It sounds like you had a very productive week, I need to have more productivity goin' on over here. I pencil in wayyy too many naps and cuddles with cats.


Honeysuckelle said...


The dreaded double chin! I look at pictures of myself even when I was younger and super teensy and still there it is, the double d chinnn. Thank you on the compliment and the anniversary well wishes.

Renaissance Festivals get made fun of a lot but they are super fun, especially drunk, I'm just saying. Garage sailing is too much fun, I tried going to a few today and they were either busts are they were big fat yard sale liars because I drove by and no crap on their lawn! Howwwwwwwwwww dare thee! I haven't slept hardly at all today so excuse my hyper self. It does take a lot of gas! I had to make an emergency swerve because my tank was below E.


Honeysuckelle said...


Thank you! I love pumpkins, I wish I lived next to a pumpkin farm. I hope you ended up going pumpkin shopping and garage sailing!


Honeysuckelle said...

@Thick Threads

Thank you mucho! Aww, thank you, I'm still a bit unsure about myself in that picture. I know, saxophone man has yet to make his appearance but one day he shall! He will play that tuba and rock those skin tight colorful pants and that hair will sway with us all! ... I'm just not sure when it will happen. Easter with the saxophone man? Hmmmmmm.



I effin' love playing board games with friends, seriously, I do! Jesus I am hyper today.


wait until the sunset said...

what gorgeous piccys! Happy 4 year anniversery! xxx

Honeysuckelle said...

@wait until the sunset

Thank you sweetie!


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