Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Oh no, it's that season again. Now, if you're as wishlist crazy as I am than you probably have 144,000 things at any one time that you wouldn't mind having or are absolutely dying to have. It's too bad Victorian homes and vintage cars are too expensive to put on a wishlist, although I kind of have a home wishlist going and if I could ever remember the name of the cars I like (besides vintage hearses!) I'd have a list for that too.

Christmas List 2013

Christmas List 2013 - 2

1.) Green sparkly nail polish. I can't seem to find a shade I like in the stores so this is at the top of my list.

2.) Stack able rings.

3.) Cutlery. I desperately need new cutlery, our cutlery keeps disappearing and these are super cute and go with my aesthetic.

4.) Red bra. Why is it so hard freakin' hard to find a supportive yet cute bra in colors other than nude, white, or black for those of us with bewbies over a DD cup?! Stop it, give us colors!

5.) Xbox One and Dead Rising 3. I'm obsessed with the Dead Rising series, some of you may already know that but I basically spent the year 2010 playing Dead Rising.

6.) Heart rate monitor. Sometimes I dance around my kitchen or do silly dance moves while on my walks and I want to see if they make any difference in my activity (I'm certain they do but I want verification).

7.) Lips skirt. Enough said. Give me!

8.) Cadbury Roses Tin. I haven't had these since I was a little girl and I desperately want to have them again. Please, fill my mouth with cadbury chocolate this year!

9.)  Doc Marten Mary Janes. I've ALWAYS wanted a pair of these. I wear a size 11, make it happen.

10.) Mindless Faith. A band I have newly discovered and am totally obsessed with.

I didn't put numbers on the second list so I'll just visually go down the list.

11.) Green zipper cargo pants. I've been coveting these for about two years, I'll take them in black, green, and red please.

12.) Moon t-shirt. I am obsessed with anything moon, crescent moon, the night sky, or stars.

13.) Lips scarf. Everything I seem to want is either moon oriented or has lips all over it.

14.) Leopard Scarf. I think this color pattern would look lovely paired with my red hair.

15.) Cherry Bomb Cardigan. Cardigans, cherries, and sassiness. How could you beat that?

16.) Lucky Brand Jeans. I got my first pair of Lucky Brand Jeans a bit ago and I'm totally in love, most flattering jeans I've ever worn and super comfy too.

17.) Long pencil skirt. 

18.) Glittery boots. No explanation needed.

19.) T-strap heels. I've been on an endless search for a pair of T-strap heels that look somewhat comfortable for my heel intolerant feet.

20.) Brown boots.

21.) ASICS running shoes. I need some good quality comfortable workout shoes.

I made my lists in polyvore so anything can be found by clicking on the image. I'd like to say this is half of what I want but it's not, for further proof of that, go to my Amazon Wishlist.

Merry Holidays everyone.


Laura Go said...

I totally want some stackable rings too! AND that phases of the moon tee is adorable! Also, i don't think anyone can have too many scarves. I need more printed ones in my life!

Honeysuckelle said...

I love them but I've found them hard to find in the stores? Maybe that's just because I have large fingers. Isn't it? I love all the moon stuff that is out right now. I totally agree, a few years ago I wasn't a big scarf person but I've definitely switched my attitude on it, you can definitely elevate an outfit with a cute scarf - especially for someone like me who wears a lot of black/basics. Me too, my dear, me too.


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