Saturday, November 29, 2014
My life has been pretty eventful these past few months and not my usual, "I saw a dog today and danced to bad 80's music" sort of way although I mean I have done a little of both of those things in that time as well. 

Yep, in that picture above I apparently don't get the concept of mustaches, I blame the viking helmet. When all else fails, blame the viking helmet.

My best friend got married at the end of October and I traveled to Florida to be her brides minion. I've been in the process of getting a job for a few months and I passed a very critical evaluation a few days ago! It's a tough job though so I'll be under a microscope for the next few months (as most people are in a new position) but I'm excited for the challenge! I'm trying to adjust to a regular schedule and getting up super early (4-4:30AM wake up times are killer). 

Speaking of marriages, I also got married! Jason and I aren't the most traditional of people and we got married at the courthouse with plans for a ceremony down the line when finances are better. So yeah, like I said, things have been rather eventful! I'm trying to relax today right now with a cup of tea, cuddles with my kitties, and a long forgotten bad 90's television show on youtube. Later on I'm going to a friends birthday party, I'm excited to have an opportunity to wear some cute clothes (I bought a new tartan print skirt from F21, faux leather leggings, and a white lace dress recently)! I still can't decide what to wear yet....

I figured I should include some pictures of the bride and I at her wedding and me behaving in my usual type of way, not to mention that these are some of the first pictures of myself that someone else has taken that I've been comfortable enough to share! Our (uh, who is this "our" you're referring to you basket case) little girl *tear* is growing up (sorta, I mean I still make a lot of poop and penis jokes...). I mean I did text my little sister earlier asking her what she thought alien poop looked like, I included emojis.... I still blame the viking helmet. 

You don't own that or any viking helmet?


What to blame now?....


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