Saturday, August 27, 2011
Has it really been over two weeks since I lasted posted, wow, where have I been? The last few days I have not been feeling all that well, a few dizzy spells and lots of continued chaos in my tummy area. It is not a good time. But my tummy hasn't been the only thing in chaos - mother nature has been throwing a little temper tantrum in my (somewhat) part of the world. Somebody got Malibu barbie instead of Ballerina barbie for their birthday... that is not who Mother Nature is, she is GRACEFUL! DELICATE! Anyway enough of needless movie quotes (needless? never :)

The Earthquake was a bit unexpected and although the news about when it will happen and the nature of ol' Irene are a little up in the air (over the ocean - har har, get it? over the ...ocean... shut up Rachel) it doesn't sound like it should be anything too serious here.

So the morning, afternoon of the earthquake I was at home asleep in bed when I felt one of my cats run across or jump on me - just as I sat up to see what was wrong I felt the shaking. I was not sure if I was dreaming and my first thought was, "We don't have earthquakes here?" as my entire bed shook. My second thought was "Have I finally lost it? Am I going to be possessed like in The Exorcist (see video)?".

I kind of thought for a split second perhaps there was a large vehicle passing by but the nature of the shaking was much more jarring that anything I had ever experienced. I sat calmly in bed till the shaking dispersed. I'm not sure how long it lasted but not long enough for me to really have time to think too in depth about it. I immediately called my fiance at work at 1:52PM EST who said the second floor of the building he was in was still shaking but that everyone was fine. Getting cell phone service was a little difficult for a bit but it quickly cleared up and I have not heard of any damage, it didn't even shake products off our cheap Walmart shelving unit in the bathroom haha. The cats were not happy campers and Hero laid under the desk with his head on my feet for hours after. It certainly was something I had never experienced before... I thought it was kind of fun being that it was just a little harmless tossing and turning. I live about 80 miles North of the Epicenter of the earthquake by the way.

I wasn't really planning on doing a full post at the moment because my stomach is really not happy with me but I do plan on doing a full update ASAP. I dyed my hair, saw a few movies, went out to dinner, visited some friends, did a little shoppin', and explored some new areas so that will all be coming up in my next entry. Hope everyone is swell, toodles for now so I can suffer through some tum tablets, err yuckies.


Courtney Erin said...

I hope you feel better soon...and I love the Exorcist bed shaking scene reference. Not only is that my favorite movie but it's possibly the best analogy to the earthquake that I've seen all week.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Honeysuckelle said...

Thank you, I really hope I feel better soon, 3 days of stomach pain is just not my cup of tea. I doubt anyone would choose that cup of tea...

I love 'The Exorcist' as well, I went upstairs after and was talking to one of my roommates about the earthquake and told him my Exorcist comparison and as usual he gave me a weird look. He thinks I'm insane, I can tell haha.

The Exorcist is a great movie!


Bonnie said...

I swear "The Exorcist" still haunts me from the first time I watched it.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Honeysuckelle said...

Haha, I can see why 'The Exorcist' would haunt you. Someone peeing on the carpet at a party? HOW DARE THEE. I'm kidding, being possessed would definitely be the sucketh. Although to be honest 'The Exorcist' didn't scare me much, I mean it should, but I think I'm desensitized to most horror movies- most being the key word here.


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