Monday, October 10, 2011

 'Ello cupcakes. I had a short weekend, which is never snappy news, but luckily it was a decent one anyway. Last weekend I had convinced my fiance to take me back to Edibles Incredible because I was still pouting over the fact that I had not been able to bring back any cupcakes from New York. I got a variety of flavors including chocolate truffle, cookies and cream, chocolate wow, vanilla with sprinkles, and lastly almond which is pictured above. I'm not sure if I've ever shared this little fun fact about myself but I'm an almond fanatic, I love me some almonds. I had to take this picture quick because my mouth was all ready to go in for the cupcake kill. All the cupcakes were delish but almond was definitely my favorite.

In my last post I had mentioned the sparkly eyeshadow I had picked up and I wanted to share with you a photo of it. I've worn it once thus far and it goes on a little uneven which is annoying but the sparkle is priceless. My fiance said it looked adequately full of sparkles(being uneven and all) as long as my eyes were open, I told him "well let's just hope I don't go into a narcoleptic fit and look like a rusty garden gnome". I didn't say all that but I did say I didn't plan on taking a nap during our dinner so I figured I was in the clear. Till I took that nap... kidding. Gnomes. Just had to say it again, it is a great word.

Gnomes. Yay for my random odd mention of garden gnomes. It is like someone is paying me to add random words that make no sense lol.

I'm continuing the sweets talk, not to confused with sweet talking because unfortunately Alcide (Joe Manganiello) is not here.

Over the last month or two, I've come to terms with just how huge my Alcide crush actually is (it was a bit of a surprise to me, I mean yeah he is hot but I didn't realize I had such a celeb crush) because of the fact that he has popped up randomly in two of my dreams and the whole time I'm just like "oh, hi, heehee *blush*." Look at him, stealing the conversation again. If you stare at this picture long enough it looks like his grin gets bigger and he sneaks in a wink...

Anywho, I tried a new frozen yogurt placed that I was going to go into a little rant about but I figure, maybe another time. It was a self serve place and quite cheap, I got cake batter topped with strawberries, chocolate chips, and kit kats but the store itself had religious signs and t-shirts everywhere so I felt a little uncomfortable and my fiance refused to go in. I really don't see why religion/other peoples beliefs need to be interjected into my frozen treat and that probably sufficiently covers my thoughts on the whole thing.

Old picture no.1 from 2008, I figured I'd share it anyway since Faire hasn't changed much if at all in years.
2008 picture no.2

Anywho, yes again with the anywho, my fiance and I made our first visit to Maryland Renaissance Festival this season. I have been going to Maryland Renaissance Festival (or Faire as I call it) since I was at least 5 years old, my Dad always took us and we'd get our faces painted, wear little crowns, and sword fight with wooden swords. I loved it then and love it even more now since I get to have meade.

I'm sorry glass eye ball bag, I had to drink two at once!

We met up with our friend Lisa (you can spot her in the first picture in the white shirt) and her friend Rebecca and the four of us hit the shops and looked at unique jewelry, costumes, and bags. I drank two things of meade at once (hey, those lines are long) and I'm pretty sure some plain clothed cops spotted me and remembered me from previous years (^  ^ those are suppose to be my devilish horns). These glass eyeball bags are expensive, I looked at the price tag on one of them, he was $220.00. Goosh. They had eye patches, vials, and even a tissue box holder with eyes and sometimes including the perplexed expressions. They kind of reminded me of BBBOOOOKKK from 'Hocus Pocus' but without the eye movement of course. I really wanted a pair of ear cuffs made to look like a bat at a different shop but I decided to get a black sparkly skirt instead.

Every year I mean to take a picture of myself in costume (although I wasn't fully dressed up this visit) and every year I forget, I especially forget after the meade kicks in. Hopefully I will get to go next weekend and it will be cool enough for me to wear my costume and hopefully I'll remember to take a picture and share it with you.

After Faire we made a beeline for the giant FYE at Arundel Mills that we are so loyal to where I got thee pictured CD and a DVD (my new black sparkly skirt is also in the background). I couldn't find Johnny Hollow so I suppose I will have to buy their cd online.

I'm really hoping to see 'The Help' before it leaves the theaters, I borrowed the book from my friend Megan and have started reading slowly but surely ("Don't call me Shirley"). I'm also looking forward to seeing 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' when it comes out in a few weekends.

Halloween will be upon us before we know it, I have no idea what my fiance has up his sleeves but hopefully we will do something romantical (The Little Rascals, I need to buy that movie, I keep thinking of it and it has been awhile since I watched it) for our anniversary.

I'm off to cuddle with my kitties (who I bought sparkly red and skull collars for, I couldn't help myself), heat up some chinese takeout, and watch 'Hocus Pocus'. Toodles.


Courtney Erin said...

I think I'm obsessed with that eyeshadow palette - the colors are amazing!!!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Honeysuckelle said...

Thank ya, thank ya - I wore it again today and still had the the uneven issue but my sparkle fix did not mind, it is sparkly goodness. It also came in a variety of other colors such as pinks and other colors of blues.

Miriam Stella said...

hello! this post is fabulous! have you seen mine? there are new posts outfit, with the must have of this winter 2012. come and see, so tell my what you think! And if you like it, you could follow me! ;-)
Miriamstella (from Italy)

Thick Threads said...

cupcakes rule! i havent been to the cupcake place here in vienna either yet they are so expensive now cuz theyre so "In" so sad! damn hipsters ruin everything! JK lol that one you took a pic of looks amazing..gnomes. lol anywhoo i totally went to a mideval festival too last month! they rule! nuff said! :)


Honeysuckelle said...

@Miriam Stella, thanks for the comment, I will check out your page.

@Thick Threads, cupcakes do rule, I just realized in scanning through my entries that I talk a lot about desserts and cupcakes for that matter. I agree when things get too trendy it just sucks for the rest of us who are trying to stay in the shadows and not have to bump off anyone for their insurance money to be able to afford said trend (in this case cupcakes). I've been watching too much of the ID network.

I love medieval festivals, did you take any pictures? What are the medieval festivals like where you're from? I was going to go this weekend but can't afford it. They definitely do rule.

Thanks for the comment, I always look forward to seeing your comments.


Thick Threads said...

I did take pictures of the mideval festival but I havent posted any on the blog, I kinda forgot because it was around the time of fashion week and i was posting about all that...hmm mideval festivals here are probably not much different then the ones there. we watched a mideval band play, saw some sword fighting and some "magic" lol it was cool similar to the one you posted about :)

Love the "bumming off insurance money for cupcake trends" comment! :D

BTW the captcha for this comment is "cracie" i guess this thing is trying to tell me so cracie! :D

Honeysuckelle said...

The Medieval Festival there sounds pretty much exactly like the one here - I usually just wonder around feeling toasty on meade, listen to some bands, stop by some shops, and possibly watch some shows. Mostly I go to socialize. They have jousting at the Maryland Renaissance Festival as well, I haven't watched it in years but I should do that this upcoming weekend if I get to go.

No rush for the pictures but I wouldn't mind seeing them :P You looked fabulous at fashion week, you've inspired me to find some yellow pieces. I have denied my yellow loving for too long.

Haha seriously, I got a half dozen cupcakes and it was $25.00. It is crazy, I mean honestly you could buy an entire cake for that. But cupcakes are worth every penny and every added jiggle of happy weight.

Haha craccccie.

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