Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey Hey, Hey! I've got cookies in the oven (yep, it's cookies again) so I'm going to attempt to make this quick, especially since I already messed up my cookie eating plans once today by not turning on the oven... funny how that works, it only bakes the cookies when it is on - see I thought it would just realize I wanted cookies and bake itself. Oh crap, I forgot the timer now....

Baking with crazy. Baking with flighty. Baking with the non-planner. All ideas for the title of my tragic cooking show.

So, I accidentally walked into the wall going up the stairs to rescue the cookies from the oven villain and got insta-bruise on my knee. Yay.... clumsy is the way for me today apparently.

Anywho onto the pictures above, I stopped by Old Navy recently, they were having (not sure if it still going on) a really good sale something like up to 75% on some clearance items. Well I got a dress (below) and two tanks for $15.00, so good sale indeed! I really wanted this leopard coat, isn't it amazing? But it was out of my price range at I believe $99.00 with 20% off. I tried it on over my hoodie and it fit but it was a bit tight around my chest area, as per usual. Someone go buy it so I can live vicariously through you and your fabulous coat! Yes, I'm even providing a link to it on A woman at the store even remarked that she liked the coat and my hair. I loved this black handbag too but I know I couldn't talk my boyfriend into another purse considering he thinks I have too many already. You never have enough, am I right?

The lightbulb in the room, which is relatively new, just burnt out. Perhaps there is a ghost messing with me today, OooOoooO. If I disappear (possibly into the television), you know the details =P

On the day I went to Old Navy we started off the day having lunch at California Tortilla. It was free pop-tart day so we had to take advantage of that. Apparently they are primarily located on the mid east coast area, I figured they were an all over chain but I guess they haven't expanded yet. Anyway they have walls of hot sauce you can choose from, this is the one my fiance picked out. I joked that he would since it has a hot redhead in leather on it. Apparently this one is his back up since the one he really likes, with a creature lady on it, they didn't have. Note to self: 1. Get leather outfit 2. Watch out for that creature lady 3. Destroy creature lady.

I got the turkey chili nachos and a chicken quesadilla and my fiance got a chicken burrito smothered in queso. Yum yum, I was mighty full when we left, I will tell you that much.

Pop tarts generally aren't all that exciting to me but free pop tarts? Hot damn! Well they weren't really free - you got the free toaster treat for buying food at California Tortilla but still, free pop tarts with your lunch.

Since then I finished reading 'The Help' and I saw the movie in the theater. I really liked both the book and the movie, the movie was very true to the book. I loved the characters of Skeeter, Aibileen, Minny, Missus Walters, and Celia. I'd definitely be a mix of a Minny (with that sass mouth) and Skeeter (with the courage to be different and stand up for what she believes in) so of course, I was all for those characters. I love Aibileen's relationship with Mae Mobley, the ending was really sad, I wanted to cry but held it back as best as I could. I know what it feels like to be a Mae Mobley, it is hard to feel unwanted and unaccepted. Bryce Dallas Howard did a great job with Hilly, Hilly was such a wench and I've never seen her play a character like that but she really did a great job with such an unsympathetic character. I couldn't help but wonder why Hilly was crying in the end scene with Aibileen, any thoughts? I think somewhere inside she knew she was wrong. Celia was played perfectly too, she was so naive and sweet, I just wanted to hug her.

 I love Bryce Dallas Howard, she has such gorgeous hair (love her in this pale yellow), and I also adore Emma Stone. Gosh I just realized how many gorgeous redheads were in this movie! Bryce Dallas Howard, Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, and Sissy Spacek. Did I miss any? Redheads (even us fake ones) for the win! It was a really great movie and book, I recommend you read and see it. I think most of us tend to forget what the 1950's and 1960's were really like for so many, there were so many injustices against race and gender. It really was not that long ago and sadly there are still so many injustices.

To hop on another swing, my fiance and I also saw 'The Thing' prequel. I still prefer the original but the special effects in this one were pretty cool. Oh the wonder of Technology. It was really cool seeing the half morphed 'Thing' crawling around with various heads.

 In other shopping news there has been this top I've had my eye on for awhile at Target and in my last visit it went down to $5.98 so now it is mine, all mine! I paired it with some skinny jeans and a cropped red cardigan and it looked super cute. Now if only I could find a cropped cardigan in various colors that doesn't lose all shape during the day.

I love the print and I like the shape it has when paired with skinny jeans. It is a great top for those days when you feel bloated but still want to be pretty.

 My cuddle bug, other wise known as The (yes he gets a "the" :) Halo, has been desperate for my attention all day. He even has gone as far to put his paw on top of my hand while I was typing. When I came back downstairs from getting the cookies he was acting like I left for years. He is so sweet, I love him. Look at him hiding under the covers, I found him like this last week cuddled under the comforter.

I don't want to jinx anything so I won't delve too into detail for the moment, but it looks like I'm going to be taking another trip here soon! I haven't bought the bus ticket yet so I don't want to get too excited just yet but I will keep you posted.


Anita riot said...

oh my god! leopard coats are my weakness. there are some at forever 21 i gotta go try them on and hope they are still there! saw them like a few weeks ago. yeah porbably wont fit me either but well what can you do a girl can try..however there are some sites with leopard coats in plus sizes but totally out of my price range too! meh :( and you really can never have anough purses..something boyfriends dont understand. Its like when i tell my bf i dont know what to wear and he answers with "well its cold outside so..etc" it really has nothing to do with the weather. well what can you do.

your cat is totally adorable! my dog does the same thing when im working on the computer..I guess they kinda feel jealous when you spend all your time with this "thing" in your lap or infront of you, massaging it (thats probably what pets think we are doing, but then again im not the pet whisperer so i really dont know.)

Anita riot said...

how does one post a comment with a capcha too soon? it happens to special people i guess..sorry about that. wanted to add that i really like original version of "the thing" too but havent seen the new one, although i heard good things so im looking forward to that...on that note lets hope i'm really done commenting this time :P


Honeysuckelle said...

I use to deny my leopard love because someone said to me once that only "trannys and street walkers wear leopard print." But I've come to realize that was crap and leopard pretty much rules. I'm with you, I've been itching for a leopard print coat. I've seen a few online but yep, I'm pretty brokesy and cannot afford one. I got three jackets last year and my fiance always makes sure to bring that fact up when I'm trying to weasel my way into another coat hehe "but it isn't leopard print baby!."

Boyfriends don't understand the need for purses and cute outfits although boyfriends are the first to suggest "oh wear fishnets everyday." I love fishnets but they are not the most practical, maybe I just feel that way because it is hard to find good quality plus sized tights that don't pinch your legs. Wow, I'm getting off topic as always.

I totally feel you about the weather, I hate when I want to wear a dress and flats and then I look outside and its hurricane like weather. Squish those plans or just flash everyone my undergarments, it is my choice haha.

Thank you about my kitty, I love him, he is so insanely sweet. My cats are big attention seekers so they don't like competition. I'm sure they are plotting the computers demise everyday.

Haha aww, you can comment all you like, I will not mind! Obviously speaking from my super duper long response.

The original 'The Thing' is so awesome that I think any prequel would end up taking a back seat but I'd see it again.


Courtney Erin said...

Too bad about the leopard print coat but the dress you got is pretty sweet. And I seriously need to make some time to read The Help - I just never seem to have enough time for "me" reading lately. Sad. And I also really want to see the Thing prequel although I have no illusions that it will top the original.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Honeysuckelle said...

I've seen some cheaper leopard print coats online that I'm hoping I will be able to sweet talk my way into. Thank you about the dress, how can you go wrong with a simple black clearance dress?

You should read 'The Help', I really liked the book. I read 90% of it in one day, it isn't the typical kind of book I read - I usually read history, history fiction stuff, mystery, crime novels, books about serial killers... why am I going this into detail about my reading habits haha. Anyway yes, it is not my typical read but I liked it, gosh I talk too much.

I sorry about the lack of "me" time, I hope you find more time to make into "me" time.

The original 'The Thing' doesn't have many competitors.

Arielle said...

Tell your boyfriend to let you have as many purses as you want because I say so! I don't have a ton of shoes bc I'm a weenie and can't walk in heels so I just wear flats. But purses, man oh man, I have a good share of purses. Cheap ones, but still.

That's so random about the Pop tarts lol, but hey you can't turn down something free. (Well maybe SOME things) :p

I haven't gotten around to reading or watching The Help yet but since everyone keeps talking about it, I'll give it a shot.

What a cute cat! As I was typing that sentence, one of my 3(yes, three) cats just knocked over a mirror. Mischievous.

Thanks so much for your comments, they made my day, and I love reading your blog commentary so I'm a new follower. Glad I found ya :)


Honeysuckelle said...

Haha, I will tell him. I use to buy purses left and right when I was single but now he is always blocking my purse buying. I'm similar about shoes, I don't have many shoes because I also cannot walk in heels to save my life. Plus I'm tall and feel self conscious. I like looking at them because they are pretty but actually trying to walk in them - nopesies.

I know right? I was wondering that myself, why would a tortilla place give away pop-tarts? Oh well, free food!

Go for 'The Help' and report back with your personal findings :)

Haha aww, my cats are snoring up a storm right now. Thank you btw, he is quite adorable. Aren't they all really? I love cats so much.

Thank you for your comment, I love your blog and am honored to see your comment.

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