Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hey everyone, things have been insanely busy for me these last few weeks so I apologize for the delay in my promised loot post but for now... the loot post is still going to have to wait but I promise it and so much more to come! I have so much exciting news to update you with and life has been quite a roller coaster with trips to hospitals (boo), doctors (more boos), colds (...just pretend I mean Boo from 'Monsters Inc'), my little sister Becky's 16th birthday, time spent with Jason's Dad who is recovering extremely well, and more that I am so excited to share with you in the upcoming weeks. Not to mention that Autumn and it's lovely weather is finally upon us! I can't wait to share my news with all of you and before any of you get any wild ideas, I'm not pregnant. I hope everyone is well and enjoying the weather and I will talk to you soon!


Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

I figured everyone bet it was pregnancy. I'm hoping it's an exciting move or new apt/house or something.

Honeysuckelle said...


Luckily, no one has questioned whether it was a pregnancy or not but I think most people know I'm not much of a kid person although I don't completely rule out the possibility of having children in the future. I like your guesses and hopes :)


Adrienne said...

Hope things get back to normal soon, and can't wait to hear your exciting news.

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Laura Go said...

hahahaha. I totally laughed at the pregnancy bit. :)
♥ laura
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Honeysuckelle said...


Thank you, things have continued on the crazy path but it is mostly a really good crazy so I'm pleased. I can't wait to share in my next post!


@Laura- Haha, when I reread the post I was even thinking it sounded like I was pregnant after talking about news and doctor visits.


wait until the sunset said...

lol you're pregnant?!??!
Can't wait to hear all the good news xx

Thick Threads said...

whats the news?!!?!?! don't leave us haning here woman! haha. Sorry you are being so busy. I know what it's like, i pretty much fell off the radar the last month and a half, i had a whole lot of things going on, but that's life, sometimes it just hits you like a ton of bricks.

Hope it eases up on you soon though! and i cant wait to read what all this excitment is about! :))


Honeysuckelle said...

@wait until the sunset

Haha, only with emotion (and excitement). I've been so busy I haven't even shared my news officially, grrr how could I neglect my news.


@Anita - I was just thinking that I've left my news hanging out in the wind to dry a little too long, I need to get on that dammit, I've just been super busy! I like being busy to a certain extent although lazy days are good too. What have you been busy with darling? I hope things are well.


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