Wednesday, February 13, 2013
What I had hoped to see

I need a little rant time, so please bare (BEARS?! I love adding bear jokes to everything, its a habit) with me. Okay, so my local Forever 21 carries the Forever 21 + line in the store which when I first discovered made me squee with delight but since then I've grown a bit frustrated with it. First off the selection sucks, I don't expect to see everything they offer online for instance but I'd like to see more of it or more variety! While shopping in the store yesterday I did not see a single one of these things above available in any size or at all. I did however come across some things that have been stocked or were extremely similar since my last visit which was months prior. I really wish we were offered more cute dresses, skirts, belts, cute prints, better shapes, etc. Call me crazy but I like to have the option of trying on clothes before I buy them too and it's hard to do that when most of the stores that carry plus sized clothing don't offer them in their physical stores. I know this might not be the case but why do I feel like we are the hidden sister? Are we shameful or just not profitable enough? Why is the plus sized section always hidden in a corner and filled with a lot of redundant clothing or we are stuck with the tiniest selection ever? I've heard part of the reason this happens is because the store doesn't make enough profit off the plus sized clothing and I don't know if that is true or not but it is so frustrating. One thing I have noticed is that certain sizes are almost never available so either people are buying them or they aren't stocking enough of them. Now I don't necessarily mind being set off in a corner because then I have more time to shop without being bothered and try on blazers and stuff without having to stand under the harsh dressing room lights but it still bugs me. A lot of stores showed so much promise when their plus size lines first started coming out and then as time has gone on our pickings have become slimmer and slimmer and more basic. I'm tired of feeling left out, I want to wear cute clothes and spend money I don't have just as much as someone who wears a size 6. I still have a body that needs to be clothed. I'm not just talking about Forever 21+, I'm also looking at you Old Navy, Target, etc. I know there are a ton of fabulous online options but I want to feel the fabrics in person, see how it lays on my body, gauge the quality, get out of the house and away from the computer screen, etc. For instance, if you go to Forever 21+ online right now you'll see a pretty decent amount of stuff but in the store I saw maybe 3 to 4 of the items offered online and of that it was mostly pants, basic tops, and blazers. Now don't get me wrong the Forever 21 + section in my local Forever 21 is decent enough but I'm not satisfied with the offerings. I'm sick of feeling left out because of my size, include me, I want to look cute too! I know some of you must feel the same way. Isn't my money as good as the next persons? I'm sick of feeling like "be happy you are finally offered anything and shut up" but no, it's not enough and I'm not satisfied. *sigh* We have a long way to go until we are treated even half as equal as our average size/smaller counterparts my fellow plus sized stylish ladies.


wait until the sunset said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean!! I get so frustrated walking through a shop seeing all their gorgeous straight size mega cute clothes. And then you arrive to the plus section in the back. Overflowing with black and navy over-sized tents or boring basics. Its soooo frustrating!

In regards to F21, I also agree. Being in Australia I'm lucky to be able to buy off the website range. But when I was visiting USA and in their shops, it was no-where near as fabulous as the online range. Very frustrating. :(

SemiCleanSlate...In Progress said...

Amen Sister!!

Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

I never shop at F21 but I went with a friend a few months ago and saw they had a "plus size" section. I was like awesome, maybe Ill check it out. I was disappointed by how the selection was crappy and everything was sequinsy and tacky looking. They do have a better online selection. But I usually wear a 14-16 and all of their stuff was still relatively small. Like I think to F21, "plus size" means like a size 10.
I like Old Navy because I can always find cute clothes that fit there. Especially jeans and what-not.

Honeysuckelle said...

@wait until the sunset

Exactly, why do I look at the "straight sized" clothes and see so many cute things and then get to the plus section and see such uninspired things. It is so frustrating, so they could not make the same cute tops/jackets/skirts/dresses in a larger size?! Grr. I really hope this changes soon.

It sucks too because so few of the Forever 21 stores even carry the plus sized line and the ones that do carry what mine does. Sigh, I like that I have the option to shop online but I want more physical stores to choose from too!


Honeysuckelle said...

@SemiCleanSlate...In Progress

*Raises fist in air* YAH! :) Thanks for commenting.


Honeysuckelle said...


I started giving them a chance once they introduced the plus sized line but I've been pretty disappointed since. A lot of the plus sized options leave a lot to be desired and their sizes are small, I think to a lot of stores plus size is a size 10 which is such bullshit considering how many people wear that size or higher. Not to mention that when I was a size 10 I was pretty thin, I miss those days sometimes.

I like Old Navy too, I can wear a lot of their "straight sized" clothes but I do miss when they had their plus size line in the stores, I remember seeing them (unless I'm nuts) although it was very brief. There are just some things I can't wear in straight sizes like button up tops or skirts that I can't pull up over my thighs/hips and jeans are always iffy with me - I have different brand jeans in 5 different sizes. I've been meaning to try Old Navy jeans though, I've heard good things, I use to wear them when I was thinner.


Adrienne said...

I understand completely! I feel like I have to do 90% of my shopping online because there is zero selection in most stores! It is very frustrating.

What Lola Wants

Honeysuckelle said...


It is seriously so frustrating! I'm on right now and seeing all these cute plus sized dresses online that are definitely not offered in the stores! Why? The plus sized section at my local (favorite) Target is so small and disappointing, why not add some of the items they offer online? Grr, I like to online shop but I like to shop in stores too!


Laura Go said...

We don't have a F21 plus at my local shop, either, and that's really annoying because even though I can manage to squeeze into a L at times, for items that don't have quite a lot of stretch, i have to go a size (or in F21's case, a few sizes) up. I was really upset with F21 and their recent Hello Kitty collaboration because they had no plus sized designs, and didn't even carry a decent selection in the store. THEN, everything I wanted was sold out online just like that. Grrrrr.
♥ laura
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Honeysuckelle said...

@Laura Go

I'm usually the same way, stretchy materials I can get away with in regular stores but anything with a zipper I typically have to head for the plus sized stuff. That is so lame, denying you the Hello Kitty. I do recall seeing some of their Hello Kitty stuff and it was adorable :\ That is another issue with a lot of plus sized stuff especially certain sizes, they sell out almost immediately. They need to carry more plus sized stuff, clearly there is a demand!


mahorse macai said...

That`s right,I really wish we were offered more cute zara dresses, skirts, belts, cute prints, better shapes, etc. Call me crazy but I like to have the option of trying on clothes before I buy them too

raleve jesica said...

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