Monday, February 11, 2013
Why are blog titles so incredibly hard to come up with? I should just skip trying to be clever, which rarely if ever works anyway, and just use the names of my nail polishes or something. I am eating Sugar Smack cereal so basically I just looked around and went for something I saw and made that the title, it's a good thing I don't have magical powers to change myself into something I see because then someone would gobble up my cereal goodness. On the subject of Sugar Smacks, why does the box try to convince you they are high in vitamin d, they are high in delicious and that is good enough for me. Now I have the "C is for Cookie" song stuck in my head...

Anyway, I don't have much to report because I've been playing The Sims practically non-stop. A few weeks ago my fiance bought me Monte Vista so I've been playing the shit out of the game. I've built a good 3-4 lounges/dance clubs/bars/what have you and about 5 different families, it's insane, if only I was paid to play the Sims. Perhaps I should stop sharing pictures of my screenshots because I don't know if anyone is interested in seeing them but I can't help myself and look at these crazy kids, getting engaged in France and what not. I love the purple and aqua dream home I built her too.

Yesterday my fiance and I went for Mexican food, did a little shopping (my fiance bought a leather jacket and I got some nail polishes and more MH dolls... naturally), saw 'Skyfall', and went grocery shopping. Then we came home and I caught up on 'Girls', 'Californication', and then 'The Walking Dead'. I also wore my favorite cherry print top I got a bit ago from Forever 21 and I cycled between thinking I looked hot and like a blob. My attempt to take pictures using my phone turned out like this:

So ya know, I tried. As you can tell, I love these jeans. My fiance said this is an odd photo but I was trying to pull down my tank top to cover my thighs, so sorry for the odd photo but you're probably use to that from me by now.

I've never had an Essie polish before but I absolutely love wearing black nail polish topped with sparkles. I, of course, had to find two Monster High dolls I wanted - this was after I spotted some unopened boxes of Monster High and had a Walmart employee help me open the boxes - I was looking for a Catrine DeMew but I was really pleasantly surprised to see that each box contained a Skelita and Jinafire (even though I own them already) but it was fun opening the boxes to see what dolls were hiding inside.

Well I've got plans to get to (*cough* Simming *cough*) so we'll talk soon.


Laura Go said...

I saw your monster high dolls on IG and basically swooned! I think those dolls are darling, but I have to concentrate on rebuilding my action figure collection first:(

And uhm. I totes wanna play Sims again now. I haven't in years!
♥ laura
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ShyScout said...

Oh goodness, I used to have a Sims addiction. I had to break the habit though and try to avoid it at all costs, haha. I saw your monster high dollies on IG. I want to see your entire collection!!!! Also, the cherry print on your top is pretty darn cute :]

Thick Threads said...

yeah, the sims...the time just flys by when you are playing sims! its crazy and it should be illegal, how dare the time fly by so fast while i haven'T even done anyhting outside of my house! but i love your dream house! niceeeeee! very pretty, I wish i had a house like that...

anywhoo i love the jeans and top combo! :) your shirt is cute, because cherries rule!

OH! I have a Giveaway
going on on my blog, would be nice if you came to check it out :) thanks!


Honeysuckelle said...

@Laura Go

Thank you, I always worry I'm going to just make people go "ugh, her and those damn Monster High dolls" and I guess that could still happen haha. They are cute aren't they? I love the way they style Ghoulia, her outfits are the best. I have my fair share of action figures too, I love toys so much. My fiance and I have a designated "toy room" but we don't have displays set up because we haven't been able to afford them. I can't wait till we do because I am going to love that room. The one thing I can say about Monster High is once you start with one you see 194039 more that you want and it just never stops, I literally spend every weekend looking for dolls. Sims is pretty much the same for me, I start playing and I can't stop.


Honeysuckelle said...


I'm so glad to run across other Sims players because for so long I use to play kind of in secret because people told me it was kind of dorky. I play in cycles, like right now I'm in my addictive Sim playing mode and other times I sort of lose interest and don't play for awhile but they keep coming out with new expansion packs that interest me so I don't think the cycle is going to end anytime soon.

Thank you about my MH dolls, I really want to see my entire collection again too, so many of them are still packed away in boxes :(. I will have to share a picture of my display room soon because it is in stage 1 still, it has a long way to go until it's a proper display/toy room. I can't wait to have everything out and staged.

Thank you about the top, I adore cherry print and this is the only cherry print thing I own! I've got to change that.


Honeysuckelle said...

@Thick Threads

Doesn't it?! If I could translate my time spent Simming to a job I'd be a pretty well off lady. Haha, it should almost be illegal. Yesterday was such a beautiful day and I only experienced it a little bit because I was busy playing The Sims, I've gotta stop that, reserve Simming for the ugly days.
Thank you about the house, it did turn out quite lovely, hey if I could build all of us dream homes I totally would :)

Thank you, me and jeans are so tricky, sometimes I think I look super cute in them and other times all I can focus on is my very large thighs. Cherries do rule, I need more cherry print in my life.

I will checks it out now.


Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

I'm jealous of your sims. I guess I need to start buying custom content bc I like that hairstyle and those clothes. I get tired of limited hairstyles. Thats my least fave thing. I need to get monte vista eventually after I play the crap out of seasons. I dont understand pple that dont like sims.

Honeysuckelle said...


I'm the same way, the regular EA hairstyles for women really suck, I don't mind the ones for men but the ones for women are just the deepest levels of suck. I'll send you a message on fb with a bunch of links to CC. Every single time I get excited to play one expansion pack another comes out that I want and it never ends. I really want to get Sunlit Tides and Lucky Palms too, not to mention University when it comes out, the potential playing never ends! I don't get people that don't get into it either, it is such a great game.


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