Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm watching 'Some Kind of Wonderful' and lusting over Eric Stoltz something hard, I have such a difficult time doing one thing at a time so hence the blogging and movie watching at the same time. How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty awesome. On Wednesday I did a little shopping at Burlington Coat Factory, by little I mean I tried on 20 things, and ended up with a really cute blue top, a new multi-chain necklace, and a stud and skulls cross body bag. 

On Thursday, my fiance was recording music at our house with his friend Sylvan, so we all hung out and chatted when they took a break for food. Then on Friday my fiance and I took a walk around our neighborhood and stopped by a few places like Target - I saw the cutest spiked ballet flats but of course they did not have my size (damn these size 11 feet....). Saturday we went to a brand new local hamburger place, stopped by Old Navy for a green tank top, and then headed to a friends St. Patrick's Day party which was a really great time. I drank a lot... as in I kept telling people I felt like I was on another planet alot, so I'm sure it's not much of a surprise to you that I spent most of Sunday in bed. I am a pretty happy, cuddly, outgoing, and talkative drunk person but I almost always get embarrassed the next day thinking "okay, now what did I say/do..." because I always assume I must have said or done something ridiculous. Does anyone who drinks get like that too? Well, I hope everyone is well. I have some chores to catch up with around the house so talk soon!


Laura Go said...

When I went to AK I stopped by Burlington! We don't have one where I live, so meh. That top you got is really cute!

Honeysuckelle said...

@Laura Go

Aw, well it seems the company is expanding so maybe they will build one in your area. I like Burlingtons but sometimes it is almost amusing how chaotic places like that can become haha. Thank you (:


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