Monday, February 23, 2015

Current outfit: Pajamas as usual but let's discuss last night's outfit.

I don't look very pleased in these photos but I most certainly am considering I just got home from Red Robin after devouring one of my favorite burgers and waaaaaay too many baskets of fries.

Forever 21 jeans, New Look floral top, Old Navy Cardigan, Zulily triangle earrings, Glowing flash for a head.

Current favorite food: Chocolate covered strawberries. How does anyone eat just one? Royal Red Robin Burger with no mayo. Ugh, so freakin' good.

Current frustration: Snow, if I have to shovel my driveway again this year (we have a really long driveway) I'm going to.... well, curse a lot and claim loudly to hate winter but that's what I've been doing the entire time so I guess not much new to report on that end.

Current triumph: Uh... uh... I'm going to attempt to make crepes today so that might be a triumph (or a complete disaster... I'm not the best at making thin food).

Current sadness: Two things, last week was pretty tough, Arctic died. I absolutely adored that snow leopard, I was making plans to visit C.A.R.E and everything. I really wanted to see him in person. I was really upset, cried for days.

The second sadness is my job didn't work out, it was a very physical job with very strict time limits and I just was not fast enough. I tried my butt off and that's all you can do but I can't wake up be someone who can walk 3.5-4mph hour carrying a heavy satchel and packages so *shrugs*.

Current cuddle partner: The Halo.

Current wishlist: New job. Red Plaid Picnic Dress / Coral and White Polka Dot Maxi Skirt / Black Quilted Jacket / Backpack Pet Carrier (I think my cats would HATE this but I'm curious about it) / Emerald Rectangle Earrings / Modcloth Pink Picnic Skirt / Black Tulle Skirt / Eshakti Alice Floral Dress / Lace Peplum Tank / Eshakti Alison Green Dress / The Lost City of Z  / Talking Pictures  / Lane Bryant Lace Bra / The Knick Season 1 / Mindless Faith CDs / City Chic Heart Dress

Current plans: Lunch. Trying to figure out what to do next. Also Jason and I had started to plan a trip for my Birthday, I had thought about canceling since I had to quit my job but we've decided to go along with the planning. You only live once right? So I'm thinking Vegas and San Diego Zoo! I'm excited for that.

Current favorite image: 


Laura Go said...

omg crepes. I wanna see the crepes you made! and no-- there is no such thing as too many baskets of fried. No such thing.

Honeysuckelle said...

@Laura - I love crepes too, the first few did not turn out so great but I was starting to get the hang towards the end although they were definitely odd shapes haha. I'm gonna try again soon. Haha, fries are awesomeeee.

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