Friday, March 13, 2015
Did anyone else follow the community of the same name on livejournal? I know some people say livejournal is "dead" but nothing truly dies in my mind and livejournal will always have a special place in my heart. Except maybe myspace, myspace is pretty dead to me. Anyway, I decided when I woke up to do one of these sort of type posts and I warn you... my day was pretty boring. But onto the show.

9:30 Wake up. Check email/instagram/facebook. Husband leaves for work.

 Drag my butt out of bed to eat breakfast and take medicine.

 I love these apple strawberry pouches and this apple fritter bread from Target.

My baby Halo jumps on desk to say good morning. Then proceeds to try to climb on top of printer and gets a brief scolding.

Browse the internet webz. Apply to some jobs. Tidy up a bit - vacuum, laundry, wipe counters, etc.

Groom the Halo who is clearly hating every minute of it. See all that fur? That is what keeps me cleaning constantly, it's like he shed another cat.

Mail comes! I ordered some crinolines on ebay and they are perfect! Back in the day I use to go dancing wearing crinolines and I always wanted some brightly colored ones so now I need to arrange a night of dancing. Halo was very intrigued, I had to hang these bad boys up before it was covered in kitteh.

Lunch! Strawberries. Ham and Swiss grilled cheese on apple fritter bread. Pretty tasty. A small handful of pepper jack cheez it's and two chocolate truffles.

Do some more laundry. Watch 'Chef' on netflix with Halo.

Digestive issues runneth over and force me to my comfortable bed for a nap. Hero joins.

Wake up and make dinner. Pan fried steak and salad. Husband comes home and we discuss birthday travel plans. He quickly eats and then goes to bed since he has to be up early in the morning for work.

And here I am.... exciting eh? Probably going to get to bed soon.

I literally only went outside to bring the trash cans up. So yep, exciting day is exciting. What do you think of these posts? I'll have to do another some day when I actually do more than lounge around the house with my cats. Like maybe I'll go outside or something in the next post? Don't get too crazy there, Rachel.


Courtney Erin said...

I never really stop and think about the things I actually do in a day but it sort of feels like a meaningful exercise in that it makes stop and think about the time and the tasks and how they all fit in together. I may try this idea of keeping a live journal just to see what I actually generate.

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

Honeysuckelle said...

@Courtney - It is funny huh? I kept forgetting to include things I was doing because they seemed so, I guess, mundane. But life is full of mundane activities. I hope you do, it's nice to look back on.


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