Saturday, August 22, 2015
I recently was approached by 10dollarmall, they sent me a free item in exchange for an honest review. I have to say I was really excited, I haven't been approached to review anything on my blog so I was like "WEE!." I hadn't previously heard of 10dollarmall but I have to say I am impressed. I ordered a bow print scarf, a black sheer short sleeve top, and a pair of cross earrings. The first pair of cross earrings came broken but they quickly sent an exchange pair and they are fabulous.

Now I love me a bow print and this one is perfect, the scarf is long and soft. The top is also a soft material and easily wearable, I get a bit worried with my bust trying clothing from new places but this fits spot on. The earrings are probably not everyones style but I like them, I like crosses, what can I say I've watched 'The Craft' about 39403 times.

It's a bit hard to tell but I'm wearing the top from 10dollarmall in this picture and it's really become one of my favorites, it is so comfortable and easy to wear with just about everything.

The customer service I found to be speedy and kind and these prices are amazing! Pop on over to 10dollarmall and browse, tell me what you find!


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