Friday, February 5, 2016
Hello... was... it me you were looking for? Kinda? No... Okay...

Work and sickness has seeped the life out of me. May I please vent for a good paragraph or two about how fucking annoying the side effects of birth control are? I know not everyone experiences the shit storm that I do but I ALWAYS do. I went on one of the pills that would give me few periods a year and I've had my period for almost a month straight. Not just bleeding but cramping, pms, fatigue, migraines, and clearly some moodiness. It has slowed down in the last few days but I will cry with joy when it's over with. Seriously, ENOUGH.

 This was my Christmas outfit and I don't think I've taken an OOTD outfit since.

I've been trying to decorate my house too. Right now I'm looking for rugs, end tables, and some outdoor furniture. Wee. How is everyone else?


Laura Go said...

boo! Sorry to hear you've been sick. And contraceptive side effects-- ugh AWFUL.

Rachel Hilliard said...

@Laura - So many boos but the good news is my contraceptive issues have finally stopped for now and I'm going on vacation next week! Thank you and it's nice to hear from you <3

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