Sunday, February 28, 2016

Just look up a cat named Joe. I don't know about you but I always seek out cats, whether they're named Joe or not. Anyway, yes, I ventured to Mexico recently. I have yet to get a stamp in my passport though, sons of bitches. I did take a cruise so ya know, no stamps for the cruisers I suppose. I love cruises - I ate a ton of desserts, relaxed on a floating city that lulls you to sleep, watched a ton of movies, made friends with the a sweet old couple, spent time with my family, and ventured to port to buy silly things, put my feetsies in the ocean, and SEE DOLPHINS (highlight of my life). I miss it greatly and can't wait to go on another one. OOOH and I had room service every morning and mostly wore a robe... ah, as vacation should be. 

I also spent an arm and a leg on internet service because I'm an addict but that's neither here nor there... my dears. I also lost one of my credit cards before I even made it on the ship so those two things kind of sucked but meh. 

Being back at work has been hard, I miss my naps, room service, and movies! Guess who also wore her first bikini in forever? Yep, your mom. I'm kidding, me obviously. Maybe I'll devote a post to it.

Well, I hope everyone is well and I have an upcoming blog post in mind all about a movie obsession. 


Monique Reinds said...

Wow that is gorgeous!

Rachel Hilliard said...

It was, I miss it.

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