Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Times, they have been a tough, in the land of honeysuckelle. I swear I'm not going to start referring to myself in the third person, at least not regularly. 

I agree Morrissey, I agree.
Ever since my hospital visit last week I have not been feeling the best, my head has been fuzzy and achy, my energy levels have been depleted, and my middle east has been in a constant state of unrest (I mean my tumsies. Been having nausea and what feels like a 24 hour laundromat operating in there). Last Friday and Saturday I literally slept something absurd like 14 hours, I basically only awoke to eat, it was rockin' good times. I have a new symptom over the last few days, pain underneath my ribs on my right side. I've been getting through the last two days with pain killers, nausea medicine, sarcasm, and benadryl. Like I said, Party USA over hur', I don't know if I necessarily have to mention this but the combination of medication have been making me even loopier than usual. BUT I will prevail, I hope or else I will hide under the couch, somehow, since our couch is really low to the ground, "It's a low rider". 

Speaking of talking to appliances, look at this one
I (sort of) warned you about the loopiness. I don't know if this is necessarily loopiness or just the verbal mish mash that goes on in the my head all the time finally bursting through and being shared with you poor unsuspecting people. While I was making dinner, an entire 15 minutes ago, my roommate gave me this look like I was totally insane for briefly cursing under my breath at the oven. He even asked me, "uh were you talking to me?", and I was like "Nah, just the oven" and he gave me another wow she is crazy look. Who doesn't curse at their oven every now and then? I don't take my anger out on the oven for no reason, its not like "oh I had a bad day, let's go kick the oven." Oh the picture to the left is the kitchen in a house for sale that I have my eye on, me likesies, although the radiator placement is a bit awkward. The house has mountain views and a wrap around porch as well *sigh of adoration*. Speaking of adoring feelings, I completely forgot to ask my boyfriend to download last Sunday's eppy of 'True Blood'!

Don't give me that look Hamby, I will watch the newest ep.
So sounds as if times are a tough in other lands, what happened in Norway is beyond nuts. I was very sad to hear of Amy Winehouse's passing too, she had an amazing voice, it was really sad to witness the disintegration of her life and talent with her drug addiction. About a month ago I was telling my fiance about her, he had never heard of her (he listens to mostly metal so her type of music wasn't exactly in line with his) and I also wasn't hugely familiar with her music either but very tragic.

Anywho to the more sunny side of the street, my fiance is celebrating a birthday soon and will have Thursday through Monday off. One of my very good friends, Summer, also just celebrated a birthday two(now three) days ago.

I have been exploring Etsy excessively over the last few days, if I had the money, I'd buy everything I have saved to my favorites (a good 75 things). Everything from stationary, caramels, handmade dresses, jewelry, and prints o'many. I have also been addicted to reviewing things on Yelp. Yelp, I've been addicted to Yelp *rolls eyes*.

I better go since I'm starting to feel worse and worse as time goes on. Bah to the bah bah! I'm going to leave you with a picture of a dress I'm drooling over from Kiyonna and lastly my favorite kitchen of all time. Such a random transition but I was talking about appliances above so I decided to take a slight u-turn. 

Oh, I found out yesterday that Ladytron is coming to DC in October! I hope I will get to go.


Gem said...

Love that picture of Morrissey!

Honeysuck_elle said...

Morrissey, sigh. What a hottie.

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