Sunday, July 17, 2011
I have set out to make a new post about 3 times over the last few days and in true form I would get distracted by any number of things and... well it happened again because I had to look up the Halliwell Manor or the 'Charmed' house. Oh my love for Victorian homes - le sigh - there is not enough room in my little overcrowded heart for all the baked goods, cats, new tights from torrid, my Monkey, the architecture drooling, etc... sigh with hearts in my eyes.

My chocolate creation (it's alivveee...muahaha?) arrived and was consumed within the following day from chocomize. I did manage to pry my dirty little hands away to take a picture. My creation was dark chocolate topped with sliced almonds, chocolate chip cookie dough candy, and cinnamon toast crunch. Twas named Choco-Dough-Nuts (may it rest in peace). It arrived lovingly wrapped in a aluminum pouch to protect it from the summer heat (I always fridgrize' my chocolate candy anyway but it was greatly appreciated). Boo no bubble wrap? I know, <3 the bubble wrap, I go nuts in The Container Store - have you been there? Its a bubble wrap lovers dream. I have to say, I felt a bit ripped off, I was expecting for somewhere between $0.75cents a topping to have a little more on the bar and within the chocolate bar but the toppings were only sprinkled on top. I probably won't order another because it was a bit expensive but I did enjoy it.

My boyfriend and I went to a local Korean place since my last entry, I've passed it about a million times and never experienced it which is a shame because it was delish. All this food talk! It was a bit annoying when a fellow diner decided to pamphlet attack us before our dinner arrived, I ended up using it as a coaster. I hate when people shove anything in my face. Anyway the Bul Gogi and Shrimp tempura were to dieeee for. My boyfriend even enjoyed his dish - for the yay.

My boyfriend and I beat Alice: Madness Returns, loved the end fight sequence. I got a bit frustrated with it at times, there is a ton of leaping. My strategy of JKS (just keep shooting) or JKK (just keep knifing) for gameplay worked beautifully as always. I'm sad I've seen the entire game, I want more kooky lands.

I had a blast on Independence Day, I went to a see 'Transformers 3' with my roommate Dawn and her sister. Afterwards we went to a house party where I met some new dandy people and talked to some dandelion people I've met before. Had some jello shots, some drinks, some cake balls, watched some 'True Blood', watched some IRL dramas go down, got kissed on the ear... I was told I have a good, happy energy by someone whose name I forget and lastly saw some fireworks through some trees.

I had Buca Di Beppo and did some shopping with my friend Summer (I didn't actually buy anything that day) last weekend. Then I visited my Dad and spent some time with my half-brother Jack who was on leave for a bit from Iraq. I don't know Jack very well, its a long story, but this is the fourth time I've met him. My Dad had a full house so he graciously put us up in a hotel for a night, it was one of the revamped Holiday Inns, it was surprisingly swanky. Yes it was Hilary Swank approved *shifts eyes*. We came across two wedding parties and two very apparent drunk & frisky lads because I felt a little violated by the direct eye contact and creepy little smirks.

The following day I dragged my boyfriend all around for emergency makeup and deodorant (I didn't pack because I didn't expect the trip). I got a black maxi dress too because I'm bad ^-^. My boyfriend and I played with my little brother Pavel's toys for a good hour then sat around for dinner where my Dad forced copious amounts of beef on my boyfriends plate. After dinner my Dad, Jack, my boyfriend, and I watched the entire 4th season of Californication. My Dad was hesitant at first but I hooked him.

Rainy day at Rio
Ugh, my car is giving me grief, it didn't pass emissions :(

This weekend has been shopping, absinthe (I hate the taste *shudder*), failed mini golf attempts, and more movies at home including 'Skyline'. The boyfriend and I have discovered a new love I must mention (I'm contractually bound - I'm nots) : American Pickers.

I have been a little keen on the big red bullseye lately, better known as Target or Tar-jay. I have a few purchases to share with you including the not pictured 'Sucker Punch' double movie pack, a white wrap dress I got on sale for $6.74, a black maxi dress, and a floral dress that I tried on 3 separate times before finally buying it yesterday.
Bought it: Black ginarmo purse for $8.6something
Bought it and received many a compliment.
Floral pattern on the dress.
Boyfriends new t-shirt.
Bought it: Fight club t-shirt I'll probably only wear to bed.
Eluded my grasp: they didn't have it in my size and my boyfriend said it reminded him of "snake skin."
I have some new items that should be arriving (hopefully) soon that I will share with you next entry and of course my excessive babble about what I've been eating, watching, listening to so I leave you with two (okay maybe fourfive) last things.

A must try! This ice cream is sooo good it's Blueberry Pie ice cream with bits of sugary pie crust. Mmm!
A cute little kitty that I made friends with from the neighborhood, we hung out for about an hour, now I look for him every time I go outside. Isn't he precious?




See, I was good, I left off at 5 things.


Pop Champagne said...

nice post, and you saw transformers huh?! did you like it? I thought it was better than the previous one :D

Honeysuck_elle said...

Well it was free and I had a ride to the house party afterwards otherwise I probably wouldn't have set out to see 'Transformers 3' but I honestly didn't mind the movie - I actually liked it better than the second one so we're in the same boat haha. Most likely I will end up seeing
'Transformers 3' again since my boyfriend hasn't seen it.

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