Thursday, July 21, 2011

some my laundry hanging up to dry.
 So I was laying in bed trying to sleep but my mind would. not. stop. Then, Karma Chameleon's chorus started playing on a loop in my brain so I decided to relinquish. You win Boy George, you freakin win. I don't even like that song that much (okay, I sorta do, I sing it in my head ALL the time).

So (apparently all my paragraphs must start with "so" this fine morning) my hormones must be raging because I spent like two hours (mmhmm, try more) googling pictures of hot dudes yesterday, this isn't the rarest occasions in my... world or what have you but normally I don't start growling at the computer/phone screen. But honestly when people say "what were you like when you were a kid?" I usually answer "boy crazy" and now I'd say "The kind of girl who tackles her boyfriend and humps him like a dog in heat in the kitchen with the blinds open?". It's not what you think, it's more of a gesture than anything sexual but that might be TMI but well, well, than stop reading. Don't stop reading :( I'll give you a cookie *pout* Me has no cookiez. I do have pictures of cute boys? Since I'm still on the subject I might as well list these manz I lusts over.

Mah monkey aka my fiance is top of the list (don't puke, I said don't do it!) but... I admit to some others. Get ready girls to clutch those pearls and have an ice pack handy. See, what I'm saying, I'm going boy bonkers.

Mr Henry Cavill, I don't know if you've ever watched 'The Tudors' but here is some incentive, he shows his ass and it is not bad at ALL. My boyfriend gives me crap about him all the time because he knows of my enormous crush on him. Look at that face, naughty little scrumpet.
Jason Momoa. Granted I did not really know who he was before 'Game of Thrones' but he was the perfect pick for Drogo. Lisa Bonet is one lucky, lucky gal.
Justin Theroux. Normally I don't like my men, so well, small but there is something really sexy about this chap. He actually grew up in D.C. too.
Lastly, Mr Alcide (Joe Manganiello) on the most recent True Blood episode taking his pants off to shift into a wolf and we got a little looksie at... well.. I can't speak. I almost died.
Last weeks 'True Blood' was quite amusing, I loved when Alcide growled - it was so cute. Eric acting silly declaring himself a sea god was adorable too. I don't want to give too much away to the people who might not be caught up on 'True Blood'.

In different and far less exciting news, I had to go to the emergency room on Sunday, I had a headache the entire day but as it got later it progressed to an absolutely horrific migraine of which I had never experienced. I called my fiance at work crying and was like "come get me, take me to the hospital, my head hurts so bad." I was feeling nauseous and it was just ugh terrible. Everyone at the emergency room was really nice, exceptionally nice (there's a lot of "ex" words going on in this post). I got some IV medicines, one of which really churned my stomach but the migraine dispersed. The doctor wrote me a prescription and my boyfriend treated me to a late dinner. Luckily no one noticed I still had my hospital bands and cotton swab on my arm from the IV while we were eating. I felt sick for 2 days after but I'm starting to feel better.

I have been craving marmalade like crazy lately, toast and marmalade, mmm mmm! Almost as tasty as all the men above, almost.

I have to say my lust has not been only for the masculine creatures, my wishlist would be pages long, all the clothing places have really been on their A-game. It has been far too long, I have to wishlist it.
Wishlist 7/21/2011

Ball gown dress
£49 -

Ball gown dress

Stop Staring black cap sleeve dress
$146 -

Camisole tank top
$30 -

Red top

Stretch lace top
$39 -

Twill Zipper Skinny
$37 -

Black flower tight
$15 -

V-Neck Ruched Dolman
$17 -

Mid rise jeans
$40 -

Iron Fist black shoes

ALDO buckle shoes
$50 -

Loungefly dot jewelry
$15 -

Rhinestone ring
$13 -

Sorry this one is a little uneven but you get my drift: white dresses, lace, honeysuckle scented body wash, sandals, absolutely gawgaus lace tights from torrid that I reallly really want, flannel shirt (Santa send me the aqua),and lots of black.

Lastly, I leave you with a clip from one of the best movies ever (evah, evah). I wanted the one where he goes "Wedding Singer" and howls and falls off a step but I couldn't find it.

To follow the boys theme...


Thick Threads said...

yah Kal drogo...sexiest sexer! lol i also love jon snow with all his curles and handsomeness in game of thrones its really a great show all around :D

so sorry to hear about that terrible headache! it really sucks getting migranes like that. i had one seriously bad once where i couldnt stand eventhe smallest sound, or the faintest smell of anything and light! forget it! it was the worst! i am super prone to migranes so im used to them and they suck every time but that one was especially shitty. so i know how that must have felt! sucks that you where sick from the IV too! blah! I hope that whatever your doctor perscribed is helping. Do they know what caused it?

anyway dude i am loving your wish list.. im so broke right now it hurts my heart to look at it. I want those jeans with the zipper pockets and i still dont have a maxi dress! seriously its terrible..


Honeysuck_elle said...

Yes, ugh Drogo so sexy. I like how his character learned to love and be more compassionate. I know what happens (still haven't watched the last two episodes) and I refuse to watch it - I'll cry the entire episode. Jon Snow is a cutie, I love his little curls too. Game of Thrones is awesome.

It was horrible, migraines are a bitch. I have no idea what caused it, the Doctor wasn't sure either, he was just kinda giving me crap for sleeping so much. I can't recall what the pain killer was called that they gave me through the IV but jinkies, tummy no likie. The prescription is helping, luckily I'm feeling better mostly without any pills. My tummy is still out of sorts, which sucks. I'm sorry to hear about your migraines too, they feel like the world is ending the pain is so intense. I would not wish them on anyone. My mom has migraines too so I'm also prone to them, pfft at our luck with migraines. Hopefully (knock on wood, go do it, you'll jinx it :) we will be migraine free for the rest of the year.

Haha, I'm so broke too, wah I always want more clothes no matter how much I have. My poor boyfriend, always putting up with my shopping addiction. I know I LOVE those zipper pants OMGZ me want, I have these pants that have ties all the way up and I constantly get compliments on them. I'm trying to replicate that. No maxi? Girl get on that haha, when you can of course. They are super comfy. The only problem I have is they are pretty low cut in the boobage area.

Lauren D said...


Oh my god, the lake scene in True Blood. My mum came up halfway through and I rewound it for her - you should have seen her face :D Alcide is one beautiful specimen of man! I never realised Jason Mamoa was so pretty either. Wow.

*fans self*

Honeysuck_elle said...

Haha, my thoughts exactly with the unf.

I knowwww, ugh, I had to keep rewinding and pausing with my mouth agape, thank heavens for whoever decided we could see the top of his... UNF! True Blood needs more Alcide in my opinion. Jason Momoa is gorgeous, I love how big he is, UNF once again.

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