Saturday, November 26, 2011

I wanted to share this image because it is one of the very first photographs of a person taken with the daguerreotype process of photography invented by Louis Daguerre. Louis Daguerre was born November 18, 1787 and this year google honored his birthday and invention. The Daguerreotype was the Polaroid of that era taking only one picture at a time, this process had a ten minute exposure so it did not capture the traffic and only captured people who were standing long enough to have their images captured. How amazing it must have been to see some of the first photographs of a person and place that until then had only been seen with the eye or painted with a brush. How lucky we are these days, we can search online for anything and everything. Hell, I've done street views on google maps for cities I've never been to. I know this means I have too much free time on my hands, I'm well aware.

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was kind of a normal day for me as I wasn't feeling too well and stayed home instead of driving the hour and 1/2 to my mom's house. So I stayed home to cuddle with the kitties and watch too much netflix. I think I might have undiagnosed asthma but until I actually go to a doctor and not just rely on internet diagnosis, which can make anyone feel paranoid, I can't be certain. I'm exhibiting a lot of the symptoms and have been experiencing coughing and chest constriction almost nightly for the last few days but it could just be that I'm a bit dramatic sometimes when it comes to feeling out of sorts. I've felt out of sorts, physically, for awhile now though.

My fiance/boyfriend/partner (since I'm always switching around his title) had to work Thanksgiving - he works every holiday *insert sad panda here* -  and was stuck at work all day with bad catered food so when he got off work we went to one of our local places for hot chocolate and dinner. Or should I say "Hot ChokoLATTE". I've had some hot CHOKOLATTE today as well. I've also had some wine, it's all about the excessive amounts of beverage today, sha-yeah (You may also want to refer to the above evidence of tea drinking from a different day)!Yes, I may be feeling the tiniest amount of toastiness from the wine at the moment, just a teensy amount.

Besides my googling and excessive beverage drinkin' I've been watching these two rebels in their X-File Adventures on Netflix. Oh netflix, how I adore thee? Netflix has all 9 seasons available on instant viewing but I've been a bit of a slacker (as usual) and only gotten as far as Season 2 episode... episode... I don't know what episode I'm on?! Oh Mulder, I think I've been visited by little green men who have stolen my memory and brain function, come and rescue me! Seriously, how many men can be named Fox? Only one! Rrreow (Funny tidbit, my option to use voice to text recognizes "Rrrreoww" as "How are you?"). Yes, if you follow me on twitter you'll know I said something about Mulder being a Fox, but yadda yadda, it is still true isn't it?

I watched The X-Files on and off when I was a kid but not regularly, I didn't have much commitment to anything as a kid except cleaning and organizing my barbie townhouse (I would seriously dust and wipe down my toys, I was a weird child). Lots of accidents happened with this elevator within my barbie community but barbie never seemed bothered by it... she always had a 'Stepford Wife' smile on her face. Bitch. I also used the roof as a room so it's a good thing that it never rains in Barbie-Land. It's also good that barbie can levitate since there was no elevator (my barbie townhouse elevator was white btw, because I know you would not survive without that little piece of information) access to the top floor. Barbie has so many skills, tee-to-the-hee.

"This is one of the most random posts..." I know.

I have yet to do any Christmas shopping but because I'm a broke ass no one really expects presents from me, mainly just my little sisters who I try to buy gifts for every year. They are at those impossible ages, you know what I mean, where you can no longer walk into a toy store and pick something up (and play within the aisles yourself \m/). My little sisters are 15 and 12 so I suppose clothes are the best option, anyone have any ideas? I'm 26 and you can buy me toys, just putting the word out there =D

Belt and Cardigan: Target/ Wallet: Hot topic/ Paper Monsters by Dave Gahan cd: FYE/ Limitless DVD: Fye
But since I'm such a selfless (jerk) person, I do however have loot over the past week to share with you. I went to Hot Topic looking for Beetlejuice shirts I saw online but they didn't have them in the store (that is because they are online exclusive...duh at me) but lucked out by finding this shiny, leopard print, brass knuckle wallet.


"Sandworms! I hate em' myself", I require these shirts or else...someone may get hurt. Don't you read the newspaper?! 13%!

On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I met up with his friend Kevin for dinner. This was my first time meeting Kevin and I really enjoyed his company, he was a joy to talk about skipping school, women and their shoe obsessions, and future plans to jump into fountains whilst under the influence of a little hooch.

I had steak and crab cakes that I quite enjoyed, even more so because it was $3 crab cake day, how can you beat that? I don't typically like seafood but it was a pretty good crab cake, even my picky eater boyfriend liked it.

I spent another evening in the company of:

...Trader Joes Moscato and dark chocolate covered Pretzel Slims while I watched 'The X-Files', it was a glorious end to an evening. I don't typically drink as much wine as I've been drinking this week but I've really been in the mood for sweet wine and it's the holidays! The joy of the holidays lies in being as tipsy as a circus performer. I just wanted to say "circus performer", I know nothing about their drinking habits so keep the clowns away. I would personally have to be drunk to be a circus performer though, I have major stage fright.

I left something out of my loot roll-call!

I picked up these fabulous, adjustable strapped boots from Target and I have to say, I think I might be in love. Although I think I might need to break them in a little because they do rub against my heel a little bit. I hope that will go away or we may need to have a talk.

Tomorrow I have plans to hang out with my friend Summer who I haven't seen in awhile, so I'm looking forward to that. I have more wine and hot chocolate to guzzle down, more Scully and Mulder sexual tension to witness, and my general usual ridiculousness.

Well, well, this has been quite a random post (that is the style here at honeysuckelle) - I really wasn't sure what I would make this post about, mainly just a general update and I suppose you got that... the wine is wearing off so now the shame kicks in (jokesy). I have more late night meal making to do - I know, we eat late, the joys of third shift. Next post I'm hoping to share some pictures I took while trying on some engagement rings... I just tried them on for fun and to give my Fiance an idea of what to eventually get me/end-uber-girl-moment.

I'm off to make burrrrrrrrrritos, emphasis on the rolling of the R. I will talk to you crazy kids soon, I leave you with a picture of a very important meal:


C'mon it's a meal, I mean it has dairy, dough, sugar, chocolate...maybe it doesn't count as a nutritious meal but I love me some cannolis.

Oh, before I forget, 'The Walking Dead' - my questions, comments, and concerns: Are they ever going to find Sophia? If something bad happens to Darryl, I refuse to watch any further. I'm glad to see Shane has his hands busy with a non-married lady. I do have to say I'm enjoying this season more than last, although I'm disappointed in how the female characters are being portrayed, I feel like they are being written very one dimensional.  Anyone else watching 'The Walking Dead'?

Goodnight moon walkers. I love this movie.


Courtney Erin said...

I also live in fear that something bad will happen to Darryl...God I love that show! And good call on watching the X-Files on Netflix, I recently rewatched most of the series and got so into it.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Arielle said...

What a cool picture. I love staring at it trying to see the people and all the little details. We should def appreciate the ease of technology we have now. I watch Netflix way too much too. I can't believe you had a Barbie townhouse. My best friend had this HUGE Barbie house and I would always go play with hers. I would make dollhouses out of shoe boxes and stuff. I haven't done any shopping but I have alot to do. My niece and nephew are both 9(maybe 10, I'm a crappy aunt :x) and I always think they like gifts that turn out to be for like toddlers lol. My roomie has been watching The Walking Dead and said to tell you Shane is an ass. :)


Anonymous said...

The X-Files used to scare me as a kid...well, the intro song did. ;)

xo, Samantha

Honeysuckelle said...

@Courtney Erin - It's kind of weird because normally in my life I probably wouldn't gravitate towards a person like Darryl (yes, I know this is a show haha) but his character is just great. He is a little rough around the edges but he is a well thought out, well written, and a character with dimensions. I didn't really love the show last season but I'm liking it more as time goes on, although a few characters I could do without.

Yay for Netflix and even more yay for X-Files. I feel drawn now to watch the show, I loves it.


@Arielle- It is a great picture isn't it? I would love to see what that area looks like today. We really should appreciate technology, we have so many things that make life so much easier for us. I almost feel absurd because I'm so relied on certain technology like my phone, my gps, my computer - I'd be lost without those things (quite literally). The barbie townhouse was my precious, I loved that thing. It was made out of the most flimsy cardboard and plastic pieces, I had to "renovate" it often. I had two closets when I was a kid and the one was filled with just my barbie stuff, I was a bit spoiled... my barbies were living the high life. I didn't have many friends that played with barbies growing up so I usually played alone. I'd make stuff sometimes too, shoe boxes were definitely the way to go! Haha I know what you mean, toddlers have some cute toys. Shane is an ass! *internet high five roomie*


Samantha- Haha me too! It's funny because when I watch the intro song now it seems kind of silly. And oooh are you Samantha Mulder?! Kidding, thanks for the comment :)


Thick Threads said...

that photograph is amazing, and well photographed for someone who has never done it before. ever! we really should be greatful for our digital camaras now and instant viewing of everything!

My thanksgiving was fine thanks! Atleast you spent yours at home with the cats and person you love! :) seems like a pretty nice thanksgiving to me.

I really can't believe the increase in sandworms! 13%! i was just discussing this over tea and biscuits at the local market.

I am loving the walking dead, im sure they'll find sophie, but she will be a zombie, oh wells, !


Bonnie said...

My Thanksgiving is Black Friday. I LOVE Black Friday.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Honeysuckelle said...

A_Riot- I know right, that man had photography skills! I wish I had some photography skills but clearly from my blog, I currently do not haha. I've thought about taking photography classes but can't afford a proper camera. We are lucky little chipmunks for so many reasons, how easy so many of us have it. I left my phone at home by accident today and was freaking out the entire time thinking "what if I dropped it?! Nooo Vi-Vi, I need you to SURVIVE", okay it wasn't that dramatic.

Just fine? Like fine as in Henry Cavill ffff(with a "ph" sound)ine? If so, right on sister.

A day with beloved kitties and great boyfriend is definitely a not too shabby day, even when the boyfriend forgot to buy you chocolate at the store and the cats peed on the carpet. Definitely evidence of lucky chipmunk-ness, despite a lack of chocolate!

I know, the sandworms are out of control! Beetlejuice and I were at Starbucks the other day and saw a sandworm dancing in the streets.

Sadly, I'm pretty sure too that Sophia has reached full zombiehood. I haven't see this weeks eppy yet but read some mild spoilers.

Thanks for the comment lady.


@Bonnie - Black Friday is chaos but full of great sales so I can see where the love comes from. I hope you found lots of cool stuff. Thanks for stopping by :)


Pop Champagne said...

ohhh nice, haha I'm a broke ass too right now esp after forking over $$$ to buy new bed sheet set because my tenant's towel dyed my current bed sheet and covers blotches of PINK! sigh, x mas shopping will have to wait for me too

Amber Blue Bird said...

So much to say! Okay lets start off with the fact that I'm 27 nearing 28 in a matter of days I still like to get toys for Christmas. I've been eying the bop it!

Fact: when I was much younger I was in love with Fox Mulder and the X-files. Fact: I had the same poster he has in his office (the "I Want To Believe" poster) hanging in the back of my door. Fact: I was and am awesome.

I think Sophia is going to be found and she will be living among another group of survivors. The two groups will join forces. Also can Andrea just die already. She really annoys me.

Honeysuckelle said...

@Pop Champagne- I enjoy buying presents for people but it does make the holidays less stressful knowing you don't have to worry about getting anyone anything because you can't manage it. Oh that sucks about your bed sheets! My roommates like to burn my food but luckily haven't messed up any of our clothes/bed stuff. I hope you don't have any more bedding disasters. Thanks for the comment.


@Amber Blue Bird- Yay another appreciator of toys. I asked my fiance for legos last Christmas, he didn't get them for me... I still bring it up haha. I really wanted some pirate legos! I loved legos as a kid and I think the love is still there. I'm certain of it, I get a bit excited in The Lego Store. Bop it (just googled it) sounds awwwesome.

Haha, I get it, Mulder is quite tasty.

I really feel like the writers haven't been very fair to any of the female characters on the show, they just haven't made them smart enough I guess. I'm liking Maggie thus far though. I said the same things about Andrea during the last episode when she shot Darryl! I'd be fine without her and Shane, Shane has definitely boarded the crazy train. I just got done watching the latest episode of 'The Walking Dead' and know what happens to Sophia. I'm so pissed that we have to wait until February for more episodes! I didn't realize they were taking a mid-season break, I was wildly complaining about it - arms going everywhere and accidentally elbowed my fiance.

Thanks for the comment lady. Hope you acquire the bop it soon.


wait until the sunset said...

aarrrgghhh!!! I LOVE X-FILES!!! I've watched all the retro seasons with Mulder in them soooo many times; coolness factor definitely left when he left, siiigghh

I had a big Barbie townhouse too!!! God that was a long time ago ;)

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset

Honeysuckelle said...

@Wait until the sunset - It is a bad ass motha.. (shut yo mouth. Shaft theme song, I had to) show, The X-Files that is. I think I will stop watching the show after Mulder leaves. No Mulder?! Well, no more me. I know it feels silly but I always feel sad when a beloved character leaves a show, I feel like the character died, even though in reality they never really existed since they were just imagined.

Hehe did you? Was yours flimsy cardboard as well or did you have an all plastic one? I also had like a drive-thru McDonalds, 3 cars, a post office (which was so random), and some other stuff like that. I always wanted a camper, never got one. My cousin had one and use to throw it down the stairs, my reaction was *gasp* how can you treat your toys that waaayyy?

I miss the days of playing barbies, I still go down the toy aisles and look at the barbies. The barbies aren't as cool these days. Thanks for the comment, may our barbie townhouses rest in piece.


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