Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In my last entry I promised (and since my word is my...word) I would share pictures of ring(s) I tried on last week but I figured I would just post a picture of the one that was my favorite. I apologize that my fingers look like bangers minus the mash, and that my nail-beds suck (do a little dance, quote a lil' movies, get down tonight). But I have been thinking, although diamonds are very shiny and it was fun to see my boyfriend squirm -- not because of his fear of commitment, but because of his fear of paying $450.00 for a ring that just lays around on my finger -- I have decided once and for all I don't want an expensive engagement ring. I always thought it was a waste, I mean if you have the money I'd say go for it, but that is money better spent on something more useful like furniture, appliances, or 22.5 (not sure what you will do with that lone slipper...) pairs of zombie slippers. I still want a ring, just something more practically priced. Either way this is a pretty ring, it reminds me of the moon or the sun in the opening theme of 'Game of Thrones' (no? just a little bit? "I don't see it"... whateve!) minus the protruding animal heads of course, "Um yes, why doesn't this ring come with a stag?."

I couldn't find a corresponding picture...!

I had plans this morning to drink hot chokolatte and watch 'The Little Mermaid' (for the billionth time) but I got distracted by the vastness that is the internet. I'm pretty sure I know how 'The Little Mermaid' ends though so I think it can wait.

I had a really swell time hanging out with Summer on Saturday. I got a few lushie things from Lush, including Snowcake soap and Three Gold Rings (what is with all the ring references?!) bubble bar. Basically lots o' almond and vanilla scents, I really was hoping to pick up a Marzibain bubble bar but they didn't have it. My only issue with Lush is I feel really hesitant to use anything I buy or am given from there because I don't want it to disappear into the land of suds and bubbles. Plus, I feel as if my shower is not worthy of such luxuries? Haha no seriously, I keep stashing my Lush items for when my fiance and I have our own place *shakes head.* I have a Fizzy O' Therapy bath bomb that my friend gave me about a year ago, it just smells so good, I don't want to use it yet. Don't tell my shower, the shower and I have enough problems already. Everything I bought smells so good though, you can even smell it when you're sitting on the couch in the living room.

Look how cute 'Three Gold Rings' is, when I first pulled it out to show my boyfriend he was like "Looks tasty" and I had to assure him it was not, I mean I don't think it is but I don't want to find out. I didn't come to this potty mouth overnight - oh no, I had my mouth washed out with soap as a kid a couple of times, so I'm a tad familiar with the taste of soap. I guess I keep my potty mouth on the dl (low down, down loww) here in blog land but trust me in person it is... fucking nuts. C'mon, I had to. What is thee holiday season without some booze and a mouth full of swears (and possibly soap if you happen to be 11 years old or have the strictest parents ever), am I right?

After Lush, Summer and I walked around for a little bit and then decided to go to a Mongolian buffet she had a Groupon for in Bethesda. At dinner I loudly shared with her the story about me thinking I had glass in my ass at Re/Dress in New York and I'm pretty sure some nosy people next to us were listening and laughing at me because of it but I regret nothing! Bacon jelly beans, see below for explanation *shiver*! After I consumed my daily ration of garlic (I love large amounts of garlic) for the day we decided to head back to the mall to go to Old Navy. Summer, being the smart shopper that she is, had a bunch of coupons so we both left with something. I got some basic black leggings, a $5 purple shirt, and $8 pajama bottoms. I had to actually return the pajama bottoms because someone (that someone is moi) wasn't smart enough to check if the pants were on the right hanger and my chubby booty isn't going to fit into a size small. When I returned to le Old Navy to exchange said pajama pants on Monday, I saw a few things I hadn't seen over the weekend that I'm really wishlisting.

Old Navy Drool

I have no idea why I numbered this wishlist. Oh well.

After Old Navy we went to The Hallmark Store, of which I don't usually haunt but Summer had more coupons. She gave me one of the coupons so I bought some Yankee Candle lip balms, yeah, who knew the candle people were venturing into lip balm territory? I very rarely pass up a lip gloss/lip balm and this seemed too weird not to try. Great thinking really, if it's weird than apply it directly to your lips! The lip balms come in these cute little candle jar shaped containers and smell divine. If they tasted as good as they smell, I'd swear by them and nothing else. Then again as an adult, you really shouldn't be licking your lip balm off your lips every ten five minutes... but I ended up with the buttercream, black cherry, and strawberry flavors. My boyfriend said they bother him, not the smell, just the look of them. Uh oh, the swords have been drawn Sir.

After Old Navy, Summer and I sat in her car and talked for a good 5 hours. I enjoy having a good conversation in a parked or moving vehicle, that sounds wrong, I mean literal talk...Officer.

Since then I've watched some more 'X-Files' but I have been slacking once again, finally found out what happened to Sophia in 'The Walking Dead', and caught up on a few Bitchin Kitchen episodes (so much ridiculous fun over food). Does anyone else watch 'Bitchin Kitchen'? Yes, other cooking shows make you laugh out loud but it usually isn't intentional...

COCKTAIL TIME! I'm just saying, Ms. Sandra Lee likes her cocktail time.

Other cooking shows don't have killer wardrobes, hysterical episode themes, and odd babydoll placement as Nadia G does in Bitchin Kitchen. To make a long story short watch 'Bitchin Kitchen', dammit.

Last week I went to Panera with my boyfriend, some time has passed since Panera and I have been able to see one another, mostly because my boyfriend doesn't like Panera so I reveled in the moment and... have slides. I don't have slides, I have crappy pictures taken on my couch <add applause track here>. I know Panera is the same all over the country but I MUCKing love the asiago roast beef sandwich and on this fine visit I tried the chocolate mint crinkle cookie and yumyums, I didn't want to leave. Speaking of food, I'm hungry, eating something other than nilla wafers is probably a safe bet to make.

I'm quite amused by the fact that every single picture I take and share of myself is of me sitting on my fanny. The smirk is something I've come to realize I almost always do when I'm taking pictures because I feel absurd and because I'm a smart ass and... I REGRET NOTHING. That isn't true, I do regret the time I got duped into eating bacon jelly beans. I regret even more that I got tricked into *cough* doing it a second time... I'm brilliant and I know it. At the very least, during the second bacon jelly bean incident, the minute I put it in my mouth and realized I had done it again, I had the good sense to spit it out like an angry Viking in a pub "WHAT IS THIS GOAT SHI..." kinda thing. I don't even like jelly beans, I don't know how I let this happen twice, whhhy? WHY, lack of common sense? I'm an easy mark I suppose, don't take that literally Legolas. Moral of the story: don't ever try bacon jelly beans and most importantly, don't take candy offered to you by your "friends" - especially if that candy is baby pink colored! I'm having flashbacks and shuddering at the thought, it left a horrible taste in my mouth for days.

Well now that I shared that lovely story with you, I think it is time for me to go. I'm sorry but Smirky has got to eat something. Listen to Annette Hanshaw and forgot all about my candy misadventures.


Arielle said...

I agree about the engagement ring thing. My engagement ring is a 1 carat but my fiance got it on sale a couple years back when a jewelry store was going out of business so it was like 75 percent off. I wish I would just have got a cheaper antique/vintage ring that has more character and is cheaper. Anyhoo, that cookie looks delicious.


Courtney Erin said...

I got my ring on a site called emitations for like under $100 and it has a giant cubic zirconia that many people mistake for a diamond...I love it and it was a super price. I never really went in for the spending a lot on things like that...also, I've got the rest of my life for my husband to buy me jewelry, etc. so why waste money on it now?

xoxo ~ Courtney

Honeysuckelle said...

@Arielle - A 1 carat is nice, 75% off is a great deal. I worked for a jewelry store for awhile several years ago, the largest carat rings we sold were 2 carats. I wish they had more antique jewelry stores, that is the kind of thing I want as well - something unique and antique. I'm sure your ring is pretty. The cookie was soooo good, just a slight hint of mint and very chocolatey, I'm drooling thinking of it.


@Courtney Erin- That is a great deal, I'm checking out the website now. It is really hard to tell the difference between a good quality cubic zirconia and a real diamond. I mean some are obvious but most of them you can't tell. I use to know a lot about diamonds but I haven't worked at a jewelry store since 2006. I totally agree with you, I'd rather he spent a lot of money on something else. If my fiance was like "Will you marry me?" while he was sitting on a new fabulous couch haha, there would be tears of joy.


Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

If you can't smirk on your own blog, where can you smirk? Right? Right.

Thanks for stopping by my blog fellow tall person. And for your comment on my skress (together we'll make it a thing).

Honeysuckelle said...

@Gracey at Fashion for Giants - You are totally right, what is the purpose of having a blog without being able to smirk on it. I'm a smirker and I'm proud of it. Usually, I'm proud of it, sometimes I see the picture and think "I look smug...".

Aww, no problem. The tall ladies need to stick together and see over the crowd together -and block the short ones views muahahaaha, jokey. I think we can make this "skress" thing work. Thank you for stopping by as well.


Anonymous said...

Those rings are beautiful! :)

xo, Samantha

Katha Strophe said...

Aww, I feel the same whenever I buy anything from Lush - everything looks like it would taste so good and I keep the things i buy there forever without using them.

Honeysuckelle said...

@Samantha- Thank you, I thought so myself. Maybe I will get lucky and find a ring that looks similar that isn't close to $500.00. I'd rather have a couch, damn practicality, I hate our couch with a living passion. Wow, my couch hatred is showing its true colors... lol sorry for that random mini rant.

@Katha Strophe- Haha seriously, the stuff from Lush is just too pretty, I don't want to use it and have it go away. There are a few things they sell that look like slices of pink and orange cake, so every time I leave the store I'm craving sweets - well more so than my normal sweet cravings.

Thanks for stopping by ladies and thank you for the comments!


Thick Threads said...

awwww pretty ring! i totally see the GOT sun it it too! ahhhh once seen never again unseen! but its awesome, i like it.

ahhh i love lush in all its amazing smells and glory! i gotta go there! and i just realized i forgot to add lush stuff to my wishlist (which i have tagged you in on my blog :) )

that picture of you is pretty cute! as always, i like your cardigan, its got shiny stuff! so it rules :)

bacon flavored candy! who was the genious who thought of that? seriously though, bacon in candy form, i will try that , i will try it twice! bacon in ma heart foreva!

sorry about the fat kid rant, but u mention bacon and you mention candy and its bound to happen! you and your big teasing!


Claire | French for Cupcake said...

I'm hungry now...

GAH wasn't walking dead so intense?! x

Honeysuckelle said...

@TT- Thank you, finally someone else sees the GOT sun in that ring. I really adore that ring the more I stare at the picture but I'm trying not to get too attached.

Lush is quite a wonderful company, I still haven't opened my bar of snow-cake soap but I just... can't... do it. The snow-cake soap was meant for bigger and better tubs. This was actually one of only 3 visits I've made to a Lush but their site is quite good as well.

Aww, you flatterer, thank you. I really need to try taking pictures outside and off my couch for a change, it is pretty likely I'll find a place to sit on my fanny still though. Thank you about the cardigan too, I spotted it and had to have it. How could anyone just walk past a sparkly cardigan?! They have it in grey as well.

Ok, so I love bacon like any normal person -besides my boyfriend- but the bacon candy was nasty in my opinion. I just don't think candy sweet goes well with smokey flavor. BUT on that same token, I know a few places that sell a lot of bacon products (,, apparently haha) so go get your bacon freak on! I love fat kid rants, speaking of those, I miss snowballs with marshmallow. Snowballs, snowballs!


@Claire/French for Cupcake - Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, I loveeey dove your blog. Panera is so good, I was covered in powdered sugar when I left Panera and I did not care. That cookie was worth it and it was only a $1. I'm going to have to go back for more cookies, correction, ALL the cookies :)


Jen Umm said...

great inspiration! love the first pic!
thanks for sharing!

if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know!

ShyScout said...

Mint crinkle cookies. Mmm mmm mmm!

Honeysuckelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Honeysuckelle said...

@Jen Umm- Aww, thank you so much. I will check out your blog and sorry about the delay in a reply.


@ShyScout- I guess they only made those for Christmas time, I was super bummed when I found that out. They were super tasty!


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