Thursday, November 17, 2011

 I don't know where the time goes, I mean it is already almost Thanksgiving and it feels like Halloween was a mere hour ago. Speaking of Halloween, I never even made a Halloween post! That is a travesty if I've heard (read) one, especially considering my love for the holiday. I didn't actually dress up for Halloween so I guess Saxy Saxophone man from 'The Lost Boys' will have to wait until next year (or perhaps just a really slow and hyper filled day).

My Halloween was very low-key this year, my fiance and I went over to our friends Laurie and Jason's where we all chatted, ate pizza, and watched absurd movies. Halloween was also my 3 year animalversay with my fiance and we celebrated quietly at home on a separate day. No wild Motley Crue type parties this year (not any year really lol). The past few weeks have been rough and we haven't really felt like celebrating all that much since one of our best friends is going through a divorce and had to move to Florida. We were very sad to see her go but at the same time I'm happy for the new beginning for her and her children. This always seems like a stressful time of year for my fiance and I, around the end of October I look upon the calender and think "Blast you Winter, you are a bandit of happy."

For my animalversary (twas a present) and also for my sanity, I have luckily acquired a new game to obsess over and take out my seasonal aggressions on. It is pretty much a remake of a game I've played before with some minor changes and a different protagonist but is ultimately about: killing zombies. It marks the return of Frank West from the original.

I also got 'Water for Elephants' for my animalversary, I love me some vintage Circus action. Besides the element of killing zombies, I also get to put Frank in absurd outfits to amuse myself with like what I got my dude in right now: a Hula girl outfit, go-go boots, sports fan face paint, and a viking helmet - what a dashing fella. Get that outfit ready for your next Zombie Apocalypse adventure. Does anyone else play video games? Which ones are your favorites?

For Halloween I also saw 'Paranormal Activity 3' which was to be expected, I didn't really care for the twist at the end although a few things associated with it were quite scary. Has anyone else seen it? The part with the babysitter (babysitters, always the innocent victims) scared the bejesus out of me. I also saw 'Immortals' in 3D and D-BOX (where the seat moves with the action) which was really cool, I kinda wish that it went throughout the entire movie though. I accidentally turned my seat off at one point too for like maybe a minute or two, I didn't realize it till I had until I looked over at my fiance and he was moving. On the subject of visual entertainment, Henry Cavill, what? *cough* I visited my Dad yesterday and watched Season 2, episodes 1-8 of Boardwalk Empire. I love that show, I wish we had HBO dammit. I've heard some people comment that the show is slow paced but I have to say I don't really agree, I feel like it has a lot going on at any time. I've always been fascinated by stories of organized crime/mobsters although at this point they haven't really morphed into "mobsters" per-say. I really like the addition of Owen Slater played by Charlie Cox, he is quite meow! I know he isn't really Irish but I'm a sucker for the accent he uses in the show. Anyone else watch the show?

The day we saw 'Paranormal Activity 3' we had a really good dinner at Genghis Grill, of which I thought I took pictures of (here is a picture from the previous time we went with Jason's friend, Jamie) but I did get talked into a $5 frozen margarita so I blame the tequila. Tequila always does things to me, even in small quantities, I don't (typically) climb on bars and do a little dance like Pee Wee Herman. But anytime I get a little tipsy on tequila, I sing the song and act out that scene in my head.

 While we were on the way to the movie theater, I was still humming the tequila song to myself and noticed a brand new Pinkberry location. I literally screamed out "PINKBERRY" in the car and after a little convincing of the Fiance, stumbled in with my low alcohol tolerance self and chatted up the super friendly 10:00PM Sunday Pinkberry crew. They have pomegranate seeds now! I was quite elated.

We've been eating really good food the last few weeks actually, we made a few trips to a local diner that I'm a fan of, went back to Maggianos, and had a great deal of yummsey Thai food. I love thai iced tea! I've made it at home and can never get it to taste the way they taste in the restaurants, I know I'm not using the right type of tea but I can't seem to find the right black tea to use.

Ode to the Thai iced tea. Can you tell I'm hungry at the moment?

The weather over the past week or so has been erratic, about two weeks ago it was bone chilling cold and then for a few days this week it was upwards of 70 degrees outside. Monday in particular was so lovely, we drove to Historic Leesburg with plans to walk around and take pictures but of course my stomach started to hurt so instead we just drove through and I attempted to take pictures.

You would think this was the day I had tequila based on how the pictures turned out but it is hard to get decent shots dangling outside a moving vehicle. I risked life and limb for this post! I'm totally kidding, chihuahuas dangle out the window more than I did.

I attempted, again, to take pictures of myself to post here and this is how it turned out... but then again I didn't really try in prime locations with good lighting, nor do I ever like pictures of myself taken by anyone else. I swear I wear other colors than black by the way. The whole posing for pictures thing makes me incredibly uncomfortable and I rarely like pictures of myself, I'm not that fond of this picture either but I really wanted to show my new nifty scarf tying skills ("that's totally not a skill" uh huhhh). It is really frustrating feeling like you can't stand the sight of yourself, I wish I wasn't so hard on myself all the time.

Anywho, I haven't been shopping for clothes/shoes/jewelry much over the last few weeks but I did get a new shirt and belt from Target a few weeks ago that I really love.

I really like the colors and it is perfect for the colder weather we should be experiencing, although even today was warmer than normal for November.

I love this bright shiny belt and it is a good length too, they also have it in pink and silver. I'm considering going back to pick up the pink one. Sorry for the cat hair, everything here is covered in cat fur, the cats love trying to attack this belt by the way so if you pick up this belt you have been warned of the feline interest.

I hope everyone is well, I don't have much planned for the week, especially since my car is at the shop for much needed repairs and I'm not sure when I'll get it back. I hope to post more often than my non-purposeful habit of every two weeks. I've had a post in mind for a few weeks that I've yet to get around to.


Courtney Erin said...

I actually think that's a really great picture of you - it's really cute! I'm playing Dead Island right now and really liking it (zombie games are super fun) but I also really, really love Resistance: Fall of Man (both of them...and now a third one is out too). Also, happy anniversary!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Arielle said...

You look super pretty in army green! You need to watch the game trailer for "Dead Island". Crazy cool zombie effects in there. Right now my bf has been playing Elder Scrolls Skyrim (non-stop) and I'm still playing Sims 3: Pets. I work in retail so I play Grand Theft Auto pretty regularly to help keep me sane. I also love Red Dead Redemption. It's so beautiful and I love being a cowboy in the Wild West(never thought I'd say that!)


Alexandra said...

AH! Paranormal 3 scared the heck out of me too during that babysitter part, and some of the others. I just don't know how I feel about the ending either, it really didn't make that much sense with the other two movies. It was like a completely separate situation... I mean who the hell would not remember all of that???? I imagine they would have to make a fourth, but it kind of just made me mad.

I feel the same way about the way time is flying. It never fully felt like Halloween even and how is it almost Thanksgiving already!? WHAT!? I am convinced I'm in some time warp.

I just bought that blue flannel shirt from Target too and LOVE IT. I only wish it were just a little longer.

Honeysuckelle said...

@Courtney, aww thank you. My fiance always jokes that I only take pictures at an angle of myself, which is kind of true. I don't know why I do it, some quirk. We have Dead Island, I only played it briefly but I've watched my boyfriend play it. The zombies are so violent in 'Dead Island' I always jump out of the seat of my pants anytime one approaches me.

The island however is beautiful and I like the element of realism of your character getting tired and so forth. I will have to look into Resistance: Fall of Man.

Thank you for the Happy Anniversary wishes :)

Honeysuckelle said...

@Arielle, aww thank you. Its actually a faded black cardigan but the lighting is so bad here lol that I can see why it looks army green. Perhaps I should wear more army green now that I think of it.

Dead Island's graphics are pretty stunning. It probably sounds silly but the game scares me so I hesitate to play it, I know... it is just a game. I usually make my boyfriend play games at first and then when I feel comfortable I play them, it is odd lol. I love The Sims 3 Pets as well, I haven't been playing as much as I had anticipated though.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim seems like a great game, yet another game I need to look into. Red Dead Redemption as well, ever since 'Deadwood' the idea of the Wild West seems more intriguing. Which is another odd thing to say because their lives seemed very challenging. Haha Grand Theft Auto! Such a fun game.

So glad to hear there about my fellow video gaming ladies, I'm a bit slacking on my gaming choices.


Honeysuckelle said...

@Alexandra - That poor babysitter, I had some crappy babysitting jobs in my day but none that scary. Exactly my thoughts, the ending of the PA3 really didn't make sense for the other two movies. There would have to be some vague memory of what happened and also how could they not be curious what happened to their mom and mom's boyfriend. I would not be satisfied with some implied "accident."

Time is tricky, yesterday I almost felt like I had missed an entire day somehow. I didn't, I just looked at my phone and saw it said "Friday" and was like "WHAT?" and then I realized it was midnight Friday. Dur. I thought I had missed my entire Thursday somehow.
Keep a look out for Doc Brown, hopefully you're not actually in a time warp although having the delorean at your disposal would be pretty cool.

Me too, I wish the shirt were longer. It is a great shirt though, I've already worn it like 3-4 times.


Amber Blue Bird said...

That picture of your is really cute. I have yet to see any of the Paranormal films. Just the trailers scare the crap out of me. Thanks for all the blog love the other day. Your comments were so sweet and its nice to meet someone who loves Warpaint as much as me!

Thick Threads said...

thats too bad that you didnt get to be the saxy saxophone man! but im sure you would have been the saxies of them all! keep it for next year :) sounds like you had a fun halloween eitherway! thats cool that you play video games in which zombies are killed....high five! love those kind of games. right now im really into skyrim, im not playing as much as i watch my boyfriend play but its really an awesome game :)

me and my boyfriend tried watching boardwalk empire and we really liked it, but we stopped watching it and just never went back to catch up on it, i dont know why, we thought it was a good show but everytime it came up we just skipped it and watched something else...hmm...but yeah its pretty cool :)

that picture of you is totally cute. i dont know what it is with you and your hatin! stop drinkin that hateraide damnit!!! youre a total babe! seriously!

hope you get your car out of the shop soon!


Sara said...

Re paranormal 3- I have to say I agree with you, I've been bitterly disappointed by the lot of them really, more fool to me for carrying on watching them I suppose!

wait until the sunset said...

Sounds like a lovely chilled Halloween, sometimes these quite nights in are the best ones!

I was too scared to watch PA3. In fcat, I never even finished number one. That kind of untouchable stuff scares me in movies the most. Give me a real life killer instead- that I can stab!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE OF YOU!!! You look so gorgeous and free. I don't understand why you are being hard on yourself at all!! You look beautiful and I can't wait to see more personal piccys in your posts!! :)

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset

Gem said...

I love Boardwalk Empire, every episode is like a movie. It all looks amazing and I like a slow build up, we really get to know the characters too x

Honeysuckelle said...

Amber Blue Bird- Aww thank you, I've been struggling to let go and let someone else hold the reins of the camera.

I've seen all the Paranormal Movies, I always feel disappointed by them but continue to see them. I never learn...

You are welcome for the comments, I love your blog! You are so adorable and have such a great sense of humor.

Warpaint is f'in awesome.


Honeysuckelle said...

TT- I know, it is such a saxin shame that I didn't get to shake it with a cardboard saxophone around the streets for Halloween. Hopefully next year I will actually get off my ass and cover it in some horrible spandex pants.

Halloween is always fun even when its low-key. Sometimes I yearn from my crazy club hopping days but being sober and not tripping over trash cans is good too.

Yay for zombie killing and another yay for watching the boyfriend play games.

I love 'Boardwalk Empire', it does have a lot going on at any time though. The second season has been pretty awesome, I'm just saying, you should start it back up :) No pressure, I jokesy.

Aww, thank you. You are too kind.


Honeysuckelle said...

Sara- Hehe yep, I keep watching the Paranormal Activities and keep being disappointed by them. Shame on us :P I love the experience of seeing a "scary" movie in the theater, even when the movie sucks it is still fun, I suppose that is why I keep doing it. Not enough good "scary" movies these days.


Honeysuckelle said...

Wait Until Sunset - I agree, low-key nights can be so lovely when shared with good company. Low-key nights alone can be lovely too.

I got scared by the first movie too and I watch a lot of scary movies. The idea of something unseen wanting to cause you and your loved ones harm is really scary but at the same time serial killers are a bit more realistic (sadly) in my mind than a ghost or something of the sort so in turn they scare me probably more. I definitely see your point, you can't attack a ghost/demon/what have you but you can go apeshiz on a physical being if need be.

Aww thank you, I'm so flattered by the comments about the picture that I was very unsure about. I'm definitely trying to post more pictures, I really want to share my outfits and hopefully gain some more confidence in myself.

Thank you so much for the comment!


Honeysuckelle said...

Gem- Yay for other 'Boardwalk Empire' lovers! I really love the show and the setting. I agree about the slow build up, it is more realistic to how you would get to know someone in real life and it ensures you get a really good feel for who the character really is. I like too that they aren't afraid to make a "bad" person do good things or a "good" person do bad things. I like that they give the characters such dimension. I have a hard time figuring out Jimmys wife, Angela. I can't really tell what her motivation is... she is a tough one for me.


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