Wednesday, April 18, 2012
It took the lovely Laura of The Blog of Worldly Delights in a recent comment to remind me that I still haven't gotten around to posting pictures of the lovely things I got on vacation (and since then considering I went on vacation in February). I personally love coming across haul posts so I'm quite disappointed in my slack in this arena, you disgust me "Slack". I do have to warn you before hand that this is long overdue and I'm a bit spoiled so there are a few things to be shown and trust me I'm leaving out a thing or two (you mean to tell me that you're not interested in what toothpaste I use? Rudeness).

Sunglasses - Hot Topic / Bracelet - Michaels / Plates and Bowl - Target
I absolutely adore these plates and bowls from Target, they are plastic and extremely sturdy, not to mention cheap! I think the plates were $2.99 each, the only drawback is you're not suppose to use these plates in the microwave but um, I have anyway... I'm a child of the 80's, I detect plastic as "yum". I'm kidding, don't be like me, I give my little sisters that advice all the time - usually after I start telling stories about when I was in high school.
Bowl - Target / Sunglasses - Hot Topic / Cocktail Shaker - Homegoods / Bracelet - Michaels

Green and blue striped t-shirt - Target / Blue cheetah print top - Torrid
My "Circus Dress".
Red and Black clutch - Vintage / Belt - Forever 21 Plus

I find clothes hard to take proper pictures of, especially when you live in a basement with hardly any light and you buy a lot of black clothing but I will link you to a few of the things I was able to find online.

1 // Black Crossback Dress from Torrid, I'm still shocked I bought this dress since it is so body hugging but I really wanted something sexy while I was in Florida.

2 // Old Navy Lounge Cardigan this isn't the epic cardigan I found recently that had a hoodie on the back so I'm linking you to a similar one. I recommend getting your tookus to the store though because it is the worlds most perfect cardigan, I'm bummed that I can't seem to find it online. Why hasn't anyone ever thought to put a hoodie on a cardigan before? Genius.

3 // Cross-Yoke Dress from Old Navy, yet another Old Navy mystery. The dress I bought was this style but in a pink and white zig-zag pattern (to the left), just yesterday I had pulled up the links and now I can't find the dress on Old Navy's website. 

4 // OP Striped Cover-Up Dress from Walmart, someone once told me to never admit to buying clothes from Walmart but I really don't care where things are from, I only care that they are cute and I get my moneys worth. I adore this cover-up, which I've been wearing as a super long tank top, it has a really flattering shape and length.

5 // Mossimo Cropped Cardigan from Target, yet again this is a substitute cardigan, the one I found it is a bit different so I recommend another incident of rushing to store with credit card in tow. The one I got is a royal blue color.

I'm starting to feel a little trippy (*shudder* reminds me of some bad Carnival experiences I've had) seeing this pattern out of the corner of my eye. There will definitely be more loot/haul posts to come considering my birthday is two weeks away and tax refund checks are quite splendid! Until then, happy shopping!


Courtney Erin said...

Wow, you cleaned up! Seriously, you got a ton of great stuff and that blue leopard print top is totally calling to me.

Courtney ~

Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

I went to Old Navy two days ago and found a hooded cardigan on clearance that looks almost the same as your link but it's a reddish-orange color! That dress is body hugging but I have one like it and with spanx, it looks pretty great. I love those Target bowls, very cute! Beetlejuice figurine is pretty awesome. Those comics are cool, have you ever read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac? It might be considered a graphic novel though.

Honeysuckelle said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I have a shopping addiction haha. The blue cheetah top is still for sale, you should snatch one up.


Honeysuckelle said...

Sweet, sounds like you found it! One can never have enough hooded cardigans, any cardigans really. I need to buy a pair of spanx, I wore the dress with tights and some shape-wear and I felt a little self-conscious still but it is a pretty dress. Aren't the Target dishes adorables? I have this fantasy of owning a collection of colorful dishes that don't match, I think I'm well on my way at this point. I somehow missed the Beetlejuice action figure during my first walk through the store, luckily my boyfriend pointed it out to me. I haven't read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, I will have to check it out, I like comics and graphic novels.


Amber said...

my my, this is quite the haul. You picked up so cool goodies namely My Father the Hero dvd...most certainly Katherine Heigl's best work.

So what kind of toothpaste do you use?

Honeysuckelle said...

I know right, one might be mistaken into thinking that I have money from this haul. Perhaps they will mug me on the street thinking I'll be carrying more action figures, dammit, I should have thought this through...

I was so shocked that I found My Father the Hero, I had been looking for it for years, YEARS I TELL YA. I actually found Knocked Up pretty amusing but Ms. Heigl does seem like a pain near someones nerve ending.

How dare you ask what toothpaste I use?! ... Good question actually, I don't know, my boyfriend is really picky about toothpaste so he picks it. I shall ask him when he gets home, at knife point, or I could just check the bathroom... option 1 sounds more dramatic, I'll go with that.


Laura Go said...

I totally LOVE haul posts! Thanks for showing us your shtuffz! And I LOVE that your haul has comics AND action figures in it too! :) Firstly, that cocktail shakes is GORGEOUS. I have a thing for skulls, so I totally love it already. And I wanna see the "circus dress" in action! The print and the fabric look lovely!!!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

Honeysuckelle said...

Me too, haul posts are so much fun, thanks for reminding me to do my haul post! I love toys, I have such a hard time not taking them out of the boxes though. I need to start reading more comics, I had such a fantastic time at the comic book store we stopped at in Charleston. Thank you, I was so surprised to come across it, it is a pretty nifty cocktail shaker - I can't wait to use it. The circus dress has quite a flattering shape to it, I think it would be so cute with a colorful petticoat underneath it!


Aoife said...

Asjhjhvbjkbdvf- I totally want that The Thing figure! Want want want. Also, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is one of my favorite movies! I'm sorry it took so long for me to follow you, for some reason I was under the impression that I already was! I'm so bad at this blogging lark! ♥

habbott2 said...

Awesome haul! That blue leopard looks adorable and I LOVE the movie Don't BE Afraid of the Dark! Cute blog- I am following you now :)

Honeysuckelle said...

When I saw 'The Thing' figure in the store I just had to have it, it was funny too because the cashier was remarking how he couldn't wait for it to sell because it was creepy. Those little tooth fairies were vicious in Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. Aww, no worries, thank you for the add - I love your blog.


Honeysuckelle said...

Thank you, I'm still waiting to be admitted into the shoppers anonymous program. I love my blue cheetah top, it is made out of really soft, silky materials too. Yay, me too on 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark'. Aww, thank you!


sameer ayan said...

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Luna Tiger said...

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ShyScout said...

So much good loot, dang! I really love those plates/bowls from target. Target has the best stuff. I am always spending way too much time looking through all of their aisles. That Torrid dress is also so sexy! And I love the last cardigan :]

Honeysuckelle said...

Thanks for commenting.


Honeysuckelle said...

Aww, thank you.


Honeysuckelle said...

Target does have the best stuff, I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Target. Did you ever see that movie with Natalie Portman where she lived in a Walmart briefly? I've kinda, just kinda, fantasied about doing that in Target - I'm pretty sure it'd be hard to pull off, no pitched tents around anywhere. Thanks for commenting!


Nnenna said...

I love the bright-colored sunnies that you picked up! I've been meaning to get some fun red ones myself :)

Honeysuckelle said...

Thank you, I've seen bright-colored sunglasses everywhere and all sorts of pattern, they are divine. My only issue is I tend to forget to actually wear my sunglasses!


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