Monday, May 21, 2012

It is another movie inspiration post, yay, click your jawbreakers together girls. This weeks movie inspiration is the one, the only - Jawbreaker. This movie is one of my biggest guilty pleasures, I remember riding my bike to Blockbuster to rent the movie and pick up some care bear gummi bears repeatedly through Summer break, my brother and I were obsessed with this movie. It's a movie based in high school but in the way Hollywood does it, so no one carries books and the entire student body looks legal drinking age. The movie is about a clique of popular girls who pull a prank on one of their friends and accidental kill her. It's a dark comedy reminiscent of 'Heathers' starring Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Julie Benz, Judy Greer, and Pam Grier. The girls have a killer sense of style (no pun intended) and pretty much walk around looking like their weapon of choice, candy. Not only do they have fabulous clothes but fabulously decorated bedrooms and a pretty awesome looking prom with the musical stylings of The Donnas. The soundtrack is one of my favorites as well, I can't even tell you how many times I've listened to it, I'm surprised it still works. So without further delay, onto the show:

First off, there's Courtney (Rose McGowan), whose character is described as "satan in heels" and she has one of the most (in my opinion) enviable wardrobes, not to mention some fabulous lines throughout the movie. I love her characters style, it could be described as a mix between 50's innocence and 90's glam goth.

Jawbreaker Inspiration - Satan in Heels "Courtney"

Next is Courtney's henchman and "a legend in her own little mind", Marcy "Foxy" Fox (Julie Benz) whose style would make any Stepford wife drool with envy.

Jawbreaker Inspiration- Legend in her own lil Mind "Foxy"

Jawbreaker Inspiration - Leggy One "Julie"

Then there's Julie (Rebecca Gayheart) who decides popularity is not enough to keep the friendship going with the two remaining girls after her best friend, Liz's death.

Jawbreaker Inspiration - Cat's Meow "Liz Purr"

Liz Purr (Charlotte Ayanna) is only briefly shown before her untimely demise but is described as "teenage perfection."

Jawbreaker Inspiration - "Vyette"

Last but not least is Fern "Vyette" Mayo, a geeky girl who uncovers the girls deeds so she is rewarded with a killer makeover and popularity by her very own Dr. Jekyll, Courtney. She spends the majority of the movie dressing like Barbie on acid and is played by the talented, Judy Greer.

It is one of those movies you just have to watch once (or in my case 949204 times), it is the1990's in all it's glory, you just can't miss it. Anywho, I hope you like the outfits, don't forget to comment below and words to the wise; don't eat a giant jawbreaker while watching a movie in the theater, it might make your boyfriend contemplate changing aisles.


Courtney Erin said...

I love this movie...and Heathers!

Courtney ~

Honeysuckelle said...

Me too and Heathers is one my all time favorite movies! I was thinking of doing a movie inspiration on Heathers soon as well.


Adrienne said...

I can't believe I've never seen this movie! I'm going to bump it up to top of my Nextflix.

What Lola Wants

Honeysuckelle said...

It is one of my favorites, I hope you like the movie!


wait until the sunset said...

I haven't seen this one either?!?!? Worst blogger ever! But I looooooooovvvee those outfits you've made! Hold this thought and I'll go watch this one too! xx

Honeysuckelle said...

Aww, not at all, I think it's one of those movies that went undiscovered by most and it's not everyone's cup of tea but I like it, I hope you do as well.


Thick Threads said...

I love everything about this, the outfits you put together inspired by jawbreaker are so friggin rad! love it! and i do love the jawbreaker movie, it is so amazing thrashy that it's just awesome!


Honeysuckelle said...

Thank you, I really wish I could make all the outfits I created here appear in my closet (and in my size). Jawbreaker is such a fun movie, it definitely has its fair amount of trash and cheese but I like that :)


wait until the sunset said...

Okay, so half way through I realised I HAD seen this one... when I was about 15 with a bunch of girlfriends at a sleepover! That makes me feel old lol.

I would love to be able to pull off Vyette's look- smokin! xx

wait until the sunset said...

hmmm mind you Courtney was pretty baddass...

Honeysuckelle said...

It is a pretty good movie choice for a sleepover, I miss sleepovers. I love all the girls looks, I think I'd rotate my choices from their wardrobes, that is if I was even remotely capable of fitting into their clothes :\. Courtney was probably closest to my own personal style though.

Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

I went to a birthday party/slumber party one time and the girl rented this and Leprechaun and I remember thinking this movie was so scary/intense. At the time, everyone was really into eating those HUGE jawbreakers that took you like months to finish too so that was even more scary. Great choice!

Honeysuckelle said...

It would be pretty scary to either be accidentally killed by your "friends" or to accidentally kill your friend. I remember one time, one of my friends and I were playing outside and pretending that Leprechaun was after us, it was all peachy until we climbed into my Step-dads truck and got yelled at. The jawbreakers have seem to shrunk or perhaps they just seem smaller, I love them but they are a commitment, they take forever to eat.


Anonymous said...

Cool outfits! ;)

Kisses from Italy


Honeysuckelle said...


Thank you, I'm glad you likie.


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