Sunday, January 27, 2013

Current guilty pleasure:  Yep, you are reading this correctly, cookie chips! These are so ridiculously, insanely, eat-a-whole-bag-in-one-sitting good. I'm still fighting the little devil on my shoulder that is telling me to consider going to Safeway and buying carts full of these. I found them at Safeway but you can also find them HERE.

Current nail color: For once my toe nails aren't a hot mess when I'm typing this! Yay and stuff. Sinful Colors - 319 "What's your name" (a super dark blue with tiny blue sparkles) and Sally Hansen Gem Crush - 04 "Blingtastic" (blue with large silver sparkles).

Current playlist:  (I love this picture of Marvin Gaye) The Only Ones - Another Girl Another Planet / Marvin Gaye  - Got to Give it Up / Khoma - the Guillotine / Metric - Black Sheep / Fiona Apple - Sally's Song / NIN - The Hand that Feeds / The Cars - Good Times Roll

Current drink: Simply Grapefruit Juice! Yums.

Current food: Turkey, swiss, and argula sandwich. Jumpin' Jack Doritos. Entenmann's Chocolate fudge cake. That was lunch, absolutely no clue what to make for dinner and I don't feel like cooking dammit - a running theme for this week, me no want to cook.

Current Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones, I'm in full obsession mode. On the topic of TV shows, they just announced that Mad Men Season 6 will return April 7th!!

Current wish list:
Trinity Crinoline, ASOS Quilted Heart Across Body Bag, Dahlia Crinoline, Virginia Dress, F21+ Lipstick Dress, City Chic Strappy Red Top, Torrid Babydoll Black and White Cami, Alloy Hi-Lo Zip Up, Pamela Mann Tights, Zappos Indigo Rinse Jeans, LuLu's Scalloped Pointed Flats, Pyramid Earrings, Glass River Jewelry Earrings, Black Onyx Ring, Turquoise Ring, Black Sidetable, Black Oxford Heels, Cards Against Humanity, black platform chunky mary janes (can someone please recommend me a pair, I HATE heels so it has to have a super chunky heel). I wish I could say the list ends here but I always want 43903249 things.

Current needs: I'm pretty good at the moment.

Current triumphs: um, I read two of my library books over two days? I'm a fast reader when I want to be. I've started trying to be more social again, it feels very strange, it's also a little odd to notice how little people change with time.

Current bane of my existence: I'm having dental issues and I can't afford to see a dentist :( It is always something isn't it? This is somewhat off topic but imagine Bane going to the dentist...

Current celebrity crush: Jon Snow is pretty cute but gotta say, no one is striking my fancy right now. Robb Stark ain't half bad either.

Current indulgence: Chocolate, chocolate, more chocolate. I use to tell people I wasn't that into chocolate, not because I was purposely fibbing, I just didn't recognize how much I actually liked it.

Current blessing: Chocolate. Monkeys. Kitties. The usual.

Current outfit: destroyed denim jeans from Target, black lace tank top from Old Navy, black top with lace at the top, black cardigan, knot ring, diamond band from Zales, my favorite Target earrings, and a double chain necklace I picked up from Michael's.

Current excitement: Hopefully going dancing next weekend. I missed dancing, fuzzy sock sliding on the hardwoods in my living room is just not the same.

Current mood: Laziest person alive.

Current link: Westeros. This is a pretty cool Game of Thrones website.


The Canon Girl said...

Those cookies/chips sound amazeballs and I LOVE Game of thrones. Though I don't really have a dude taking my liking in there. I kind of dig the Imp. Robb Stark ain't half bad indeed but he's not really "GET IN MY PANTS" hot. There are more hot women in GOT, sadly. Though the dude who plays the Khaleesi's asshole brother is totally hot with dark hair: I LIKE. I also kind of thought Bane was pretty doable and I'm normally not into buff guys. Also, I want chocolate now.

Kati said...

That chocolate cake looks so yummy!

Have the loveliest day,


Honeysuckelle said...

@The Canon Girl

They are amazeballs, if you see them, pick them up. I've been trying to avoid my Safeway like the plague because I know I won't be able to stop myself if I see them smiling at me on the shelf. Game of Thrones is such an awesome show, I kind of dig Tyrion too, I'm actually known amongst my friends for liking Peter Dinklage. I think Jason Momoa is really hot but he's not on the show anymore, his character did not start off "hot" but he worked his way to it. Ugh, when Khalessi was having that delusion with Khal and her baby I about lost it. I don't generally feel this way since I usually prefer facial hair but I preferred Robb when he was clean shaven, he has a hot jawline. I definitely agree that the ladies of GoT are super pretty, I loved that gold bustier Cersei had on in one of the last episodes.

Wowza, Viserys is pretty good looking with dark hair, I never noticed his eyes before either - yums. Bane could get it too lol, ever since I was a little girl I've been man crazy and it pretty much applies today except I don't chase them around the playground anymore. Fit, thin, muscular, thick, etc - I like em all if they have the charisma, sense of humor, brains, and personality to go with it.

Haha, I talked about chocolate just a wee bit in this post huh?


Honeysuckelle said...


It does, doesn't it? Gah, I love chocolate. Thanks, I hope you have the loveliest day as well.


Crissy said...

I nearly watched all of the first season of Game of Thrones in one day. How far along are you in it? I'm going to start season 2 soon!

ShyScout said...

I hope you got to dance. I looooove sliding around on hardwood floors and the overly polished department store floors...I think I prefer sliding to walking, haha. Anywho. The Bane photo cracked me up for that section. I am sorry about not being about to get to the dentist though. COOKIE CHIPS!?! They needed to be in my life like 6 months ago, haha.

Honeysuckelle said...


It is amazing show, I think I pretty much watched most of the first season in a straight shot, I kind of prefer to do that because less anticipation. I'm caught up on the show and I can't wait for the next season!! Did you start season 2 yet?


Honeysuckelle said...


I didn't actually get to dance, oh well, perhaps soon. I'm not use to living in a house with hardwoods and I slide on the floors constantly, it's fun except when I unintentionally slide and almost fall. Sliding is however definitely superior to walking. Imagine if we could just slide everywhere. Haha at Bane, he was definitely a bit of a problem for Gotham for a bit. I'm always so shocked when people tell me they have dental coverage, I don't think I've been to the dentist since I was a kid (sad fact). The cookie chips are sooo good, get them in your life, time machine it and buy a closet full.


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