Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013! Yay and yay and... stuff! To think you thought this year would never happen, silly rabbits. I have to admit I will kinda sorta miss the excessive amount of Mayan 2012 doomy doom specials on TV, they were always a bit amusing. You know what always gets me about New Years is I always tend to think about the New Years Eve celebrations that have passed, not just ones I've partook in because I have a mixed bag of nutty and not so nutty NYE celebrations under my belt, but the ones I didn't partake in - the ones that were before my time. I wish I could hop in the delorean and participate in some rockin' 1957 NYE parties or ring in the New Year in 1932, but these times have passed and will never return, just like the experiences the people had and, in some cases, the people themselves. Needless to say, New Years Eve almost always makes me feel nostalgic and a bit sad (yep, I'm a bit of a downer). I remember New Years Eve 2007 - vaguely, mind you because I drank enough champagne to drown an alpaca - I was an emotional mess in those days. I had a huge infatuation with a friend I was in an odd situation with whom I was slowly coming to realize would never return my feelings and the other guy I had a crush on never showed up to the event I was attending. Come to find out the next morning I awoke, with my clothes on backwards (that champagne will get you), to many missed texts and a phone call from my crush who said he had come late and been looking for me everywhere so the night could have gone better if I hadn't drank a case of champagne on my own. By the way, that crush didn't lead anywhere beyond tons of flirtation and one incident under a DJ booth but it was fun nonetheless. 

Back in those days the idea of a new year just spun the pants right around on me, I was afraid that the bad things would never end and the good things would disappear, now that is newly 2013 and my life is completely different then it was at the end of 2007, I still feel afraid for the good things to disappear and the bad things to continue but I know I have made so many huge improvements to my life and learned so many lessons along the way. I've lost some treasured things (including my kitty, Pepsi, who ran away in 2008) since then but I've also gained so many other treasured things as well and although I will never forget the good things I lost, I'm so happy for all the good things I have gained. I'm so grateful for my kitties, Halo and Hero, who always brighten my day with their fuzzy faces and who never fail to rub against my legs and feet while I blog. My family, who always help me when I need it. My little sisters, who aren't so little anymore - one is driving now and the other isn't in High School yet and is already taller than I am (did I mention that I'm 5'9"?!). My friends who are always there to laugh at my ridiculous jokes and share in cherished moments with. My new house that has its fair share of Christmas lights, endless heaps of comfort, and is everything I had wanted my house to be. My health, even if it is a bit rocky at times, and a fiance with gorgeous mermaid hair who goes for late walks with me and lets me gloat when I win at scrabble. I hope we all shed the bad and gain continued good within 2013 and I hope to see more of all of you in the upcoming year. Right now I have a black and white kitty who wants attention so I will catch you all later with belated Christmas posts and so forth.


Laura Go said...

Happy New Year to you and yours! :) I actually didn't know that there were specials on the MAyan apocalypse! That is just so insane. I'd like to think that people are a little bit more logical, but I guess not.
♥ laura
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ShyScout said...

Happy belated new year's lady!! I hope you had a good time ringing in the new year. I also hope you can shake the bad and embrace all the good in the new year. It sounds like you have a lot of good at the moment :] I am excited for the new year. New opportunities, adventures, the good and the bad - bring it on!!

Honeysuckelle said...

@Laura Go

Thanks sweetie, same to you! I love all the apocalyptic/doomy doom special things because they sometimes have some really cool graphics but mostly I just like learning more about the Mayan. I wish logic was a widely practiced thing but it really isn't...


Honeysuckelle said...


Thank you lady, same to you! I had a relaxing NYE with my beloved furry beings so that is definitely a good thing. I just sighed thinking about all the good I do have in my life right now and I sincerely hope 2013 continues on this cycle. I am excited to see what 2013 brings you as well, I hope for all the best and it sounds like you already are planning a fabulous year with apartment searches and new city living!


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