Monday, June 17, 2013

I can't. stop. watching. Dark Shadows (yes, the Tim Burton movie). This problem is probably exacerbated by HBO programming. Thanks a lot HBO, there goes another soul you have riddled with addiction!!  

Poll time: Are you a rock and roll or a carpenter's chick?

My main question here is who doesn't have a penchant for woodworkers?! You know what they say, those who can work wood.... I'm just sayin'. See, I just implied that shit. Boobs made out of glass ARE love, right Barnabas. No question mark, it is not needed.

In other news, not related to Dark Shadows, my time has come.... I've joined a gang, two in fact. You will find me on a train in the 80's wearing a red leather vest and a thin and intimidating scarf tied around my neck. 

 Oh, and I'm stealing that bitch Babysitters gloves. 

"Alright baby, chill out, shit".

Are kids out of school yet? I need to know whether or not they'll be on my routes. That and I also want to avoid them at all costs, they are sticky and annoying (most, ok, most are sticky). Stickiness, the kryptonite of train gang members.

Ugh, I really don't want to work out today. I pity the Wii's eyes (or eye so to speak) because if I am forced to do it I will give it the finger entirely too much.

I must also thank the inventor of the air conditioning, 80 degree weather and I don't like one another. I hate sweating without a purpose... 


Little Gothic Horrors said...

I just re-watched 'Dark Shadows' over the weekend. I know some people hate it, but I really enjoy it!

I agree with you about annoying and sticky children! I've got a son but he has never been allowed to be either annoying or sticky! Haha.

Honeysuckelle said...

@Little Gothic Horrors

I was surprised by it's bad reviews, it was a fun movie, it wasn't perfect but it was entertaining. I haven't seen the original tv show as of yet. I do know some fans of the original tv show said the movie was somewhat of a farce but *shrugs*.

I usually exaggerate my children dislike for comic relief, sometimes I come across a kid I just want to squeeze but there are definitely some annoying sticky apples in the bunch but that could be said for any group of humans.


Milex said...

you knooow<3

Honeysuckelle said...


It is true, I sometimes know :P


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