Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Man, it has been awhile, how is everyone? My apologies for the major delay in blogging, I originally took a break so I could work on fixing my blog (or telling my fiance to, whateves) but that hasn't happened so hopefully everyone can overlook the issues for now.

First off, I have to mention my birthday because it was one of my best birthday's of my lifetime. My birthday is at the end of April and my fiance surprised me with a fantastic surprise birthday party with so many of my favorite people. I felt so loved, I finally realized how much support and how many friends I actually have. I'm a bit of a loner in truth and I lived most of my life with a very small handful of friends, I struggle with trust issues from some truly shitastic experiences in my youth and it really felt amazing to have so many people who I know I can trust and be my foul mouthed, dirty minded, oddball self with. I got so many cute gifts, yes, including Monster High.

My birthday got even better when at the end of the night my fiance surprised me with a box that ended up having one major surprise in it:

I had no idea what this gift would be when I first started opening the box but it seems that everyone else seemed to have an idea because everyone gathered around me. I'm not sure if I started crying (*sigh* so damn cliche) before I opened the box with the ring or after but yes, tears were shed. I said yes and come to find out, my (now official) fiance had the ring for awhile now he says, he said he was waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Isn't it pretty? The Mister did good.

It was a truly magical Birthday. Since then there has been other huge developments, Jason got me another really awesome Birthday present (pictured below) and after seeing some unflattering pictures taken at my Birthday I decided to get off my ass and change my eating habits and start working out regularly. It has been 6 weeks and I'm doing well! Last week I worked out 6 days and didn't go over my calories with the exception of my one allotted cheat day. I plan on making another post all about that but I've had some progress and I feel fucking fantastic.

Shiny new walking machine, yay and yay. I'm a spoiled girl because not only that but I've gotten a few new things for the house and the joy that is the free phone upgrade (the iphone is finally mine).

New console table, new sparklified plant, new couches, new iphone, and new iphone case!

I hope everyone is doing well and in my next post I'm going to talk all about my lifestyle changes. Stay classy, whale vaginan's (get it? No, I just dirty? Otay).


Little Gothic Horrors said...

Happy (belated) Birthday and congrats on your engagement! Yes, the ring is super pretty! :D

Honeysuckelle said...

@Little Gothic Horrors

Thank you so much <3 I still can't believe I'm actually engaged, it feels surreal.

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