Monday, October 13, 2014
Welcome folks to another round of current posts. Yay. I said I was going to make a Halloween appreciation post but I think I might just sprinkle some of my Halloween love into this cauldron of a post. Look at that witchy talk. Oh noez, burn her, except don't because very few suspected witches were actually burnt at the stake. ANYWAY.... 

Fuck lighting and it's fickleness.

Current mood: Energetic, bouncy, hyper, limited attention span, constantly rambling, scrambled, cursing often, and the teensiest bit frustrated (of which I'm sure I'll mention somewhere below... don't get too excited to read it).

Current food: Boiled red potatoes with marscapone cheese, swiss cheese, parmesan cheese, and ham. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds. Things with multiple amounts of cheese typically are, just saying. You know, I once read a rant someone made about saying that "just saying" always followed a insult and I don't get it, that's not how I use it. I try really hard not to use insults but I don't always succeed.

Current drink: Blackberry pomegranate tea. This stuff is the shit, like as in good shit, as in yum-yum shit. You didn't know yum-yum shit existed did you? WELL, I'm here to teach (< you're not). 

Current TV show: The Walking Dead, how fucking epic was last night's episode? Blasting fire zombie epic. No spoilers. Good Eats (ALTON BROWNNNNN). The Knick. The Knick is my jam (what... Rachel...). I literally put on a few of the episodes on repeat while I was simming the other day. 

Current outfit: Very stylish pink and black pajama bottoms with heart and lion motif, oversized white tee from Target (I live in these freakin' tees even though they hold in smells like no other... I hate when fabrics do that), and more stylish moments in the form of man slippers. Also my bra is pretty visible so Lane Bryant black lace and leopard print bra. I'm also sporting a "funky fresh" hairdo with two braids and one very large strand of hair sticking out because I rule at hair. I'm also cuddling with my kitty Hero so let's include his outfit... black cat... suit. 

Current frustration: All funky freshed hairdo'ed and nowhere to go. Literally can't go anywhere because my dude had to take my car to work because his truck is being a pain in the living ass. Also, two flies that made their way into the house and WILL NOT LEAVE. We did have three unwanted houseguests but I killed one by throwing an oversized cup at it, yep, I'm talented. I'm still talking flies, just to be clear I don't kill my house guests... at least not yet *sinister look*. I'm also really broke so that kinda sucks. 

Current bane of my existence: See above... I also keep chewing on my pinky finger and I have no idea why I do it. Why? Why you do it? (No idea *continues*). I also wish I was spending today with friends in a movie theater in between hyperness but alas it's Monday and I have no money.

Current crush: Audrey Horne aka Sherilynn Fenn, then and NOW. She is of the gorgeous variety.

Current need: Dance Night. I want to wear one of my pretty party dresses and dance until my knees hurt (which isn't long because mama is out of shape) and probably some adderall because man', hyperness is out of control today. I might need to pretend I'm a 3 year old and wear myself out by running around the house. 

Current link: Viking Treasure Hoard

My talking runneth over so I guess I will do a Halloween purchases post after all.

Current triumph: I created an email for you to keep in touch with me at, whether it is blog related or not, please email me and send me your phone numbers (I don't chat on the phone very often but I do like to text). Link is HERE. STILL HERE. Talk to me. Cheese.


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