Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Here it is, a Halloween post! Even if no one else gets excited about this post, I'm excited about it and that is good enough for meeee. Plus, it gives me an excuse to say "ween". Hehehehe, I said ween. Three times. Ween. Okay, four times.

My bank account which I must say isn't frequently used and doesn't often have very much in the form of money in it still alerts me almost the entire month of October with "warning, you tend to spend a lot in this time period". If my bank account could hear me I'd say "Duh, I need me all the Halloween shtuff". Well, enough about my consistent money troubles, look at my stufffffffffff:

The measuring spoons and wind chime are from World Market. I believe we bought the skull from World Market also but I can't quite recall probably because there was some sick woman in the store when we were buying these things whose germy-not-covered-coughs got me extremely sick for two weeks. I still have to take an antibotic that makes my tummy not happy, so I'm very thankful to that woman. She clearly had some very important and impertinent reasons to be in World Market in her condition. Sorry, that got ranty but I felt like poo for weeks. Oh, and Predator is Funko (obvi) and we bought it from a random comic book shop in our area.

Casta Fierce from Toys R' Us or otherwise known as my second home. Another appearance from the skull! Towels and tablecloth (I seriously couldn't remember what this table covering thing was called haha, I had to get up and look at the packaging) are from Target. Snowglobes (have I ever mentioned that I have a weakness for snowglobes?) are from Walgreens. Walgreens also has some really tasty Russell Stover "pumpkin" shaped filled chocolates. They are rarely actually pumpkin shaped but they are delicious, try the raspberry cream, orange cream, and red velvet.

I thought I had more things but these are the only things I took pictures of. I did also buy some syringe pens from Target but they are more cute than practical, one broke the minute I took it out of the packaging but it seemed to be easily fixable.

What have you bought this HalloWEEN (hehe, I just can't get enough ... depeche mode) season?


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