Saturday, January 10, 2015
And how were the holidays for you my cupcakes? Mine were a bit trying this year I must admit, I had a really bad case of bronchitis and I still have a lingering cough. My husband has been sick for a solid two weeks and work has been absolutely insane for the last few weeks due to the holidays and the weather. Snow, ice, and arctic temperatures do not make for a happy postal worker. I've also had to help out at another station here and there and they have really outdated vehicles and aren't very friendly or understanding so that hasn't been the most fun. How do you deal with co-workers who aren't easy to handle?

My blog has kinda become a ghost town but I'm still here and I actually have money to buy stuff now! So yay. I've been buying stuff mostly for work and also just stuff I've been lusting after. I got a really gorgeous red lace dress from Eshakti recently, some insanely well priced things from Old Navy and Torrid, a white leopard print jacket for ASOS for less than $30!, and some other things that haven't arrived yet. I ordered some new bedding that I'm excited about, I've been wanting to change out my bedding for years. 

Well, my husband and I are going to the Alamo Drafthouse tonight to see The Hobbit and hopefully I'll be able to talk him into letting me order cookies. The good thing about this job is I'm so active all day long that cookies aren't really something I have to "fit in". I gained a bit of weight last year (only about 10lbs) but I've lost it again so I'm back to 35lbs lost so that's good news too. 

I wanted to share a picture of one of my current favorite outfits that I wore to a house party of a friend a few weeks ago, this white lace dress is from Alloy and one of my favorites.

What did you get from Christmas, either for yourself or from others?


Wait Until The Sunset said...

Wait?! STOP THE PRESSES!! A full length photo of you Rach?!?!?! Hello!!! Its so nice to see you!!! xxx

I've gone a little crazy in all the boxing day sales, I'm waiting on a box from Torrid, ASOS and Lady V London. Yeah. It got a bit crazy. Ha! xx

Honeysuckelle said...

Haha, well, I'm almost to a full length photo. I'll get there (I hope). Thank you by the way.

Me too, the sales have been insane! I've been waiting for the three pairs of tights I ordered from We Love Colors for days, gimmeeeeeeeeee.


Retro Kitten Apparel formerly GypsiesDoItBetter said...

Hey there pretty lady. I have enjoyed several of your blogs and subscribe to you now. I was reading this one and thought if you were interested in second hand clothing you might like my thrift shop. It's super affordable and I take requests for items to look out for, but it is solely based around alternative styles like Rockabilly, Pinup & Vintage. It's called Retro Kitten Apparel. You look fantastic though! Lindsay

Honeysuckelle said...

@Retro Kitten - Thank you. I will check it out.

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