Sunday, March 15, 2015
Since my last post was a pretty dull day, I figured I should showcase another day that is slightly less boring. With such an amazing write up like that I don't know how you would not want to continue but again, onto the show.

I wake up at 5:30am which is highly unusual for me but decide to take a bath with some lush. The comforter bubble bar to be specific. Husband leaves for work around 6ish.

I get out and have a light breakfast of toast and applesauce, take my meds, and put on my makeup.

This galaxy palette by BHcosmetics is one of my favorites, it's so pretty I am almost scared to use it. I will have to buy another one just as a back up. I wore comet and mercury.

Get dressed as a picnic table, I ADORE this dress and am really into gingham and plaid prints lately. I'm also wearing green tights from We Love Colors and almost everything else is from zulily. The one thing that irritates me is the dress is so low cut and my boobs are so ample that I have to wear a top over it. I actually called this look 'Rancid Picnic Dreams' because of the green/plaid combination.

Take a few selfies, browse the internet, apply to some jobs, cuddle with cats, and wait for Goodwill to open. My plan is to find some baskets so I can organize my spice cabinet.

Attempt to curl my hair. Clearly I'm awesome at it....

Head out to Goodwill. It is raining and they are short on baskets, I do however find a few things. None of which I set out to buy but ya know how it is.

I found some cute stuff, I adore this blazer even if it does not fit around my bust. I also found a cute anchor print skort. Yes, skort, they still make them. An old friend calls me as I'm about to check out so I quickly checkout and head home to call him back.

I catch up with my friend on the phone, have a small lunch of cheese grits, and decide to take a nap. The nap isn't working out so well so I decide to take a silly picture. Browse the internet and then finally get around to taking that nap.

Nap longer than expected  (about three hours) and husband is home and lays with me for a bit. Then we decide to order dinner, watch tv for a few hours, talk more about Vegas vacation. Then back to bed it is for the night.

I kind of spaced on the pictures after my husband came home. That was my day. Slightly more exciting I suppose, I mean I went somewhere?


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