Monday, March 30, 2015

I figured I'd try something new, see how it goes. 

TV Shows
1. Modern Family 
My husband and I just started watching this and it is really funny. 

2. Mad Men 
I'm sad it's almost over but excited for it to come back.

3. Peaky Blinders
Admittedly I haven't watched much of this yet but I'm liking what I've seen and that opening theme is so cool.

4. Face Off

5. The Walking Dead
 It's been a roller coaster and I've been skipping episodes because I can't handle the sadness.

1. Eye scarves from ebay. Of course I wore this that one night and spilled meatball on it... I also got this same scarf in a yellow but it came with an odd scent? So weird right...

2. Bettie Page Heels. I hope to crikey these are comfortable or else. 

3. Black and White Dress bought off Zulily. Can't wait for this one to come!

4. Woven Bowl bought at Costco, made by

5. Encyclopedia of Animals (bought at McKays).


Only two but it's what I'm craving constantly.

And Easter Basket Cakes by Little Debbie. I blame my husband, he bought them randomly and I got addicted. Obviously I've been having a tough time sticking to my calorie limits with two such wholesome food addictions :\


1. Slug - Trust
2. Black No 1 - Type O Negative
3. Five Seconds - Twin Shadow
4. The Tinderbox (of a heart) - Cocteau Twins
5. In the Gold Dust Rush - Cocteau Twins

1. Zulily (duh)
2. The Sims Resource (I've been playing The Sims 3 a lot as of late)
3. Apartment Therapy (always)
4. Mars Attacks Kreepsville 666
5. 10 Abandoned Buildings in Virginia 


1. Lush bubble bar 
2. Lush bath bombs
3. Bathtub caddy

Clearly I'm into baths lately.

4. New laptop and new gps.
5. Florence and the Machine Concert Tickets!

Last Watched Movies

1. It Follows
I'm sort of on the fence about the movie, need to see it again to make a clear decision. 

2. Wolf of Wall Street
It's a bit ridiculous how many times I've watched it in the past few weeks considering how long the movie is.

3. Tammy 
"Muscle shirts are for muscles"

4. Jinx (The Robert Durst Docu)
How nutso is that dude?

5. *The Book of Life
I haven't watched this yet despite buying it weeks ago, this is more so a reminder to watch this!

2. San Diego!
Did you know you can only see the snow leopards at the San Diego Zoo if you buy a $100 pass (per person) so :( I probably won't get to see some snow leopards.

3. Birthday 

4. Hair? 
I want to change up my hair a bit but I'm not sure how. I like the length (although I need a trim) but I want something a little different but not too different. Any suggestions?

5. Concerts!


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